Tea Party Terrorist Carol McGuire attacking New Hampshire workers

Carol McGuire (R-NH 8th District)

Freshman State Representative Carol McGuire (8th District Merrimack, from Epsom; she moved to New Hampshire in 2004, to change it into state sovereignty) thinks that any minimum wage is a bad idea. She worked hard to end minimum wage, and when the New Hampshire legislature enacted such a travesty, it was vetoed by New Hampshire’s governor.  Undeterred, the far right-wing ideologue, Republican New Hampshire legislator fought back and with her cronies was able to override the governor’s veto.  McGuire reasoned that no student, no youth, no young person was ever worth more than $5 an hour–and had the support of New Hampshire restaurants that contributed heavily to her Tea Party (Ron Paul is one of her contributors) campaign war chest and terrorist attacks on labor, unions, workers, families, and those who are not well off financially and have little hope of any normal life in the state that she is running like the Fourth Reich.  Her goal is to have corporations in New Hampshire (and those who have headquarters in other states or outside of the USA) pay workers “whatever they like” to pay, regardless if it is a livable wage or borders on poverty.

McGuire argued that New Hampshire’s $7.25 minimum wage was wasted on young labor.  The Republican Party, controlled by the Koch Brothers of Kansas and their Tea Party led by Dick Armey of Denton, Texas, said that any minimum wage was job-killing legislation, and was following in lock-step with the dictates of Henry Veilleux, lobbyist for the New Hampshire Lodging and Restaurant Association, who demanded the erasure of minimum wage since the restaurants in New Hampshire were already paying minimum wage (and many less than minimum wage) to those who cleared tables, and Veilleux warned that jobs would be lost if wages were not cut; many table attendants, those who wait on tables and their customers frequently make only $3 an hour and depend on the rest of their income from tips.  New Hampshire people, however, seldom leave more than 10%, so if a meal costs $10, the tip is usually $1. As the Concord NH Monitor noted, McGuire has no interest in the “have-nots”, going so far as to question any free utilities for the poor or unemployed, and in 2009, moving legislation to cut cable off of New Hampshire utility protection laws.  With her husband, Dan, who also sits in the New Hampshire Legislature, Carol has introduced legislation to eliminate passenger rail service and clean energy financing (known as PACE: Property Assessed Clean Energy; Carol McGuire argues that PACE would cost too much, and introduced legislation to kill the bill in keeping with the wishes of the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries), end clean energy and environmental protection, and taking aim against basic civil and human rights.  Dan and Carol Dan McGuire have been coordinating libertarian events in Oregon and Washington for the  Free State Project (FSP), founded by the Koch-funded Mercatus Center’s Jason Sorens, and receive “gifts” from the Koch Brothers that are never reported to the New Hampshire government nor recorded on their federal tax returns.

Unwilling to study basic New Hampshire’s economics, Carol McGuire showed ignorance of minimum wage in New Hampshire that was already low.  Having been born in 1957, she did not have to work, but in 1960 the minimum wage in New Hampshire, adjusted to 2006 dollars was more than $9an hour.  By 2011, New Hampshire residents had regressed to a subsistent level of earning, and those with a spouse and family could barely make a living, and many turned to drugs to escape the misery of working in New Hampshire.  The young people of New Hampshire that McGuire insulted, issued a warning that they would challenge her at the polls in 2012, noting that “young Americans who are grappling with both skyrocketing health care and education costs due to irresponsible budget cuts by GOP governors nationwide, desperately need the protection of a minimum wage that provides them some ability to work their way through school and into the middle class.”

McGuire’s callousness, however, was not universally accepted nor endorsed.  Curtis Barry, lobbyist for the Retail Merchants Association of New Hampshire, said the association took no position on the effort to repeal New Hampshire’s law.  Barry added that he’s not aware of any retailers wishing for the minimum wage to be lowered.

Dan McGuire (R-NH) husband of Carol McGuire

McGuire is either too busy, or too ashamed of herself, even to give a brief biographical sketch of her life, education and career on the official New Hampshire legislature’s House webpage.  However, much is easily found about this legislator who received only $805 in donations in 2010 ($500 came from one Florida lawyer in 2006, and the state that sent the bulk of contributions was Iowa; her husband, who lists himself as “retired” gave the maximum amounts from 1998 to 2010), and bested her nearest Republican opponent, Jon Richardson, by 84 votes (there were four Republicans on the ballots, and the other three had more than 6000 votes between them).  

Carol McGuire took an BS in mechanical engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MBA from Boston University. She is married to Daniel.  Daniel McGuire earned a BS and MS (1980) in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1986.  He is on record as being Jewish, but his passion is for pre-Civl War states rights, limiting workers rights, and being a part of the Libertarian movement

Dan McGuire was born in Phoenix, AZ.  After a four-year teaching contract as Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz, 1986-1990, he moved to the State of Washington and worked on far-right-wing projects before carpetbagging to New Hampshire in 2004: knowing neither the history, politics, or culture of the state–but heavily funded by fringe groups.  Neither Dan nor Carol had any interest in New Hampshire until  after the FSP called for its members to make the pilgrimage.  Docile and obedient, the McGuires moved to New Hampshire.

Dan was involved with local politics after moving to New Hampshire.  He served without distinction as the Chairman of the Epson Town Planning Board. 

In 2010, Dan won a seat in the State Legislature (also from the 8th District Merrimack, that his wife has represented since 2008) after being chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Liberty Caucus.  The Liberty Caucus is an extremist group that works that works against labor and organized unions including teachers, wants lower taxes, elimination of federal agencies, less regulation (and the ending of the Enviornmental Protection Agency), a strong national defense with fewer military bases abroad, and no foreign aid. Many of its members are enrolled in the Tea Party and numerous recognized hate groups, including the KKK, American Nazi Party, Americans for Posterity, Family Research Council, and other organizations chartered to end democracy in the USA as it is presently known.  The traditional Republican Party in Florida (and elsewhere) has denounced it and many traditional Republicans see it as an extension of the Libertarian Party as well as a group that practices mind-control.  

Carol and Dan list no children, nor does Carol register a religious affiliation.  She hails, instead, her conservative affiliations.  

Both  Carol and Dan are seeking a revolution (which is permitted by the New Hampshire Constitution, Article 10, although revolution must be for the common benefit, protection, and security, of the whole community, and not for the private interest or emolument of any one man) within the USA to refit it to end all forms of government help to the poor, the young, the elderly, students, and those not a part of Ron Paul’s pact of Libertarians.  Neither are New Hampshirites nor have any interest in New Hampshire, as their goal is to move from state to state to formet their revolution, being well-funded by the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries.

Charles and David Koch

The McGuires actions have led several groups to writing New Hampshire off as a vacation spot or for investment, noting McGuire’s actions to be fascist.  There is little doubt the State of New Hampshire’s legislature is now owned by the Koch Brothers and their stealth organizations AFP and ALEC.  Freedom is an illusion at best in New Hampshire.  With the McGuires and Koch Brothers in charge, New Hampshires offers its people the freedom to be a substandard wage, the freedom to be poor, the freedom to have underfunded schools, the freedom to attempt to negotiate labor standards and wages on a one-on-one basis: the employee bartering and bargaining with the employer, and the freedom to have little to no say in government as the legislature becomes increasingly more receptive to those who were neither born nor raised in New Hampshire but can be on the ballot within a few years after entering the state (the New Hampshire State Constitution, Article 14, only requires: Every member of the house of representatives shall be chosen by ballot; and, for two years, at least, next preceding his election shall have been an inhabitant of this state; shall be, at the time of his election, an inhabitant of the town, ward, place, or district he may be chosen to represent and shall cease to represent such town, ward, place, or district immediately on his ceasing to be qualified as aforesaid).  In short, anyone can enter New Hampshire, live in a town for two years, and run for a seat in the House and repeal, amend, initiate, and refine existing laws even at the expense of the voters.  No elected official has to have the best interest in mind for the people of New Hampshire, if that person is elected; instead the representative can represent interests outside of the state, as is the goal of the Koch Brothers.

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