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Heroes, Zeroes, and Spiking COVID as Republicans Do Nothing


Veronica Wolski told others COVID was not real and died from COVID in Chicago

Veronica Wolski of Chicago a major pusher of COVID disinformation died of COVID-19–which was wonderfully good new, but her mentally challenged clique of fire-breathing ignoramuses touting the animal dewormer ivermectin and demanding that all doctors administer the drug that can kill people on COVID patients. Hopefully all hospital and medical professionals will refuse all antivaxxers, antimaskers when they contract the deadly disease.1 An increasing number of famous and not-so-famous antivaxxers (such as Florida hate-show talker Marc Bernier,2 Dick Farrel Austin Levitt, and Phil Valentine,3 Queens, NY conservative shock jock, Newsmax anchor, voice-over actor and vocal anti-vaxxer Dick Farrel has died aft...

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Murder in the Name of god, QAnon, and Unproved Myths

Matthew Taylor Coleman, age a 40-year-old surfing instructor, husband, father, and QAnon devotee and fervent Trump believer, drove his children — 2-year-old Kaleo and 10-month-old Roxy — into Mexico, away from their mother and their vacation, and said “he believed his children were going to grow into monsters so he had to kill them.”1 Coleman told investigators he was “enlightened by QAnon,2 popularized by Donald J. Trump (the twice-impeached, one-term president, two-time popular vote loser and serial rapist) and Illuminati conspiracy theories and was receiving visions and signs revealing that his wife … possessed serpent DNA and had passed it onto his children...

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