HuffPost, Facebook, and NSA bring Big Brother to the Police State of the USA

Tradition, as defined by nearly every dictionary, is “The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.” While most traditions appear to be harmless, they are usually the buttresses to bulk up and maintain separation and alienation of people. To this end ghettos, from the early Middle Ages through the terrorism of NAZI Germany and now impregnated throughout the world is the bulwark of evil, racial and gender discrimination from 401 to the present, to religious persecution of non-Christians with Constantine I’s founding of his “catholic (universal) “,1 and forced those who did not convert to Christianity to pay for the building of his new capital city,2 to the attack by Romans on Christians and Christians on Romans,3 etc. show the length of what people will do to gain and retain power.  It is furthered by Facebook and its serfs: HuffPost, and others social media that requires members to sign up for Facebook that is an unofficial arm of the NSA.

<i>Megyn Kelly of Fox News</i>

Megyn Kelly of Fox News

Fantasies, from Megyn Kelly’s barking that Jesus and Santa Claus were historically white on Fox News,4  to the “Christmas tree”  that can be traced backward in time only to the mid-sixteenth century5 is claimed as fact (even though it was a symbol in ancient Egypt of the victory of life over death, by Romans who decorated it in honor of the great god Saturnalia, and British Druids who used it to celebrate the birth of a new god each year,6 and supported by traditions by various pundits and pseudo journalists. This has become the cause célèbre of towns who demand that carols, especially with the “Little Town of Bethlehem” used in the carol “Silent Night” popularized by carols,7  yet neither the Gospel of Mark (on which all other surviving gospels are based) nor John, mention Bethlehem but refer to Jesus as being from Nazareth,8 are left unchanged and continue their lack of historicity in contemporary public settings. None of this is true. To cite scripture is equally false as the source for the current Bible is from the end of the fourth century as commissioned by the Emperor Constantine I of Eusebius of Caesarea9 (located mid-way, approximately 45 km, between Tel Aviv and Haifa), who consulted both the existing copies of Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus that do not include major massages found in later bibles. Anything can be changed to meet the demands of the audience—as was the Bible from 380 CE to the present with Conservapedia’s Andy Schlafly (his mother is Phyllis Schlafly who campaigned against the Equal Rights Amendment, and argues against women working—even though she has a degree in law and works), asking for help in making the King James Version (KJV) more conservative.10 Conservapedia demands that its editors take a distinctly pro-capitalism and anti-liberal interpretation: “source of translation error requires conservative principles to reduce and eliminate”11 liberal biases.  Schlafly, the Conservapedia, laments that “The committee in charge of updating the bestselling version, the NIV (New International Version), is dominated by professors and higher-educated participants who can be expected to be liberal and feminist in outlook. As a result, the revision and replacement of the NIV will be influenced more by political correctness and other liberal distortions than by genuine examination of the oldest manuscripts. As a result of these political influences, it becomes desirable to develop a conservative translation that can serve, at a minimum, as a bulwark against the liberal manipulation of meaning in future versions”.12

<i>NSA paid Norway to spy on Russia</i>

NSA paid Norway spy on Russia

Professional provocateurs push past all boundaries of decency deny access based on a single identification source creates a police state that is everywhere, disguised and undisguised, and is equal to plutocracies and political pornocracies from Uganda and its nefarious Internal Security Organisation (ISO) that is used against its own citizens if they live with or love someone who Rebecca Kadaga, Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament finds offensive.

<i>Pope Benedict XVI blesses Uganda's Rebecca "Kill The Gays" Kadaga</i>

Pope Benedict XVI blesses Uganda’s Rebecca “Kill The Gays” Kadaga

In the case of the ISO of Uganda, it follows orders from Rebecca Kadaga and has surveillance on all those who are considered offenders of morality (LGBT).  Kadaga, who flaunts Pope Benedict XVI’s blessing, has introduced legislation to imprison or even execute those who do not follow her coiled concept of righteous living and listen only to the radio stations and visit internet sites she approves.13

<i>Africa a big user of Facebook</i>

Africa a big user of Facebook

Facebook is worldwide, and growing in Africa. It is used both for and against Human Rights, with an exceptional time removing anti-hate and anti-Human Rights messages. The number of messages expressing fervent rejection of basic civil liberties multiply as the number of users rise among the poorly educated and those who are indoctrinated by radical evangelical extremists from the USA, such as Scott Lively of Massachusetts who openly fund pending legislation limiting freedom and calling for the death of those who do not fit the base theology of the gospels, but cater to bad translations of the writings ascribed to Paul (Saul of Tarsus) that continues to press down people with the blessing of the Vatican.

<i>First black candidate for pope: Ghana's Cardinal Peter Turkson</i>

First black candidate for pope: Ghana’s Cardinal Peter Turkson

An increasing number of users of Facebook come from the illiterates living in gutters and feeding on sewage while listening to evangelical extremists from the USA, such as Massachusett’s self-proclaimed preacher Scott Lively. Like most ministers, Lively has no biblical studies and is ignorant of all ancient languages, but justifies his crusade for bloodshed throughout Uganda and Nigeria set into the stone tables of bad translations of ancient scripture that do not justify his attacks on human rights or civil liberties.

<i>Emperor Jovian orders burning of Library of Antioch for possessing pagan (ancient) scrolls.</.>

Emperor Jovian orders burning of Library of Antioch for possessing pagan (ancient) scrolls.

This same ignorance sits in the Speaker of Parliament’s chair who claims that she is a Christian (in the mode of Constantine I and the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE that burned innumerable books, gospels, and letters that the emperor did not agree with or was urged to incinerate by warrior bishops who attacked non-believers in one of the early communities bloodiest wars to push their agenda through at the expense of open debate.) Rebecca Kadaga is a Biblical illiterate, knows no ancient language or familiar with an ancient textm but follows Paulinity in its most absurd translations and actions as with the Emperor Jovan.

<i>Nigeria's Facebook growth--users are carefully monitored for "incorrect behavior/"</i>

Nigeria’s Facebook growth–users are carefully monitored for “incorrect behavior/”

The tight-fisted social control in Uganda is matched by Nigeria’s National Intelligence Agency (NIA) that spies on its own people (and like Uganda has more laws to suppress human rights than the most nations) as well as the rest of the world in cooperation with the NSA of the USA while divided between Biblical and Islamic (Sharia) laws to enforce theocratic rule on a subject people, to Russia and its Main Intelligence Directorate known as Главное разведывательное управление or GRU (or Glavnoye Razvedyvatel’noye Upravleniye), and the USA and its National Security Agency (NSA) that draws part of its information from Facebook.14  Facebook admitted it uses personal information at will 15 and argues on its website that by joining Facebook, Facebook has the right to use private information (profile and photos, etc.). Facebook wants to “make it clear that you are granting Facebook permission for this use when you use our services.”16 Facebook, like the NSA, snoops in every nation including USA-friendly governments: Germany17

This cretin case is as critical and created in France18 with the French government frequently helping NSA spy on French citizens.19 The French government’s misuse of its people’s trust and invasion of their private lives not only match the misrule of past tyrants but is in a manner equal to that of Spain.20

This had unique ramifications in the United Kingdom, where NSA not only spied on members of Parliament, the Queen and her household, but on everyday common citizens with the blessing of the government of Tony Blair and his successors but the heads of all government agencies in the United Kingdom,21 paying the British spy system, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), that claims to be the “brains” of world spying, more than $151 million of USA taxpayer money22 NSA spied on millions of Italian citizens23 including on the entire Italian government with the aid of the British spooks24, at the same times these super sleuths of espionage were spying on Turkey and Japan.25

Latin America was a prime target for the thugs at NSA, especially fixated on Brazil.26 Brazil had the strength of courage to retaliate against the USA by rejecting a Boeing aircraft bid for 36 jets. NSA arrogance cost the USA aircraft giant $4.5 billion–buying from SAAB instead.

<i>Edward Snowden a hero in Brazil. Signs read</i> "(President) Dilma, welcome Snowden."

Edward Snowden a hero in Brazil. Signs read “(President) Dilma, welcome Snowden.”

The lethal NSA espionage included the monitoring of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s cellphone and hacking into the internal network of state-run oil company Petrobras, as well as common citizens in major cities in Brazil.27

Even Perú, one of the poorest nations in Latin America with the world’s worst education record, was targeted by USA imperialists who rifled in on Ollanta Humala. Humala was  specifically targeted and watched in an effort to derail Latin America’s expansion into the world of energy producing nations.28

NSA bought Norwegians to spy on Russia.29 This artful dodge made the parasite Putin envious of the Mephistophelean program of NSA.30

It was quickly known that there was not a single country on this planet that was safe from the greedy hand of the government of the USA. The USA government had long been known to be the slave of its captains of industry from the Koch Brothers who try to silence their critics or buy them out, to the sinister self-serving Bain Capital and Mitt Romney who dodge taxes with off-shore accounts, to the trettorias Tea Party that trumpeted its twisted goal to cannibalize democracy for the few.31

NSA spied on vaticanNot just nations and their leaders were targeted by most vile invention of USA’s government, but, so too, were cities. NSA  even spied on the Pope and the Vatican–especially during the conclave that elected the Argentina primate pope as Francis I (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, December 17, 1936).32  The National Security Agency of the USA listened to 46 million phone calls made from and received in Italy from December 10, 2012, to January 8, 2013. This included listening to privileged conversations in and out of the Vatican to determine the Vatican’s leadership intentions, threats to the USA faltering financial system, foreign policy objectives and human rights that could affect business interests in the USA.33 The treacherous turpid ill-conceived viperous NSA cast its twisted tarnished tentacles throughout the Internet, making the USA the most hated nation on the planet.

NSA’s reprehensible tactics are seen from all quarters of the globe in the most diminutive to the most diabolical ways that have become adaptively fashionable on Facebook and other social media whose primary goal is revenue enhancement at the expense of their clientele. Such beastly barbaric pandering is common now, especially with popular entities that people do not realize the threat they pose to their own individuality, identity, or prosperity. The passel of doctrinaires require total access to individual information that can be bought, sold, or eavesdropped upon by nations, employers.  News media, such as HuffPost, requires all people to be registered with Facebook: a social media that not only invades personal privacy but sells information the highest bidder, leading to more than 500 major world figures to petition the United Nations that democratic rights must apply in virtual as in real space.34 HuffPost loses increasing numbers of would-be subscribers because of the authoritarian diktat demanding Facebook membership–a confederacy they do not want to be a part of for various reasons, as those who reject Facebook membership do so because Facebook is not a useful tool: it’s an electronic mechanical window to learn things about people that are usually no one’s business, a place for spite and hate and attacks against others who are weaker and more easily bullied into committing suicide, and a breeding ground for drama.

<i>Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room</i>

Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dormitory room

Facebook has made its creator a multi-billionaire, CEO Mark Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984). Zuckerberg has frequently been compared to Big Brother of the famed novel 1984, and lives off the advertising revenue generated by sales of personal information from Facebook that now has a membership of more than one billion people worldwide–and Zuckerberg makes no pretense of charity but flatly states he wants everyone on this planet to be on Facebook. Neither Zuckerberg nor Facebook has a problem with invading personal lives, and has been sued by many courts.35 Today the crimes of Facebook and its billionaire founder are multiplied by the draconian and odious opportunists at HuffPost that have made the system selective secretive and user-unfriendly unless every knee bows before it and proclaims it to be the messianic fulfillment of the dream of a few.

In the past, the Huffington Post, allowed anyone to comment on any article.  I had a complaint with that because many “anonymous” responders used pseudonyms when they wanted to post hate messages or write off-topic and argued that people should use their real names and photographs of themselves to show readers that they are not ashamed of what they write.  I had complained that the Huffington Post (now HuffPost) should require writers to use their real names, or at least a real initial and the real surname. While I doubt that my few letters were the cause in the change of policy requiring real names, the staff at the new HuffPost made it mandatory for all users to be members of Facebook “for verification”—thereby removing any protection for the individual as Facebook continues to have legal challenges and escalating problems from leaking source codes to tracking illegally. It was noted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “Facebook announced a plan to transform most of the bits in your profile (including your hometown, education, work, activities, interests, and more) into connections, which are public information.“36 Facebook defended its use by writing on its website: “Keep in mind that Facebook Pages you connect to are public. You can control which friends are able to see connections listed on your profile, but you may still show up on Pages you’re connected to.” Likewise, “While you do have the option to hide your Friend List from being visible on your profile, it will be available to applications you use and websites you connect with using Facebook.” Because Facebook deems this information “public,” it reserves the right to share that information with its business partners and third party websites, regardless of your visibility settings.”37

<i>Facebook administrator apologized for posting a dating website ad that used a picture of a teenage girl who took her life</i>

Facebook administrator apologized for posting a dating website ad that used a picture of a teenage girl who took her life

Many of those who committed suicide were active on Facebook: ridiculed, bullied, attacked physically and verbally, and made to feel unwelcome.  Facebook does nothing to control, contain, or suspend the accounts of bullies, even when bullying is brought to its attention by the individuals bullied or their parents.

<i>Bullying mixed race couple on Facebook</i>

Bullying mixed race couple on Facebook

Suicides are always a last resort when the weight of being bullied, especially in cyberspace,  where to appears no safe haven.  Bullying has a significant presence on Facebook but is rapidly on the rise on other social media sites.

<i>British teacher Lita Broadhurst, age 48, said goodbye to her two sons on Facebook before leaping to her death in Almeria.</i>

British teacher Lita Broadhurst, age 48, said goodbye to her two sons on Facebook before leaping to her death in Almeria.

Most of those who take their lives, who do use Facebook, are under the age of 19, as I have detailed and authenticated with citations on other blogs on this site. It is not just the young, however, as even parents on Facebook who felt their children drifting away from them because of Facebook felt compelled to end their own existence.  Facebook occupies more time and attention of children than they afford their siblings or parents.  Many spend as much as eight hours a day on the social network, and for many, their grades decline proportionately.

<i>Author and mega-church pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, have been pushing Christians on social issues for the last decade, alienating many, even his own 27-year-old son Matthew.</i>

Author and mega-church pastor Rick Warren and his wife, Kay, have been pushing Christians on social issues for the last decade, alienating many, even his own 27-year-old son Matthew.

Among the most recent was Matthew Warren, the 27-year-old son of hate-mongering pastor Rick Warren whose main target, like that of Scott Lively, has been the LGBT community. Matthew claimed he had been depressed through most of his life, always in the shadow of his famous father who ranted against nearly everything.

George Orwell’s greatest dystopian nightmare is true day on Facebook and those who serve it, such as HuffPost.38 Rather than condemn the NSA, Zuckerberg attacked the government, claiming that it “blew it” by discussing the NSA and its clandestine activities.39 Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook had received 11,000 to 12,000 requests in the first half of 2013 for private data from Facebook users. On June 14, 2013, this figure was revised upward to 18,000 and 19,000 accounts. Facebook complied with 79% of the requests, and was determined that the entire world would use Facebook–by making it impossible for any online network to survive without Facebook. This brought in HuffPost and Yahoo as additional subservient satrapies rejecting all other social messaging groups such as Disqus, so that Zuckerberg would reign over in quest of control of the planet,40 where the global growth of such devious giants as Google and Facebook is threatened due to the patriotism of Edward Snowden who was able to expose the illegal, immoral and unethical activities of the NSA and its contributors.41 Snowden didn’t dupe coworkers into handing over their passwords, as one report has claimed.42 Nor did Snowden fabricate SSH keys to gain unauthorized access.43 It was given to him.

Facebook has become an unofficial arm of the National Security Agency (NSA). Facebook willingly provided information to the government of the USA, except with regard to private, unopened inbox messages less than 181 days old, which require a warrant and a finding of probable cause under federal law.44  It is not just a national (USA) problem, but is international in scope. Facebook is nothing less than organized international spying.45

<i>Original complaint over Scammy Zynga noting Facebook</i>

Original complaint over Scammy Zynga noting Facebook

Today, nations, organizations, and schools are righteously blocking Facebook. Facebook promotes the sharing of personal information for marketing purposes, and to generate revenues for Facebook and companies that require it for verification of identities such as the pathetic HuffPost. Class action lawsuits have been launched against Facebook and those to whom it sold private information.46  The crimes of scamming and misusing information from Facebook have been openly admitted to by CEO Mark Pincus47 who stated: “I did every horrible thing in the book just to get revenues.” Others to various degrees have admitted to the same ruse, limiting access or stealing identities, and so forth.  Facebook is also sells ad to marketers who resort to tactics like using stolen pictures of apparent under-aged girls to promote their products.48  Now, the once-respected HuffPost must be questioned about its illegal activities and actions as Big Brother demanding that all users join Facebook.

<i>Arianna Huffington 2012,</i> photo by David Shankbone.

Arianna Huffington 2012, photo by David Shankbone.

Arianna Huffington (née Stassinopoulou; born Αριάννα Στασινοπούλου; July 15, 1950) was the original founder of Huffington Post, but later sold it to AOL.  She was made the president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, and is directly responsible for the actions of her subordinates.

Huffington, Zuckerberg, Pincus, and others, must be investigated for funneling business to Facebook.  If the link is established all should face prison terms.

Huffington’s political beliefs are bellwether between liberal and conservative. Arianna has a fascinating history of plagiarism lawsuits, which she settled out of court without revealing the amounts she paid.49

While the Huffington Post has been described as “muckraking journalism,” HuffPost is closer to Big Brother of 1984. Huffington does not listen carefully, and asks the most inane questions, as the New Yorker reported when Arianna had to question her old friend Mort Zuckerman what JDate meant at a private party (it is the name of the most popular online Jewish dating community:50 Jewish Dating).51 JDate is for “nice” or wealthy Jewish men who treat women well; take-charge, independent Jewish women who hold onto tradition.52 Huffington became a citizen of the USA in 1990, divorced her Republican Michael Huffington in 1997, who disclosed his bisexuality in 1998. Huffington is the primary author of several books, the most important giving her bona fides as a writer being one tilting to equal justice: Third World America.53 Realizing that the world is becoming increasingly impoverished, that it is being separated into distinct castes, Huffington has tried to stem the assault on people by the upper two percent, but her HuffPost directs its attack against those who want privacy and will not join Facebook.  

There are numerous ways to determine the authenticity of a writer:

(1) ask the person for some form of identification such as

(a) a copy of a drivers license (the number can be blacked out with Photoshop),

(b) a copy of a birth certificate, or

(c) other documentation,

(2) telephoning the individual,

(3) offering a range of options, does the writer have:

(a) a web blog that contains the name of the writer

(b) a photographic likeness on a school identification card, or

(c) an attestation form issued by a local governing body,

(d) and so forth.

All of these I tried, and all were rebuffed. I have had a Huffington Post account for years, and left numerous commentaries and references., at Huffington Post’s invitation.

<i>HuffPost's invitation to read an article</i>

HuffPost’s invitation to read an article

I went to the linked site, read the article (that was exceptionally good and showed Professor Blumenfeld’s usual high quality of thoroughness, and began a response. That was requested:

<I>huffPost request to start a conversation</i>

huffPost request to start a conversation

Although a long-time user, I received this message, despite my photograph and record of regular use and response:

<i>Facebook required by HuffPost</i>

Facebook required by HuffPost

My rejection of Facebook is because of the numerous scandals Facebook is involved in. Suicides, physical and verbal attacks are commonplace.

<i>Two Florida teens have-been arrested and charged with felony aggravated stalking in correlation with the suicide of 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick.</i>

Two Florida teens have-been arrested and charged with felony aggravated stalking in correlation with the suicide of 12 year old Rebecca Sedwick.

Here are the faces of the bullies (12-year-old Katelyn Roman and 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw) who caused the suicide of Rebecca Sedwick. In keeping with HuffPost’s alleged dicta for full transparency, this is required–and I approve it. Age is irrelevant when it comes to a crime or a criminal.

<i>12 year old Katelyn Roman and 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw bullied Rebecca Sedgwick.</i>

12 year old Katelyn Roman and 14 year old Guadalupe Shaw bullied Rebecca Sedgwick.

HuffPost declared that all users had to be on Facebook. That is Big Brother’s doublespeak and mind-control. International users are threatened regularly by Facebook, or feel shunned if they are not “Friend”(ed) by others on the social media site, with many committing suicide as a result of this policy and program that brings Zuckerberg millions in revenue.

<i>Surveyed 1865 Facebook users to get information</i>

Surveyed 1865 Facebook users to get information

HuffPost has taken its readership one step closer to an authoritarian Police State; 1984 is here:

<i>HuffPost final response</i>

HuffPost final response

Facebook not only knows what a “member” publishes on the social network, it also knows what is typed but not published. Facebook is now working to know why whatever was typed was not published as it works to control all human thought and action.54 HuffPost is not far behind. What little personal freedom exists in the USA will be erased within a short time if membership grows on Facebook and those who want to comment on HuffPost are bowed to using Facebook for authentication.55

<i>Screen Shot 2013 11 11 at 10.06.30 AM</i>

Screen Shot 2013 11 11 at 10.06.30 AM

End Notes

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