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Critical thinking, Dirty Wars, Prostitution in the Vatican and 3 bad popes

Critical thinking is essential to realize effective learning and productive thinking.  Critical thinking makes thinking better, being based on fact rather than fiction, emotion, or personal preference, more plausible, persuasive, possible, probable and realistic, rational, and reliable while enhancing the real and figurative worlds where ideas equal foundations of thoughts and actions that entails and leads to self-improvement generated from skills in using established and creating new standards by which a person appropriately, actually, and artistically assesses thinking.1  These skills lead to a better environment and effervescent eternality toward a time and clime that reaches toward the elusive level of perfection or a quality that is not considered natural but is a part of nature tha...

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Translation, Interpretation and the Misuse of words to start wars and create hate

Many people attempt to "translate" one language into another language verbatim (word-for-word) as if the two languages were the same grammatically. After this abortion had been completed, they"interpret" what they have composed according to their own culture and history. This leads to misunderstanding and wars, and can be compared with the outburts of Bill O'Reilly of Fox News against the media that labeled Anders Breivik a "Christian" but O'Reilly demonstrates no knowledge of early Christianity, and Anders did repeat what the crusading knights did to Jerusalem one thousand years ago, but without understanding the reason nor consequences. It is the delinguency of education that brings miscreants like O'Reilly and Breivik into the public realm and gives them time to express their ignorance and hatred.Read More