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The Good News Just Keeps Coming

Josh Bernstein conspiracy theorist

Far right wing commentator Josh Bernstein, who once appeared to threaten to shoot anyone trying to give him a coronavirus vaccine, has contracted COVID-19 and he’s calling it “brutal” and “unbearable.” Bernstein cackled: “Resist the vaccine at all costs,” Bernstein told his audience back in April. “Resist microchips, stop wearing facemasks, go outside. breathe in some fresh air, get some exercise, eat right, get your sleep, all that good stuff, enjoy your life. And let me worry about the government and everybody else trying to destroy your freedoms,” he said. “I’m not getting an injection, I’m not getting microchip. And if anybody tries to do it to me or I’m sure, millions of Americans out there, guess what, they’re going to get a lead injection instead...

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