Physicans, Pastors, Predatory Politicians Destroy Democracy

Ivermectin warning yet people still take it and most die.

The concept of freedom of choice and expression is not absolute. No person has the right to broadcast misinformation about matters of health, social stability, and the right to express oneself in a democracy. Various physicians have been justifiably censored and removed from jobs that require public trust. This is especially true in the field of virology1 and the current coronavirus pandemic. Prescriptions for ivermectin have jumped to more than 88,000 per week, some pharmacists are reporting shortages and people are overdosing on forms of the drug meant for horses.2 Prescriptions for ivermectin have seen a sharp rise in recent weeks, jumping to more than 88,000 per week3 in mid-August from a prepandemic baseline average of 3,600 per week, according to researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19.4

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R-NC)

Authoritarian is defended by conservative (usually Southern Baptist) preachers who attempt to justify marital rape as a way to control women.5 Republican politicians equate LGBTQ+ people to cow dung6 when not actively molesting children when dressed as drag queens.7 Without proof, North Carolina’s Black Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson claims that heterosexuals are superior to homosexuals8 when “preaching” at Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC.9 Ron Baity, the church’s pastor, introduced Robinson, calling him “a breath of fresh air here in North Carolina” and introducing him as “the next governor of the state of North Carolina.” The Human Rights Campaign said 47 transgender or non-gender conforming people have been shot or killed by other violent means in 2021, including three in North Carolina. Two happened in Charlotte while one happened in Jacksonville.10

John Hagee Cornerstone Church in San Antonio Texas devoted to Trump

The congregation at televangelist John Hagee‘s Cornerstone Church in San Antonia is even more hate-filled as it kneels before Trump as their god’s Chosen One. So as not to lose donations to his faux ministry, the pastor later disavowed the chants.11 Previously, with no scientific or epidemiologistic background, Hagee advocated for religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine for churchgoers, claiming “our religious liberty is something that’s under attack in the United States.11 Hagee was outraged when notified by hospital and doctors that they would not admit any of his congregation when anyone was found carrying the coronavirus–even after one “pastor” caught COVID-19 and prayers were not successful in fighting the virus.13

Franklin Barrett Sechriest’s mug shot after his arrest in a recent synagogue arson in Austin (Austin Fire Department photo)

The American Nazi threat14 is growing daily, with attacks on Jews, Latinos, LGBTQ, and people of color under the tarnished name of Unite the Right that made a blood-stained stand in Virginia.15 At the end of the trial for various groups of American Nazis, the defendants were found liable in four of six counts, including a Virginia state conspiracy claim that they subjected the plaintiffs to racial, religious or ethnic harassment or violence. But the mixed-race jury deadlocked on a major claim in the civil case against the organizers, whether they engaged in a conspiracy to commit racially motivated violence. While the ostensible reason for the rally was to support two Confederate monuments slated for removal in Charlottesville,16 the organizers’ private communications revealed that their true inspiration was a violent rally four months earlier in Berkeley, Calif. and that they hoped to bait left-wing opponents into the streets, and as primary organizer Jason Kessler17 put it, “fight this shit out.”18 The antisemitic hate of the ultra-right inspired 18-year-old Franklin Barrett Sechriest of San Marcos, a member of the Goyim Defense League, to attempt to burn down the Austin, Texas synagogue.19

LAPD officer linked to far-right says he was relieved of duty over vaccine mandate (Daily Kos)

Police, against vaccination for COVID and Black Lives Matter, has been joining the far right. The Los Angeles Police Department’s officer Michael McMahon has tightly sowed an underdog narrative starring himself and the mostly unnamed LAPD officers rallying behind him against the COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Officer McMahon is a co-founder for the anti-vaccination group Roll Call 4 Freedom (run by LAPD officers).20 McMahon has ignored violence against those wearing masks or urging vaccination21 or recognition of or protection for Jews, LGBTQ people or people of color.22 They were against democracy and anyone supporting Democrats and the Constitution.23 Fortunately, many of the doctors and nurses who supported their attack on vaccines and Dr. Fauci have died of the disease that they denied.24

The score card of prayer vs. disease

While many argue that prayer protects and vaccinates believers there is no science to affirm this myth. As one fully vaxxed, wear masks, and, if allowed, will race to get a booster shot.

  1. So anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers who are dying of Covid, here’s what I’ll do for you.
  2. I will drive you to:
  • Your Church to be with your prayer circle at the end
  • Your nearest mobile morgue truck to await a vacancy
  • I will not take you anywhere near someone with a medical degree so you can yell at them for not doing procedures that will actively kill you.
  • I will not wait with you while you die.
  • You have prayed for this moment all of your lives.

Have at it.

I’m tired.

Kevin VanStory

Kevin VanStory attempted to unite all white supremacist hate groups proposing the creation of The Missouri Embattled Warriors Event on wooded property in Newton County between Neosho and Joplin. The training was being held by the Salt and Light Brigade MAKO edition, a group that includes supporters from Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma. VanStory said the event would be limited to just 36 participants. The event was cancelled from lack of registrations.

Jesus preparing for violence responding to prayers for white christian evangelicals

“News of the event drew a barrage of reaction, most of it critical, on social media Thursday. ‘Nothing says Jesus like a 9mm and a throat punch,’ wrote one man on Facebook. ‘What would Jesus be packin’?’ said another. And on Twitter, one said, ‘Grab your swords, boys! Tonight we’re gonna kill some Romans!’, said Jesus never.’ And another: ‘I think anyone who’s read the gospels knows the importance Jesus placed on hand-to-hand combat. ‘If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, offer him a knuckle sandwich and draw your sidearm.'”25 He publishes his phone number and says he is a realtor.26 His single goal in life is to lead a civil war and kill as many Democrats as possible–and Twitter has no problem with this (but when I have called for the execution of murderers, Twitter banned me). A strong supporter of Trump, he is against mask mandates and COVID vaccinations. Kevin Van Story, talked about the recent Joplin City Council vote to make masks mandatory within Joplin beginning on Saturday. “I watched fear take hold and fear caused them to pass a mask ordinance,” Van Story said. ”They might as well mandate everyone wear a diaper. How about we live as free people?” Robb Birch, a member of the city ethics committee, said the proposed bill would serve no benefit to the community, and that two different groups within the community want to recall Mayor Allen from office.27 Neosho is in Newton County’ it has 8000 cases of COVID and 168 deaths “testing the faith in Jesus.”28 New cases are spiking, and many worry that their Jesus is testing them or asleep.


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