Hello, and WELCOME to my site!

This current site is an outgrowth, an evolution-in-progress, a development.  Originally started in 2009, and originally at ArthurIde.Wordpress.Com, my site was upgraded in February of 2013 by my friend in Houston, Paul Pearson.  Here are a few things you may or may not want to know:


Throughout my life I have refused to accept anything on faith. Everything is subject to scrutiny and the progresses from proper inquiry cannot be stopped. The individual who stops asking questions and stops questioning authority and sources is brain dead.

My own family is just that, unquestioning evangelicals who offer up all lamentations to a god no one has proven to exist, obeying a book that has been proven to be filled with ancient myths. I do not accept any of those, but constantly look for truth–thus books I published in the 1960s, I rejected in books in later years, for I make mistakes as do all mortals, for no one is infallible in any way–the doctrine pushed by Pius IX at Vatican I was an insult to mortals, firmly rejected by many cardinals and bishops, yet forced draconically on “the faithful.”

Like all babies I was born without knowledge of god, but I was indoctrinated into the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and at age 15 converted to Roman Catholicism and ultimately taught in a Roman Catholic university and to my shame converted many to its teachings. Today I wander in the wastelands of absurdity still seeking truth. I use my real name on all I use for I am not afraid to stand up for what I write, and I do not fear death for I know when I die the atoms that form me will separate and enter the cosmos–the only true life after death.

I have not been loved save by my dogs, and have no regrets for my pets have offered me solace and comfort more than any mortal on this planet. My greatest love is for this planet that mortals are destroying in the name of greed. Haiti is ruined because a few elite control all so the poor cut down trees for firewood and nature takes its toll. But so it is in Honduras where the greedy elite enslave the people and the Congress is as corrupt there as it is in most nations. I stand behind the rights of all people to share equally as each person has need; what is needed is to expel religion from its pedestal and restore reason to the altar of sanity.


I have subtitled this site “Refuting Fantasies in Politics, Religion and Society” as that has been the goal of my life, to make people uncomfortable with their petty fantasies, to help people overcome their childhood delusions, to shatter the bubble, to make sliders out of sacred cows.

Here, I get to be me.  Uncensored.  Unencumbered by corporations or a press or a panel or an audience I have to satisfy.   Here, if you don’t question your immersion into social delusion, you weren’t reading close enough.

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