CPAC freak show of misfits and traitors

Charlie Dent - IMDb

Charlie Dent

Former Republican congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA) hammered the annual CPAC gathering that took place in Texas this past weekend, bluntly calling the confab a “freak show” that is not representative of mainstream conservatism.1 “This CPAC has always been kind of an odd gathering and now it’s been taken over by a bunch of radicals, anti-vaxxers,” he began. “It’s a land of misfit toys, it’s a political freak show, it’s like the Star Wars bar. This is just bizarre.”

Trump at CPAC 2021 with little hands

When the twice-impeached second-term loser spoke it was a rambling discourse of “pity me”. Trump promised to “defeat the radical left” and “critical race theorists”–his tart rapid racism riveting raw sewage into the mindless  CPAC crowd.2 When a straw poll was held at the convention, Trump easily won their nomination for the presidency,3 after its transphobic bigots hurled verbal transphobic abuse at Caitlyn Jenner who had no platform but diminished the LGBTQ+ community.4 Among the least offensive words, Jenner was called a “sick freak” and repeatedly deadnamed.

CPAC power off in Dallas

Power went off around 4:40 in the afternoon,5 reminding Texas of the power failure in one of the state’s most freezing winters while Texas Senator Ted Cruz was warm in Mexico. The conference proved that Trump still control the Republican Party6  in the same style that Hitler controlled his party in Germany. Nothing was said, but was the god of CPAC and their base of white christian evangelicals god7 the “Chosen One” asleep or just turned away from the white evangelical “christian” racists who made up the bulk of the delegates salivating to hear a coked-up Junior8 to spew more lies for his father, further incriminating the tax dodger and his siblings?9

tRump and god

Only about one-third of all Americans say that tRump’s election was the will  of god. About fifty percent of evangelicals (81 percent of white evangelicals favored tRump, but 19 percent of them did not, and among Black evangelicals there was a decided turn from tRump) believe tRump was anointed by their god. Others were baffled by tRump’s worldliness and conduct that were at odds with core Christian beliefs and values. While Jesus taught humility (Philippians 2:7), Trump is braggadocios10. While Jesus taught us not to covet earthly possessions (Matthew 6:19 μη θησαυριζετε υμιν θησαυρους επι της γης οπου σης και βρωσις αφανιζει και οπου κλεπται διορυσσουσιν και κλεπτουσιν), Trump built his reputation on worldly riches. While Jesus taught his followers to love your enemies (Matthew 5:44  εγω δε λεγω υμιν αγαπατε τους εχθρους υμων ευλογειτε τους καταρωμενους υμας καλως ποιειτε τους μισουντας υμας και προσευχεσθε υπερ των επηρεαζοντων υμας και διωκοντων υμας), Trump tweets vitriol at his opposition.11 Trump finds pleasure and followers when he screams racist insults and attacks people African-Americans,12 Asian-Americans, and all others who accept all as equals.13

Evangelicals for tRump

Pat Robertson, the huckster turned televangelist,14 argued that tRump was god’s plan to return the nation to its christian roots (sic).15


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4 comments to CPAC freak show of misfits and traitors

  • Cesar Cor  says:

    A great article, and well researched as is your nature. Why anybody would vote for the racist Trump, especially Latinos and Blacks whom he vilifies regularly, is beyond me. He is worse than Alberto, Keiko, and Kenji Fujimori, of Peru, raiding the national treeasury even when he is out of office.

  • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

    The Trump Crime Family and the Fujimori Crime Family are nearly identical in robbing the treasury for their own family wants and care nothing about the people. Both families have made themselves identical to the royal family in 18th century France and 20the century Russia: indifference to the needs of the poor and diminishing middle class and depending on the lies of corrupt clergy like Pat Robertson in the USA and Grigori Rasputin in Russia. Both men are ignorant of their religions but used them to milk the gullible. Trump like the Romanovs sent troops to disperse crowds and called for the execution of their enemies: a reality of the Tsar’s army and one enjoined by the perfidious predators known as Proud Bois and Prayer Warriors in Trumps AmeriKKKa.

  • B. Lay  says:

    It’s obvious this article has been thoughtfully considered and well researched. It’s enlightening. Thank you for your perspective.

  • Sami Thompson  says:

    First of all, looking at the photo of Trump being rushed by his adoring fanatics, I’m am genuinely disturbed by the expression on the face of the blonde woman (the one offering up her baby to Trump). Note the look of horror on the baby’s face – that kiddo knows danger is near.

    When I read the photo caption, “CPAC power off in Dallas,” I was actually speechless for several seconds before shouting, “Finally – THE SPELL WORKED!”

    Now that I have my mojo back, I guess I’ll have to start keeping up with the news again. After all, should the rest of my Karmic Payback Incantation be successful, I absolutely do not want to miss it. Below is just one prediction – that is, one cursed event that could happen:

    * A bird will be flying erratically overhead, until it lands right in the middle of his HAIR, where its feet immediately become stuck in that lacquered, dangerous mess. Since this will happen while he’s making yet another speech,Trump won’t want to frighten his gullible supporters. To free the bird, his handlers will either have to cut a few strands of Trump’s hair or remove the bird’s feet. One of his aides whispers, “Don’t worry, sir. We’re not risking your hair. Just give your speech as usual. As soon as you’re finished, we’ll get you in the limo and zoom out of here. THEN the bird is history.” Trump smiles triumphantly and continues his “Pants-On-Fire” speech with a disturbed, struggling bird trapped in his hair, unaware that he’s the funniest thing on TV that day.

    Come on, you can imagine it, can’t you? It’s not even out of character for something like that to happen.

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