Mitt Romney, bully, incessant narcissistic liar, extortionist and his co-conspirators determined to trample USA democracy: Menards Home Center, Mike White, David Siegel, and Bob Murray

Romney (age 18) yearbook, recognized as a bully

A bully throughout his life (read here and here and here), from elementary school through his university days.  Romney was the most troubled at age 18 when he felt he had to compete with his father who was governor of Michigan and attacked another student at the exclusive Cranbook School and cut off the youth’s long hair (read here and here), fearing it to be a sign that the boy was homosexual.

Mitt Romney always has used back-up force of other bullies to bully the most vulnerable (cf. Juvonen, Jaana and Graham, Sandra (Editors, 2001). Peer harassment in school: The plight of the vulnerable and victimized. New York, NY, US: Guilford Press. xix 440 pp). 

Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau on Mitt Romney’s memory

Bullying the most vulnerable, as Romney did repeatedly, demonstrates his own insecurity and quest to be respected and sought out–two qualities that subconsciously he did not feel he was given by his peers.  The bullying by Romney was his reaction to how he saw himself within his own peer group, and attempt to assert himself over others (Espelage, Dorothy L.; Low, Sabina; De La Rue, Lisa (2012). “Relations between peer victimization subtypes, family violence, and psychological outcomes during early adolescence”. doi: 10.1037/a0027386. Psychology of Violence, Vol 2(4), October, 313-324; Special Section: Person-Centered Analyses in Violence Research), with Romney’s attack upon gay and/or perceived gay males being a covert attempt to hide his own fears about his personal sexuality (cp. Poteat, V. Paul; O’Dwyer, Laura M.; Mereish, Ethan H. (2012). “Changes in how students use and are called homophobic epithets over time: Patterns predicted by gender, bullying, and victimization status”. doi: 10.1037/a0026437.  Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol 104(2), May 2012, 393-406).

Romney’s pyschoneurosis (behavioral psychologists regard them as learned, inappropriate responses to stress, which can be unlearned when the individual is open to understanding the plurality is not dangerous and that multicultural acceptance can enhance society) is borderline with torture (read here and here) to push his agenda for control over all things, elevating a degree of social or interpersonal maladjustment.  Romney’s bigotry has long been documented, and his dismissal of those who have supported him the most strongly is ignored by the former governor who has time only for himself in quest of self-fulfillment and the illusion of grandeur (cf. Rhodewalt, Frederick; Morf, Carolyn C. (1998). “On self-aggrandizement and anger: A temporal analysis of narcissism and affective reactions to success and failure”. doi: 10.1037/0022-3514.74.3.672. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 74(3), Mar 1998, 672-685). This agenda and his pathology are part of his family and are intertwined rigidly among his children, especially Taggart Romney.

Taggart Romney with Mitt

Taggart Romney, crass, vain, vitriolic and vile as his father Mitt Romney, became easily upset when listening to Obama’s criticism of his father. When Obama told Romney that he was lying, Taggart jumped up from his seat, declaring that he wanted to take a swing at the President of the USA. Taggart, who is as great a bully, or greater than his father, Mitt, demonstrated his contempt for the First Amendment of the Constitution of the USA and would silence anyone who showed any strength of character against the former Bain Capital investor who ignored all those he predetermined were of less value than he saw himself as having–as with his open statement that he would not represent the 47% of the people of the USA that he claimed did not pay taxes (the full video is here).  One startling part of this incident demonstrated the closeness of the family and a narcissistic psychopathology that exists within the family.  An agency-communion model of narcissism distinguishes between agentic narcissists (individuals satisfying self-motives of grandiosity, esteem, entitlement, and power in agentic domains) and communal narcissists (individuals satisfying the same self-motives in communal domains) as a means of keeping the family together and united as demanded by the Mormon religion that plays a major role in the psychology of father and son–and the entire family.

Craig Romney

Craig Romney, another of Mitt’s sons, told reporters that his father had sworn that he would “trip a bitch” (his daughter-in-law) to win a foot-race and would do anything to win whatever he wanted regardless of whom he hurt, impoverished or cast aspersion upon (read here and here and here  and here). Romney’s contempt for women, a part of his Mormon background, goes beyond his family. He had little interest in hiring women but “kept a binder full of women” (Romney’s lie during the campaign was quickly challenged by ABC News, and hiring boasts exposed by Huffington Post, CNN, and a plethora of media:, read here and here and here and watch here.

Causes of National Debt

Earlier this year Mitt Romney “encouraged” business owners to tell their employees how they should vote and told upper management and CEOs to explain to the employees that a vote for Romney was in their own best interest.  It was an unveiled threat that if they voted for Romney they would be able to keep their jobs (read here and here; for a basic overview but with two good reference citations, read here).

Hitler on labor unions

With a marginal command of the basics of English grammar and use of words, like Adolf Hitler (read here and here ; Hitler took advantage of the people of Germany’s low self-esteem that Romney matches in his political rhetoric: cf.  here and cp. here and here).  Romney called on CEOs to use intimidation and threats of financial ruin, bankruptcy, and unemployment, belching: “I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections. And [sic] whether you agree with me or you agree with President Obama, or whatever your political view, I hope, you pass those [view points] along to your employees. There’s nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I think [sic] that will figure into their election decision, their voting decision. And [sic, using proper English no educated person starts a sentence with a conjunction] of course doing that with your family and your kids [sic: a kid is a young goat; it is not a child] as well.”

When confronted with the evidence that he was “urging” corporate heads to influence the vote, Romney lied. Romney repeatedly said that his words were taken out of context (for verification of the charges on lying, read and view here and watch here).

Romney has many very wealthy friends who are as determined to silence dissent and return to the USA of the nineteenth century when robber barons ruled Congress and the Constitution of the USA had few amendments–as Rick Perry pledged to undo if he were elected President (read here and here).   One of Romney’s most zealous supporters is Mike White who has a history of violating Wisconsin election laws.

Joe Manone VP of Rite-Hite Corporation speaks for Mike White

White is the chairman, sociopath and owner of Milwaukee based Rite-Hite.  Never at a loss for demands of his employees, White sent the following email  to employees about the upcoming presidential election: “[Employees] should understand the personal consequences to them of having our tax rates increase dramatically if President Obama is re-elected, forcing taxpayers to fund President Obama’s future deficits and social programs (including Obamacare), which require bigger government.”  Mike White deliberately, consciously, and with malice broke Wisconsin law 12.07(3) by intimidating his employees.  The law clearly reads:  No employer or agent of an employer may distribute to any employee printed matter containing any threat, notice or information that if a particular ticket of a political party or organization or candidate is elected or any referendum question is adopted or rejected, work in the employer’s place or establishment will cease, in whole or in part, or the place or establishment will be closed, or the salaries or wages of the employees will be reduced, or other threats intended to influence the political opinions or actions of the employees.  White’s un-American and illegal screed matches

Arthur L. Allen ASG Software

that of ASG Software Solutions CEO Arthur Allen who warned his employees of “dire consequences” that included lay-offs if Obama was reelected.  Allen followed the Koch Brothers lead.

Arthur Allen’s threat

A rant similar to the scorched-earth verbal ejaculations of White and Allen came from rant from semi-prominent real estate magnet and Tea Party Republican David Siegel of Central Florida Investments. Siegel threatened his employees with firing everyone and closing his company if Obama was

David and Jackie Siegel (Florida)

reelected. He vowed he would close his business that he claimed he created with good business practices and would resettle in the Caribbean where they would find him sitting under a tree. The consummate liar, Siegel neglected to mention how he made his billions force-sellingtime-shares that the middle class could not afford.  Siegel also did not mention in his passionate prose that he was found guilty of sexual harassment in a lawsuit brought by former Westgate employee Dawn

Siegel’s Westlake Village Real Estate lists Siegel’s Versailles home

Georgette Meyers (read here; the full judgment on the case is here).Not only did Romney call on the super-rich of the USA for help in conquering the vote and moving into the White House, but he created a false façade of his own alleged popularity that White, Allen, Siegel and others would point to aglow with his praises. It was built much like a Hollywood set: pretty and unreal.

Bob Murray (Ohio, Utah coal)

Romney had the biggest mine owner in Ohio, Bob Murray, force his Ohio coal miners to stand behind him and his podium as if the assembled miners approved his message.  What Romney did not reveal was Murray’s message to the miners before Romney arrived: telling the miners that they could lose their job (he had already laid off 52 coal miners in Utah) and would not be paid for the time they were standing behind Romney (an illegal action that defines both

Romney with conscripted coal miners as backdrop

conscript and slave labor), while the former Massachusetts governor laid out his vision for the USA (read Murray’s secret memo here if the image does not open to full-text). Production was to be increased, but not wages; employers protected but no special attention paid to those who worked in the coal mines. The coal miners were not impressed.

Murray’s August 2, 2012 secret memo

What was not mentioned to the press (although Romney was informed of the coercion after he arrived, and he approved it) is that the boss of the miners told the workers that if they did not attend the photo-op they would be out of a job. Romney’s distain for unions and curtailment on wanton coal mining became the focus of his speech: “Bob Murray, the CEO of Murray Energy Corp., which owns the American Century Mine” without noting Murray’s company, the largest independent coal operator in the country, also owns, by way of a subsidiary, the Crandall Canyon Mine in Utah that had suffered a

The six miners killed at Crandall Canyon mine in Emery County, Utah

series of “accidents” that left employees dead.  None of these deaths needed to nor would have occurred if Murray had bought basic safety gear. Murray refused, claiming that the expenditure was not necessary.

Five years previous to Romney’s salvo for the presidency as he stood in front of other Murray miners, six miners (Kerry Allred, Don Erickson, Luis Hernandez, Carlos Payan, Brandon Phillips and Manuel Sanchez) who were nearing the end of their 12-hour shift died in the early morning hours of

Three rescuers killed at Crandall Canyon mines in Utah

August 6, when the mine collapsed.  Their deaths were followed by the loss of life by three rescue workers: local coal miners Dale Black, 49, Brandon Kimber, 29, and mine safety inspector Gary Jensen, 53) who died after a 1.6 magnitude mountain “bump” hit, blowing out the mine’s ribs and burying the rescue workers alive under debris alive.

Violations Murray ignored resulting in death of coal miners

Murray showed demonic disdain with his belligerent behavior after the accident. The Mine Safety and Health Administration fined Murray’s operation more than $1.85 million for violations that it says directly contributed to the deaths. Murray voiced the violations were trivial (the government and mining inspectors countered by calling the infractions flagrant) and lied about one of the infractions with a stone cold face as he deliberately withheld information from the federal government about a dangerous mining technique the company decided to use to meet its coal quota just before the lethal collapse.

Murray, a strong Romney supporter, who has never accepted government regulations passed to protect his workers, has also been charged with 2,787 mining violations in Illinois—violations that Murray snorts at since he is “a

Coal mine tracking devices that Bob Murray rejects

businessman… where business comes first [before human lives lost or ruined]” (read here and here). Murray opposed legislation by Illinois and federal lawmakers there as well as in his home state of Ohio that would require miners to wear emergency tracking devices that he claimed were “too costly” and would adversely affect his bottom-line of profit. 

Murray, having visited with “conservatives” including Romney, had lobbied against new safety regulations, spending more on lobbying than would have cost to buy the new safety equipment, arguing that legislators were “playing politics with the safety of my employees [jobs].”

US Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK)

Adamant against science, rejecting that the world’s natural resources are finite, Murray has slipped further than most Congressmen (even beyond the inanity of Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) who won the 2012 Rubber Dodo Award) and claims climate change is fantasy and that resources are infinite.  Speaking before the US Senate, Murray stated (as reported on August 7, 2008) “The science of global warming is suspect. […] Reducing carbon emissions will impact our poorest families worst. All you are doing with this Draconian legislation is destroying American families’ standard of living, their ability to have jobs, and export jobs to China.” Exporting jobs to China became the new terrorist tactic of Romney and his supporters, who, through Bain Capital have exported US jobs abroad, but now argues that people are worse off now than they were four years ago. To emphasize his point, Murray insisted the collapse resulted from an earthquake and accused the United Mine Workers of America labor union of propelling the story about retreat mining in an attempt to organize more workers. “These individuals have given very false statements. They know nothing about the damage in the mine or the rescue efforts that are under way. I caution the media to very much question the veracity of these sources,” Murray said of the UMWA(United Mine Workers of America).  Murray created the fiction for the collapsed based on an initial seismologist report that claimed that there was an earthquake with a magnitude 3.9 that was responsible for the collapse.  Later the seismologist report corrected the initial statement by stating that it was the collapse itself that their instruments had measured:

Utah mine collapse

“There is no evidence that the earthquake triggered the mine collapse,” Walter Arabasz, the director of the University of Utah’s seismograph stations, told the media (read here and here) noting that the mine’s collapse took but seconds given such shoddy preparation and lack of materials to sustain any earth settlement.

In 2012, Romney now opposes strong regulation of the coal industry.  The former governor argues passionately as the plate of big business is passed around to collect tithing for his campaign, that carbon emissions should not be subject to regulation under the Clean Air Act. It is one more case of double-talk; Romney flip-flopped against.  As the Massachusetts governor, Romney lauded carbon emission limits and at one point stood outside a coal plant and said, “I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people, and that plant, that plant kills people” (watch here). As governor, Romney also backed a regional cap-and-trade system, that would reduce carbon pollution by imposing caps on emissions and allowing companies to buy and sell pollution permits, before backing off of that position. These changes of political positioning Romney did not mention when he called on CEOs to “train” and “lead” their employees to vote for him.  He had the support of the most nefarious of all self-serving citizens in the USA: the Koch Brothers.


Following the lead of the Koch Brothers and other far-right activists, Menards (headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin; it has 270 stores and 40,000 employees with a revenue for 2011 of $7.17 billion—before the November 6th election) headed by 71-year-old John Menardof Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a net worth of $6 billion (he is number 73 of Forbes billionaires in the USA)

John Menard Jr.

held a “civics course” on why all employees had to vote for Romney. The course is entitled ‘Civics 101: The National Self Governing Will In-Home Training’.  It incorporates much of a program concocted by Koch-linked political operatives Mark Block and Linda Hansen who had worked with the now-defunct Herman Cain presidential campaign. The third part of the textbook, subtitled “American Job Security”, that has a message similar to the letter sent by Koch Industries CEO Dave Robertson to retirees and employees of the company’s Georgia Pacific subsidiary telling employees that they could lose their jobs and retirees could lose their pensions if Obama won in November 2012.  The message was simple: Vote for Mitt Romney–or face the consequences.

Heritage Foundation erroneous table set in Menard’s civic course

Although the Menards course doesn’t offer an explicit candidate endorsement, it describes Obama policies in threatening terms, while policies that echo Romney’s proposals are portrayed in a positive and uplifting light. Nothing is said that the FBI is investigating links between two pro-Romney groups (Americans for Prosperity Foundation chaired by Charles and David Koch, Prosperity for America, Wisconsin Prosperity Network and Friends of Herman Cain).

Sharon Bialeck (Cain mistress)

Cain, among the most reprehensible crooks and philanderers to run for any political office, received laundered money from Prosperity USAthat improperly covered expenses for the Herman Cain campaign including the chartering of a private jet to ferry the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO and his

Ginger White (Cain mistress)

assorted mistresses, from Sharon Bialek and Ginger White, to campaign events. Menards is not only a major polluter like Koch Industries, but is virulently anti-labor, refusing to hire anyone who had worked in a pro-union store (read here and here). Small businesses are attacked if they accept federal funds; government programs aimed at helping smaller businesses are described as a government plan for making small businesses dependent on government. Tax dollars are seen as wasted with no realistic charts presented.

Americans for Prosperity Tax Table in Menards “civic course” (it is not endorsed nor is the information from the IRS or any other cited group)

Graphic from Steven Moore’s article, “The Keys to Prosperity,” as presented in Menards training program for employees, “Civics 101: The National Self Governing Will In-Home Training, Course 3: American Job Security.”

As for Romney’s never-ending string of lies, the most fanciful stretch of the truth came with his claim that Jeep (owned by Chrysler) would outsource its auto production to mainland China. This lie finalized his crown as liar-in-chief for many, realizing that Romney would say anything to be elected. Jeep denied Romney’s lie immediately:

Chrysler repeated that Jeep would not move to China

Despite clear and accurate reporting, the take has given birth to a number of stories making readers believe that Chrysler plans to shift all Jeep production to China from North America, and therefore idle assembly lines and U.S. workforce. It is a leap that would be difficult even for professional circus acrobats.

Let’s set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China. It’s simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China for the world’s largest auto market. U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation. A careful and unbiased reading of the Bloomberg take would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments.

What happened the last week of October 2012 was that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital that owned Delphi Automotive (based in Detroit, Michigan) fired 25,000 union workers, costing those workers about $1 billion from their pensions. Instead of using its extra capital to protect their American workers, Bain Capital decided to further line their corporate pockets.  Delphi just finished buying factories in Asia that make car parts, for the same amount of money Delphi cost its 15,000 USA workers’ their pensions.

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) welcomed Obama for flying to help storm victims early

The lies did not stop with Jeep. Romney vowed he would suspend campaigning during the Sandy Superstorm (read here and here  and here  where Romney is incorrectly referred to as a Senator). Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, Romney’s choice for Vice President, insists that other federal programs be slashed to help disaster victims: read here and here.

Romney yacht The Cracker Bay (2012)

While Obama stopped campaigning, Romney did not.  Even at the worst moments of the storm when entire blocks of New York City were set afire, the

Cracker Bay flies the Caymans Island flag

subways closed because of high water, and a tanker banked on the ground, Romney celebrated a “pre-election victory”.  It was the same indifference to the problems people were experiencing when he celebrated on August 29, 2012 aboard his 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

Cracker Bay yacht

The yacht, the Cracker Bay is owned by Gary Morse, developer of the Villages retirement community. Companies controlled by Morse gave nearly $1 million to the pro-Romney Restore Our Future SuperPAC and the yacht has an impressive art collection and can seat 30 for dinner. Those who are invited for an excursion and dinner on board the yacht are billionaires.  Not one citizen out of the 47% that Romney disdains has ever been invited to stop on board.

One comment to Mitt Romney, bully, incessant narcissistic liar, extortionist and his co-conspirators determined to trample USA democracy: Menards Home Center, Mike White, David Siegel, and Bob Murray

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    I can pass this along to my friends and my acquaintances on facebook, but it is preaching to the choir. Thanks for gathering all of Romney’s lies and unethical actions into one essay.

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