There are Fruitcakes who Want to Destroy Democracy

Mercy Culture Church with same passion as at a Hitler rally

The pastor of Mercy Culture Church1 in Fort Worth, Texas has divined that he was charged by his god to warn people to make ready to live in a “bible based society”. The pastor, Landon Schott, had traveled a month after the Jan. 6 insurrection and filmed himself in front of the U.S. Capitol saying quietly, “Father, we declare America is yours.” His rhetoric is as raw as that of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini who had an agenda identical in everyway to Donald Trump and Landon Schotts.

Hitler rally in Germany

After anointing the rioters by proxy the 38-year-old man poured into skinny jeans told his congregation of 1,500 people that Fort Worth was in thrall to four “high ranking demonic forces” and that all of the Chosen One of his god, Donald Trump, was in the grip of “an anti-Christ spirit” but would be saved in another riot of believers.2  The Schotts (Landon and Heather) are all about giving–to them. Landon began preaching in Itarsi, India when he was 14, according to his website. How he got there, and to whom he preached is not given, but a boy preaching Christianity in Hindu India would not have been accepted, so his ministry cannot be verified.3 In this he matches the barbaric words of the blood-lusting Martin Luther who called upon the German nobility to kill all Jews who would not accept his god of vengeance in his tract An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation (To the Christian Nobility of the German [sic] Nation) in which he committed to the laity, as spiritual priest and warriors, the reformation required by God but neglected by the pope and the clergy. This treatise, which has been

On the Jews and Their Lies a book by Martin Luther, 1543

called a “cry from the heart of the people” and a “blast on the war trumpet.” Like Landon, Luther argued that the Spiritual Power was Supreme and over the Temporal Power, and all laws were to be interpret to the Scripture that he translated.4  It was a companion piece to his call for the extermination of all Jews:  Von den Jüden und iren Lügen; in modern spelling Von den Juden und ihren Lügen (On the Jews and Their Lies, written in 1543 in medieval German. Like the pastors of Mercy Culture church, Luther demanded that Jewish synagogues and schools be set on fire, their prayer books and other books destroyed, and those who did  not convert to his aberration have their homes burned, schools, burned, property and money confiscated.5 This was the foundation for Hitler and his Nazis and the pogrom that took over 8 million lives, 6 million being Jews.

Landon and Heather Schott and children

Landon Schott claims that his experience in India when he was 14-years-old was what caused him to dedicate himself to the early Christian Jesus that does not appear in any document before the second century CE. London also has the idea that the only true way to convert to his god is through violence. They see this nation going to war, exactly like the Taliban in Afghanistan, to make  a world in which demons are real, magical miracles can actually happen, there are only two genders, no abortion, Bible-based education, and the church rules everyone’s life. They envision a god who is a man with a penis sitting on a cloud ministered to by preteenage boys who are consulting with Donald Trump.

The Mercy Culture Church, composes primarily of Southern Baptists and disgruntled Pentecostals, is strict propaganda and commercialism. It advertises “spiritual warfare” to advance god’s kingdom by marketing a bright red T-shirt, bumper stickers, flags, podcasts, and even spiritual academies based on the failed Trump University.

Steve Penate Fort Worth, Texas

Faith leaders like Trump’s spiritual adviser Paula White were one of many who organized a nationwide prayer rally ahead of the Jan. 6 attack. They talk about an imminent “heavenly strike” and “a Christian populist uprising.” It brainwashed many of those who attacked the Capitol feel like they were taking over the country for a phantom god. Behind there crazed frustration is Mercy Culture Church in Fort Worth, Texas. supported by Republican Texas state legislators and a 38-year-old White man poured into skinny jeans telling the gullible that “the Lord” told him that 2021 would become the “Year of the Supernatural” when “believers” would rise up to wage a bloody war to destroy unbelief…starting with electing a Guatemalan-American businessman mayor of Fort Worth: Steve Penate who lost in the 2021 general election.6 Fernando Peralta Barrios, a rabid evangelist7 whose screed is for self-ordained pastor Julio Guzmán who has made claims on his Facebook page of healing the sick, curing diseases,8 and other “wonderous  things” (never authenticate by any medical professional or organization) was considered another candidate. He has capture the minds of the young who are most ardent in bringing their god down from the clouds to rule over them and over the unwilling believing as Penate that there is a “misconception when it come to separation of church and state.” Penate declared “If I ever get elected, my only allegiance will be to the Lord.” In his world “teachers would be preachers”9 and the only book would be his bible–identical to the Taliban burning all books but the Koran and forbidding any teaching that is not Koran-based (the same as Penate wanting all education to be bible-based).

Taliban burnings schools and books that are not Koran

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