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Marcel Guarnizo is a priest of the church in Moscow, Russia

Marcel Guarnizo is a priest in the Roman Catholic church in Moscow, Russia. His behavior has regularly been noted as chaotic and unstable. On his own, he seeks deny communion or compassion not only to homosexuals but to Quakers, Lutherans and other Protestants in quest of restoring an medieval Roman Catholic church to rule the world.Read More

Marcel Guarnizo: evil wears a backward collar

Barbara Johnson was denied communion at her 85-year-old mother's funeral by Marcel Guarnizao who claimed that "the church" and his bible prohibits communion to a lesbian. The bible does not mention the word lesbian nor homosexual (the latter does not appear in any bible before 1957), and even his diocese said the predatory pastor was wrong--but ignores the issue that Guarnizao is foreign agent who wants to overthrow democracy to establish a theocracy in the USA and used the Johnson tragedy as a vehicle to align cofollowers who will risk a civil war.Read More