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Paititi and Fujimori corruption, theft and murder in Perú

In the 16th century Spanish thieves invaded the Inka empire, killed its king, and stole tons of gold--but not all of it. More of it was taken by the Fujimoris on military helicopters bought by Dictator Alberto Fujimori, while Keiko Fujimori stood watch over the plunder, murder, and destruction of one of Perú's oldest sites and key to its past glory. This was covered up by a corrupt Congress in Lima, and mass executions: from La Cantuta massacres to the slaughter of families and children in Barrios Altos--yet many of these people will vote for the daughter of the president who destroyed their lives, families, and future, especially in the mountains surrounding Perú. This account is based on a limited printing of a book by Father Juan Carlos Polentini Wester.Read More

Keiko Sophia Fujimori to be President of Perú?

On June 5, 2011, Perú may elect the daughter of former dictator and mass murderer Alberto Fujimori as president. She has her own records of crimes against the people of Perú and the government, but this does not discourage those who remember the Shining Path, even though Fujimoristas have slaughtered thousands and Keiko sold clothing that was sent to the poor in Perú for her personal enrichment. Perú is accustomed to corruption and votes not because of choice but because of law.Read More

Dropout factories, Blacks, and Latinos

More students are dropping out of high school every day, at an alarming rate. As of 2007 it was one student every 26 seconds. The cause: bad schools, poorly trained teachers, inadequate librarys, and politicians who want to "save money" at the expense of an educated populace, with the Tea Party and GOP taking aim at further dumbing down learning and the advancement of civilizationRead More

The Meaning and Value of Words

Language is to be a tool used to communicate; with the rise of slang and local idiomatic expressions, language is difficult to learn or understand. What can be done to solve this crisis?Read More

Death of Language in Perú and the world

Deliberate or unintentional misuse of a language has and will continue to lead to wars, violence and misunderstanding. It is the responsibility of teachers of language to use the language correctly--not in current jargon, but in precise, clear, cogent, and coherent studies of that language.Read More

Perú will lose Tahuamanú Rainforest and its ecology

The Tahuamanú Rainforest supplies more than mahogany to the world. It is one of the remaining rainforests that stops the enlargement of the ozone hole and advance of global warming. American lumber interests located in the USA state of Mississippi, are more concerned with making more money and are willing to destroy the planet in the name of profit even if it means killing thousands of Amazonian people.Read More