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Ethics, Morality, and Intellectual Property rights in theory and fact

Ethics in ancient Greece

Ethics in ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were among the first people to consider ethics, intellectual property and rights of individual in society. The Greeks “created” (δημιουργήθηκε) ethics (from the Greek word ethos: ἦθος, ἔθος, plurals: ethe (ἤθη), ethea (ἤθεα) that came from χαρακτήρας: character that had the originally meaning of accustomed place. It first appeared as a place or barn for horses1) by realizing that different people in different societies did things in different ways. The Greeks used the discovery method as a tool for critical reflection on what was defined as “right” and “wrong.”

The Greeks of antiquity realized that there was no absolute correct or incorrect way since there was no singular deity, no any singula...

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