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Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and the National Debt and Education

The GNP in the USA has consistently gone down while wages became stagnant and unemployment shot up--a trend begun by Ronald Reagan and reached its greatest extreme under George W. Bush. How great of a president was Ronald Reagan?Read More

Education in Perú, USA, the world, and why it is getting worse–and what can be done to change it

Education has become essential--to get a job--but learning a subject or gaining knowledge is of little interest to most people--because of bad teachers, bad books, and lazy students. Here is how to correct the problems.Read More

Death of Language in Perú and the world

Deliberate or unintentional misuse of a language has and will continue to lead to wars, violence and misunderstanding. It is the responsibility of teachers of language to use the language correctly--not in current jargon, but in precise, clear, cogent, and coherent studies of that language.Read More

IB is Destroying Education in Third World Nations

The Third World of impoverished nations is struggling to learn English in an effort to raise themselves out of squalid conditions and join the First World; to attend better schools, find better jobs, and enjoy a better life. Unfortunately, the IB Programme out of Cambridge UK is destroying that hope for it not only encourages plagiarism and theft, but uses vulgar (street) English. Vulgar English cannot lead to quality work, but it does keep a growing workforce for those who can afford a better education.Read More