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Ethics, human/civil rights and liberties & Warren J. Blumenfeld

Ethics, untaught, unlearned, not used, have no value. It takes a competent, dedicated and articulate individual to make the study, mastery and use of ethics effective and lasting.

Warren Jay Blumenfeld

Warren Jay Blumenfeld

Ethics are universal: defining and separating right and wrong. Ethics ignores limitations, discrimination and retaliations that are foibles to mortal nature and the dignity of the individual...

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Ethics and Intellectual Property: Essential but Tools Ignored Tools for Scholarship in favor of Plagiarism and Popular Knowledge

Ethicists argue that ethics  is a requirement for human life.  The question is:  does human life require ethics to sustain, develop and grow what is essential for life as it is currently defined?

Generalists refer to ethics as “moral principles” but differ on their authorship and who is responsible for any or all questions, arguments or definitions of ethics–even though all man-made religions attempt to take credit for ethics from Judaism, Constantine I’s Christianity, Islam, and the rest from Zoroaster to Buddha, with most laws that embody ethics coming from the ruler Hammurabi.  None of these attempts to take credit for ethics holds up under the historical microscope.

History shows that ethics and the teaching of ethics filtered through human history for thousands of years before ...

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Is Abortion Murder? Hurley, the Iowa Senate and Medical Facts

“Is abortion murder? That was the question floating around the Iowa Capitol this week when Representative Tom Shaw and eight other House Republicans filed House File 138. The bill amends Chapter 707 in the Iowa Code entitled HOMICIDE AND RELATED CRIMES.” Charles Hurley confabulated recently.

Charles Hurley (member of "The FAMiLY)

Charles Hurley (member of “The FAMiLY)

Charles Hurley is a declared Constantinian Christian–who follows the fourth century Emperor Constantine’s established version of religion and has shown little knowledge of the Jesus if the gospels sanctioned by the empire...

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Duke faculty reject plan for it to join online consortium | Inside Higher Ed

Duke faculty reject plan for it to join online consortium | Inside Higher Ed.

This is the best, most clearly and concisely written article on long-distance learning that I have read in years.  The author offers hope for a return to strict standards 1, subject master expertise, 2 and true learning: a reality that I have not read on the Internet until today (April 30, 2013). 

I have had the unfortunate experience of teaching with “teachers” who had “Master Degrees” obtained on-line (two of these august people actually confessed in private that they had bought the degree, and one, an Academic Dean at a Roman Catholic high school asked me if I knew where he could buy another to “fill-out” his résumé (his curriculum vita, to say the least, was sparse”)...

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When religion triumphs over reason, faith, psychology, investigation, and research, learning dies

Religion has always opposed human freedom. Instead of liberty to expand the mind, religion has sought mind control from the days when the Christian church was formed in 325 CE, to the rise of islam and beyond. Many tortured souls, like Josemaria Escrivá hid behind mortifications of the flesh (flagellation), and pretended, like John Paul II, that these were pious acts encouraged by St. Paul--proving their own linguistic and Biblical illiteracy.Read More

Inventing Christianity

Historical proof for New Testment Jesus? Tacitus and Josephus redacted with errors. Copyists create history in an effort to invent a religion and synthesize two groups: chrestianos and christianos. War on disbelief and lie of Nero burning Rome.Read More

Education in Peru is failing and what can be done to restore it (expanded and revised edition)

Education in Perú exists only marginally. Various accrediting bodies rank Peru as the worse nation on the planet to obtain an education: that students have little interest or sense of responsibility, that the government denies funds for adequate buildings, teaching resources and payment for good teachers, and that neither teachers nor students have a sense of responsibility or urgency in acquiring a solid education. This is the result of the stranglehold of organized religion in Peru.Read More

Israeli terrorist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: "Goyim were born only to serve us Jews." 2010

According to the 90-year-old racist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (born Abdullah Youssef (Hebrew: עובדיה יוסף) on September 23 1920, Basra, Iraq and now living in Jerusalem is a Mizrahi Haredi rabbi), the head of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator, the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews...

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Viki Knox: a Study of Ignorance and Hatred

Viki Knox publicly ranted against LGBT, ordering select clothing not to be worn, and declaring her interpretation of the rules of life to be superior to others. Was it free speech protected by the First Amendment, or a hate crime based on irrational passion denying similar freedoms that Knox enjoys from other people she does not accept? What is the extent of bullying, especially in a state that has a strong anti-bullying, anti-discrimination law on the books?Read More

Adam and Eve

Through faulty translations and bad interpretations the invention of a First Man and a First Woman came into Judaism, Christianity, and Islam theology--with no basis in fact. While Adam is celebrated as the head of his family, both the Bible and the Torah show that Eve was far superior in knowledge, action, and labor.Read More