Works by A. F. Ide

Below is a list, a by-no-means-comprehensive list, of my books:

Title Year Publisher Amazon Page
Abortion Handbook: The History, Legal Progress, Practice and Psychology of Abortion 1988 Liberal Press
AIDS Hysteria 1988 Monument Press
Angels 1997 Monument Press
Battered & Bruised: All the Women of the Old Testament (Women in History, Vol 20) 1993 Monument Press
Battling With Beasts: Sex in the Life and Letters of St. Paul : The Issue of Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, and Bisexuality 1991 Tanglewuld Press
Blatant Millions: Clayton William’s Buying Texas 1990 Liberal Press
Bush-Quayle: The Reagan Legacy 1989 Scholars Books
Calendar of Death: Socio-Psychological Factors in Thomas of Canterbury’s Attitude Toward His Own Death (Medieval People) 1986 Tanglewuld Press
Catechism of Family Values Based on the Bible 1992 Liberal Arts Press
Coal, Yesterday’s Energy Today (E=MC2, Energy – Management, Conservation and Communication) 1981 Ide House–management-conservation-communication/dp/0866638091/ref=la_B000APHM38_1_16?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1384382099&sr=1-16
Crucifixion: What the Bible Really Says 2004 Minuteman Press
Democracy Dies in Dallas; Cops, Lies and Videotape 1989 Tanglewuld Press
Demons and Demigogues: Political Fanaticism in the Longhorn State 1985 Liberal Press
Evangelical Terrorism: Censorship, Falwell, Robertson & the Steamy Side of Christian Fundamentalism 1986 Scholars Books
Father’s Son: George W. Bush, Jr, The 1998 Minutemen Press
Foundation and Function of Interior Design 1987 Nichole Graphics
From Stardom to Scandal: The Rise & Fall of Kay Bailey Hutchison (Woman in History) 1993 Monument Press
George W. Bush: Portrait of a Compassionate Conservative 2000 Monument Press
God’s Girls: Ordination of Women in the Early Christian and Gnostic Churches 1986 Tanglewuld Press
Gomorrah & the Rise of Homophobia 1985 Liberal Press
Guilty Until Proven Innocent: The Illusion; Texas Justice — Dallas Style 1991 Monument Press
Heaven’s Hustler: The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Swaggart 1988 Monument Press
Homosexuals Anonymous: A Psychoanalytic and Theological Analysis of Colin Cook and His Cure for Homosexuality 1987 Tanglewuld Press
Islam and Woman (Woman in History) 1985 Monument Press
Jihad, Mujahideen, Taliban, Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush & Oil: A Study in the Evolution of Terrorism & Islam 2002 Tanglewuld Press
Kay Bailey Hutchison: Lone Star Girl 1993 Monument Press
Loving Women: A Study of Lesbianism 500CE (Women in History, 3) 1985 Liberal Arts Press
Martyrdom of Women: A Study of Death Psychology in the Early Christian Church to 301 CE 1985 Tanglewuld Press
Mercantile Policies of Henry VII (Medieval People, V. 10) 1987 Scholars Press
Moses: Making of Myth & Law; The Influence of Egyptian Sex, Religion and Law on the Writing of the Torah 1992 Monument Press
Noah & the Ark: The Influence of Sex, Homophobia & Heterosexism in the Flood Story and Its Writing 1992 Monument Press
Punctuation Handbook 1998 Liberal Press
Quayle Droppings 1988 Liberal Arts Press
Resurrection: An Analysis of the Gospels, Writings of St. Paul and Historical Records, The 1999 Minutemen Press
Robertson!: The Pulpit and the Power: Plotting, Planning, Pretending — Pat’s Putsche for Presidency 1997 American Atheist Press—Presidency/dp/0910309469/ref=sr_1_26?ie=UTF8&qid=1399656450&sr=8-26&keywords=arthur+frederick+ide
Special Sisters: Woman in the European Middle Ages 1983 Ide House
The Teachings of Jesus on Women 1984 Texas Independent Press
Tomorrow’s Tyrants: The Radical Right & the Politics of Hate (Woman in History) 1985 Monument Press
Unzipped: The Popes Bare All; a frank study of sex & corruption in the vatican 1987 American Atheist Press
Woman: A Synopsis 1983 Ide House
Woman As Priest, Bishop and Laity in the Early Catholic Church, 440 A.D. 1983 Ide House Inc
Woman in Ancient Israel Under the Torah and Talmud: With a Critical Commentary on Genesis 1-3 (Woman in history) 1982 Ide House
Woman in Greek Civilization Before 100 B.C. (Woman in history) 1983 Ide House
Woman in the colonial South (Woman in history) 1983 Ide House
Women in the Ancient Near East (Woman in history) 1982 Ide House
Writing Plain English II 2002 Tanglewuld Press
Writing Plain English II 2002 Tanglewuld Press
Yahweh’s Wife: Sex in the Evolution of Monotheism : A Study of Yahweh, Asherah, Ritual Sodomy and Temple Prostitution (Woman in History) 1991 Monument Press
Zoar and Her Sisters: Homosexuality, the Bible and Jesus Christ 1991 Minutemen Press