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Education in Perú 2013

Perú secondary students unable to answer simple questions
American College (a Kindergarten) in Chiclayo, Perú

American College (a Kindergarten) in Chiclayo, Perú

The nation of Perú has the worst education in the world today (2012-2013), as it has had in the past. Perú’s primary schools (some even delight in calling their centers “colleges” rather than colegios) are  as bad as the secondary schools and “pre-university” institutes. Perú’s universities are not even recognized in the top 400 universities in the world.1 The only two nations with an overall score lower than Perú are Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.  The greatest loss to Perú is that less than 1% of all students were performing at the highest level, even with foreign investment (World Bank, primarily) and volunteer teachers from around the world.2

Perú statistics on education do not match those compiled internationally...

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Assessing Teachers

Cell phones increase cheating

Teachers are in a rare and wonderful role of responsibility not only for their wards and students but also for themselves as beacons of light to learning prowess because they have the future of the people that they teach in their charge: in the words that they use that will enable or disable learning among the scholars present, in their use of or abuse of reference materials from papyrus to cuneiform and scrolls to modern methods to capture, contain and channel information in book format or in the Internet if the latter is handled well and it is known as a tool with limits that can add dimensions to the learning process—and even in their hands that will write on black or white boards, prepare papers to be used in discussion or fashion visuals that may include slides, PowerPoint presentatio...

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