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Keiko Fujimori: Thief, Liar, Assassin and President?

In a desperate move to free her father from a 25 year prison sentence for crimes against humanity, Keiko Fujimori declared she would run for the presidency of Perú. When statistics showed she could win if she would denounce her father, she did that, and took to buying votes, lying about her past, and excusing the crimes of Alberto Fujimori--including stealing from the Perú treasury to fund his childrens education in the USA.Read More

Keiko Fujimori and Rudy Giuliani team up

Keiko Fujimori is desperate to become President of Perú--and continued his failed policies and fascist form of government. To that end, Keiko hired former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani who claimed to cut taxes, provide security to citizens, end homelessness, and more. Both Keiko and Rudy lie, and here are the facts, statistics, and more.Read More