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Age of Trump and the new age the psychology of denial

Many deny the reality of COVID-19 and many die from COVID-19. There is a solution. It is that face masks and social distancing must become compulsory and with consequences. Behavior change, including compulsory behavior change, can be followed by insights and understanding.Read More

Sharks in Texas smell fresh meat

An Oportun location in Brownsville, TX. Photo by Eddie Gaspar / The Texas Tribune

Oportun Inc., a Silicon Valley-based installment lender, which was founded to help Latino immigrants build credit so they can go on to achieve the American Dream, disclosed to investors last week that it had received a civil investigative demand from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Oportun had become the most litigious personal loan company in Texas, suing thousands of lower-income borrowers at a rapid pace even as other lenders halted or slowed legal action during the pandemic.

Latino small businesses owners are a growing force in the USA

Latino small business owners are an emerging force in the USA and have become the fastest-growing small business owners across the USA.1 Oportun sued Texas bor...

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Voting Rights Under Attack in all fascist states

Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965, Selma, Alabama

Biden and Congressional Democrats have sought ways to blunt the Republican push in Congress and state legislatures to make voting more difficult. Biden unveiled his plan of action on the anniversary of the 1965 Bloody Sunday civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. “Those torches and burning crosses, the batons, tear gas, fire hoses, attack dogs, and unfair laws and trials could not stop progress,” Biden said in his remarks.1

Iowa, like Ohio and other Republican-controlled states, is putting restrictions on voters, limiting early voting, setting criminal charges on county auditors helping Iowa voters...

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Political corruption in Republican Iowa is the rule

Iowa elderly have to wait as younger politicians and the Governor and her husband jump to the head of the line for vaccination from COVID-19.Read More

White Evangelical Christians and their Ancestors

QAnon at the riot

The cult-like conspiracy system and conservative Christianity are influencing one another and creating potentially violent fanatics under the stress of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic fallout.  Both movements are angry and bitter over former president Donald Trump’s election loss —

QAnon at the riot

Many white Christian evangelicals were QAnon followers at the Jan 6 riots shouting for the death of Mike Pence

which they believe was fraudulent. “Older members would ignore Black Lives Matter and instead say we had to focus on sex trafficking,” said Jared Stacy, who led a Southern Baptist church in Virginia until recently moving to Scotland with his family. “It’s like 2020 just exposed so many undercurrents that were already there and growing...

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