Facebook has devolved to fascist censorship

Over the last week I have received numerous messages from Facebook that I will not be allowed to tag people if I post anything

Facebooked bans everything I attempt to put on-line when I tag people (7/16/2021)

exposing Christian hypocrisy

Churches ban immunization see the rise of measles and COVID cases in their congregations.

or any media that attacks vaccination for COVID and its Delta variant.

Facebook bans anything that advocates free speech

Hopefully, Liker.com is restored soon. Liker.com has a written policy of not censoring any content dealing with scientific evidence, or opinion  (as is so common with Donald Trump Sr and Jr),

Donald Trump Junior tries to censor

if it is not stated as fact. In the meantime, I am quitting Facebook. If you are offended by what I write, please unfriend me. You do not need to be upset by me, and I do not need you to censor me.

I believe in the First Amendment. All other amendments to the Constitution depend on the First Amendment for validation, and no other amendment is equal to the First Amendment.

First Amendment to the Bill of Rights

The First Amendment guarantees the right to (1) free speech, (2) peaceful assembly, (3) free press, and (4) to petition the government for a redress of grievances. It does not give anyone (including the wanna-be dictator Trump) to call for a coup, or to use any armed force against or in anyway silence peaceful protesters. Those who would destroy the nation as on January 6, 2021, are traitors to the Constitution with their act of domestic terrorism.

Josh Hawley made a clenched-fist salute to the pro-Trump mob before the riot of Jan. 6.

Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was actively encouraging (some newspapers said Hawley was inciting) the domestic terrorists to violence and insurrection that is prohibited by the Constitution1 and incited the mob to violence before the traitors attacked the Capitol building, screaming that they were there to hang Pence and stop the certification of Biden as having won the 2020 election. Hawley’s speech, too, was legal.2 Free speech cannot be limited, even though Donald Trump called on the military to “bust heads” of the protesters. That was nothing new for Donald, as he called for the shooting of racial justice protesters and/or bashing their heads.3  While he, Melania, and Barron hid in a bunker4 (and later denied it). Trump later called for the “the leaker” should be charged with treason and executed for telling the world of the intimidated and fearful  Trump.5 After the protests, Trump threatened to use military force against protesters,6 although the Constitution’s Second Amendment states that all civilians can possess guns to protect themselves … including against the military and police. While many police argue that they are above the law with “qualified immunity”7 protecting police from lawsuits sends a dangerous message about equal justice and leads to other crimes by police such as the wanton murder of George Floyd and the maiming and insane beating by cops in Boston, MA on May 29,2020. Qualified immunity was invented by the Supreme Court, especially as seen in the 1982 decision of Harlow v. Fitzgerald.8 The basic idea of the doctrine is to create an exception to the important civil rights statute known as Section 183.8 That law, whose origins date back to 1871, says that a state or local government official who violates a citizen’s constitutional rights “under color of law” can be sued in federal court and held liable for monetary damages.

“Just shoot them” Trump wanted military to “crack [Black] skulls” of George Floyd protesters

Donald Trump told General Mark Milley to crack skulls after losing the presidency in 202010 on the advice of Sean Hannity.11 Trump’s goal was to overthrow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, become the authoritarian dictator that he dreamed about, and complete his irreparable Divided States of Fascist AmeriKKKa.

Ron Johnson (R-WI) on the riot

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) said the terrorists “were people who love this country, that truly respect the law…unlike Black Lives Matter protesters”12 and there was no violence.13 Ron Johnson does not think he is a racist. But he  hates all members of the Black Lives Matter movement (that he equates as equal to Antifa (Antifascists: who are opposed to kleptocracy and racism)).14

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3 comments to Facebook has devolved to fascist censorship

  • Cesar Cordova  says:

    Excellent article Arthur, I keep reading you…

  • J Besse  says:

    As I have told you, I’m really am trying to pull myself away from so much of this. Not because I do not accept it, but because I’m sick an tired of it. ALL of this is reported by the news media….daily.

    It’s not that I’m “moving on,” or don’t care. It’s just that there is nothing new about it.

    If trump falls over dead and I fail to catch it on the news, that’s different and reason to celebrate. If that happens, please call so I don’t miss out on it.

    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      I fully understand. I hope I live long enough to dance of the twice-impeached, twice-popular-vote loser and wanna be dictator’s grave (or at least piss on it). Trump is the worst president in US history, the only president who wanted to launch a Nazi-style coup and start a nuclear war with Iran to stay in power. https://www.rawstory.com/trump-iran-strike/

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