Worst.President.Ever The Rise of Fascist America

Gen. Milley and America’s “Reichstag moment.”

Gen. Mark Milley’s fears that former president Donald Trump would launch a Nazi-style “coup” to retain his grip on power: he would hold up a Bible (upside down) that he never read and say nothing: it was all for theater. It was a bitter end to tear gassing peaceful protesters, and ejecting praying parishioners from their church–without consulting the rector. Hitler did this, and Trump keeps a copy of Hitler’s letters on his night stand as revealed by his ex-wife Ivana.1 Anne Frank’s stepsister believes that Trump “obviously admired Hitler, referring to claims that Donald studied Hitler’s speeches.2 and used Hitler’s tactic to clear protesters away from where he wanted to go.3

Trump revered Hitler for doing “good things”.

Trump extolled Hitler to those who would listen and praised Hitler as man “who did a lot of good things” to his chief of staff John Kelly during his trip to  Europe.4 Trump said Hitler’s action against workers was a “good thing” since it kept labor under his thumb, and saw unions as bad as they diminished the chasm between rich and poor. Neither tyrant would accept anyone who dared to ridicule them, for when either felt slighted, they sent the troops out to “crack skulls.” Hitler and Trump, both who had a low IQ and insufficient reasoning power, could not tolerate not being worshipped.

Reichstag 1933 fire set by Hitler’s gang to get him into power as absolute leader

After blatantly using the military for a photo op for his failed regime, it is revealed that the twice-impeached, twice-popular-vote-loser, racist-in-Chief, wanna-be-dictator was eager to launch a nuclear attack on Iran.5 This dangerous post-election period, Milley said, was all because of Trump’s ‘Hitler’-like embrace of the ‘Big Lie’ that the election had been stolen from him; Milley feared it was Trump’s ‘Reichstag moment,’ in which, like Adolf Hitler in 1933, he would manufacture a crisis in order to swoop in and rescue the nation from it.6

Trump loyalists see Donald as the USA itself

Trump’s rationale for risking global nuclear war was that “Iran was evil,” according to Trump’s white supremacist Mike Pence who believed it was the responsibility of white “christian” evangelicals to forcibly convert the world to his “god” through his god’s Chosen One: Trump. Trump loyalist and sycophant Mike Pompeo, argued against Trump’s desired genocide by telling Trump it was “was too late” to hit Iran as Trump’s presidency was coming to an end and Biden would be president who would seek peace and a new accord. That spurred Trump to ask his advisers if they were prepared for the upcoming “wild” rally by his supporters on January 6, telling them “It’s gonna be a big deal” and noting it would usher him into another life-time term.

Milley’s nightmare scenario played out anyway: an attack on the US Capital by a pro-Trump mob composed of active military and police from several states with Texas, Florida, and Virginia heavily represented, and white “christian” evangelicals and their pastors7  many of them carrying their bibles8 like weapons that would slaughter the opposition seeking to stop Congress from ratifying Biden’s victory.9

Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church Dallas idolizing Trump.

Trump supporters and his white “christian” evangelicals were eager to use violence in the name of their god to put Trump back in the White House10 even if it cost lives, for they saw themselves as future martyrs who would rise to the throne of their “god” who had made Trump his more perfect-Jesus: not a weak Jesus who meekly accepted the cross. To them, that was an imperfect Christ.

Jesus on Trump “American” flag carried by domestic terrorist on their assault of the Capitol

Some of First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress’ flock were among the  rioters wielding Trump flags, Confederate flags and signs with phrases such as “Jesus Is My Savior, Trump Is My President” stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent rampage that resulted in five deaths. Some rioters were dressed in camo and carrying zip tie cuffs prosecutors said were intended for use in restraining lawmakers. Jeffress, a rabid Southern Baptist preacher of hate who was a student at Baylor [Baptist] University and Dallas Baptist University, and was taught to hate by W. A. Criswell11 a previous pastor at First Baptist Dallas, has nearly said that he thinks Trump is god but he lets his parishioners know that they must never disobey the Chosen One: Trump–although throughout his career he has gone against Jesus regularly, especially when there was money involved.12  A staunch opponent of same-sex marriage and LGBTQ rights, Jeffress has claimed that gay marriage is “counterfeit and has repeatedly targeted homosexuality in his sermons, saying that gay individuals are “filthy”, “degrading … beyond description”, and “so much more prone to disease”. In a 2008 sermon entitled “Gay Is Not OK,” Jeffress misquoted Romans 1:27, saying that “the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another. Males did shameful things with males and thus received in their own persons the due penalty for their perversity.”  He also falsely claims that Jesus condemned gay people.13

White “christian” evangelicals storming the Capitol carrying bibles and weapons.

One rioter caught on video raised a Bible in the air as others around him chanted, “Hang Pence.” Most demanded blood and force conversions.14 Bible study groups were cover for violent militia plans, and the only passages studied dealt with killing.15 For the past four years, evangelical leaders created an “echo chamber” where they blamed all of Trump’s digressions and missteps on the Democratic Party or the mainstream media, said Sarah Posner, an investigative journalist and author of Unholy: Why White Evangelicals Worship at the Altar of Donald Trump.16 The rioters wanted to reshape the nation in the image of Trump, and out of this fantasy-horror the Jericho March was created.

Rioters erected a platform to “Hang Pence” for betraying Trump by certifying Biden’s win

That it was violent is without question. But there was a result mainstream Christianity did not expect. The Jericho March is evidence that Donald Trump has bent elements of American Christianity to his will, and that many Christians have obligingly refashioned the religion of Christianity into the image of Trump.17 Evangelicals and other faith leaders still support Trump.18 White “christian” nationalism19 became the sole goal of many of the domestic terrorist on January 6.20 Contrast the riot with some who spoke out against it.21

Park and Military Police clear Lafayette Park with tear gas and rubber bullets–the same as in Russia and Mainland China–for Trump photo op

Milley had not envisioned it, not exactly—his fears had been largely about street violence, involving running battles between pro-Trump thugs and left-wing opponents that Trump might use as a pretext for demanding martial law. What occurred occurs in Putin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Xi’s Mainland China and other authoritarian dictatorial kleptocracies. The Constitution was almost shredded but the Roberts Court with theocrats (all Pope Pius X Roman Catholics) Roberts, Thomas, Alioto, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and the unqualified Barrett, freedom will certainly be on the chopping block to be picked over by the upper 1%.

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