Israeli terrorist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: "Goyim were born only to serve us Jews." 2010

According to the 90-year-old racist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef (born Abdullah Youssef (Hebrew: עובדיה יוסף) on September 23 1920, Basra, Iraq and now living in Jerusalem is a Mizrahi Haredi rabbi), the head of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages and a senior Sephardi adjudicator, the sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews.  He argues for slavery, and continues the ancient and absurd idea that there is a “special race” and a “chosen people” (or the Tanakh) and then does not appear until Deuteronomy 7:6–mythologies that have been current since the beginning of time by every people on this water planet who claim a personal relationship with various gods (the Hebrew “god” is actually both singular and plural: אֱלהִים and is pronounced as elohim, both as a verb and an adjective; the early Israelites were not monotheistic (this does not appear until “Moses”–and even then it was not a truly monotheistic ontology).

Arabia-Gog (Europe)-Magog (Eastern Europe) battle over Canaan

Yosef, in keeping with the absurdity and strained mistranslations and erroneous interpretations of the Torah, common among the Ultra-Orthodox cult that argues that it is a part the Jewish faith, declares that the “Jewish people” are somehow unique.  Following fantasies centuries old, Yosef chimes that Jews were created and commissioned by some deity to reign supreme over others, ignoring the reality that the Habiru/Apiru/Hebrews were mercenaries in Assyrian armies.  In this Yosef follows Akkadian and Hittite fantasies, plagiarizing their theologies to support his own terrorism and goals

Luther's book "On the Jews and their Lies" printed in 1543

of enslave non-Jews.  Yosef’s sermon on Gentiles serving no purpose but to labor for Jews matches Luther’s Von den Jüden und jren Lügen.  In Luther’s Von den Jüden und jren Lügen, the mentally sterlized protestant of what would become East Germany wrote that the Jews were a “base, whoring people, that is, no people of God, and their boast of lineage, circumcision, and law must be accounted as filth”.  The future leader of religious witch hunts in Wittenberg wrote that the Jews are “full of the devil’s feces … which they wallow in like swine” (Luther, Martin.  Werke. Erlangen 1854, 32:282, 298, 4:286 and 5:406).  In Luther’s eyes, and his thoughts quickly flooding pages with withering attacks on the Jews, claimed that the Jewish houses of worship, known as synagogues are an “incorrigible whore and an evil slut”.  From 1520 CE onward, Luther urged the German nobles to act, as he did in his An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation. Months later in 1543, Martin Luther in another fit of anti-Semiticism wrote Vom Schem Hamphoras  und vom Geschlecht Christi (Of the Unknowable Name and the Generations of Christ)’, in which he equated Jews with the mythological Devil:

Judensau on the Wittenberg Church, built 1300-1470. The imagery of Jews in contact with pigs or representing the devil was common in Germany.

“Here in Wittenburg, in our parish church, there is a sow carved into the stone under which lie young pigs and Jews who are sucking; behind the sow stands a rabbi who is lifting up the right leg of the sow, raises behind the sow, bows down and looks with great effort into the Talmud under the sow, as if he wanted to read and see something most difficult and exceptional; no doubt they gained their Shem Hamphoras from that place.”

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

According to the online magazine, Jewish World, The theological terrorist declared, “gentiles” exist only to “serve” them being less fit and less worthy than an Orthodox Jew.  The full text of the rabbi’s sermon reads:

“Goyim [non-Jews/Gentiles] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel,” he said in his weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.

According to Yosef, the lives of non-Jews in Israel are safeguarded by divinity, to prevent losses to Jews:

“In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. [cp. Martin Luther’s comparison in Werk 53:489].

This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said. [cp. Hitler, Adolf. Mein Kampf, vol. 1, chap. 11)

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi [noble or lord; from the Arabic: أفندي and is Turkish in origin in the early seventeenth century, coming from ancient Assyria and the Akkadian who had Habiru as mercenaries in the Egyptian

Thothmes II campaign of 1479 BCE where Assyrians use Habiru mercenaries in the battle of Armageddon

courts of dynastic pharaohs; it is also found in Persia culture as آفندی but is a corruption of the ancient Greek αὐθέντης that primarily means “murderer, perpetrator”, and connotes a person who will feed off another until the person doing the labor becomes worthless; this is the foundation of Adolf Hitler’s pogrom.  Yosef is telling Ultra-Orthodox that if they initiate the same tactics as Hitler did on the Jewish communities in Europe it would be the judgment of his god “for the enrichment of the Jews”.  There were no historical Jews, however, until after Deuteronomy 5:1-3.  Prior to that time the people of Abraham were known as Israelites] and eat.

That is why gentiles were created,” he added. [Gentile is not a Hebrew word; the closest that comes to it is goy גוי ) for “people”.  The word does not appear in the world’s lexicons until after 325 CE, when the Emperor Constantine establish his catholic {universal} church. It appears as ἔθνη (éthnē) in the New Testament (Acts 10:34-47) and that reflects ethenicity: or “nations”.  Yosef’s linguistic fluency is submarginal in this area, and as a philologist and linguist I would not rank this rabbi above the second grade primary.] 

Yosef is openly launching a cultural war against all who are not Ultra-Orthodox Jews and he has sought to gain equality or even superiority for Sephardi religious interpretations at the expense of what little democracy exists in Israel, claiming to be a “spiritual descendent” of Moses ben Maimon (Maimonides, 1135-1204) (Encyclopaedia Judaica,  vol. 2, pp. 600-604).  A misogynist and gynephobic xenophobic mortal will illusions of grandeur, Yosef’s unflattering remarks about Palestinians and Arabs, as well as statements that those killed in the Holocaust were atoning for sins from previous lives, have set off public outcries of rage, but brought favorable nods and gifts from those he favors (see Ma’ariv, March 19, 2000, Yedioth  Ahranoth, March 19, 2000, Ha’aretz , March 28, 2000 and Jerusalem Report).  

In February 1999, Rabbi Yosef declared that the justices of Israel’s Supreme Court were bo`alei nidot (literally: “they are all [men who] have intercourse with menstruating women” that is forbidden in the Torah (Cited in Ma’ariv, March 19, 2000).  Yosef has heaped scorn on secular women who “do not practice [ritual] purification” and therefore give birth to “sons born of uncleanness.”  In 1997, the rabbi came out more strongly against females, and sermonized that “A man must not walk between two women or between two asses or between two camels. Why? Because women aren’t concerned with the Torah and whoever walks near them will be like them” a statement that led some hostile opponents to argue that he was a closeted homosexual.  The secular public was outraged not at those who suggested that he was most likely homosexual, but that he was casting aspersions on women (Cited in Jerusalem Report). In 2009, Yosef, during his weekly sermon, lashed out against ‘stupid women who come to Western Wall, don a prayer shawl, and pray‘ even though the High Court of Israel ruled that women have the same rights as men, leading Yosef to attack the high court again.  Yosef claims that women want equality–but that is not the goal of heaven; more in keeping with Islam, Yosef sees women as mindless, clueless, and stupid, in constant need of male supervision and being kept in the house. 

Women at the Western Wall in Jerusalem seen as a provocation

Women seeking to pray and to call on their god for help and to be moved in spirit as they were deep in private prayer and worship at the Western Wall were condemned by the Rabbi of the Wall as inciting a provocation, disabling men from concentrating on their prayers.

Yosef’s ramblings reel of the wretched in ancient Magog–an Asian wilderness from which the Habiru (Hebrews) came in their passage through India and ultimately to illegally invade Palestine and steal the lands of Canaan that were ruled by a matriarch giving cause for priests to elevate patriarchy by marrying their tribal agricultural god YHWH to the Canaanite Venus known as Asherah. Yosef’s knowledge of Torah, the Hebrew Bible and history is appallingly minimal.

Martin Luther: Vom Schem Hamphoras (Wittenberg)

Martin Luther had similar sentiments to Yosef. Yosef may easily have read this treatise as Yosef’s message parrots that of Luther.

Shortly before his death on February 18, 1546 Luther preached four sermons in Eisleben.  In his second to last sermon the former Augustinian monk appended, while comforted by his one-time Roman Catholic nun wife Katherine von Bora,what he called his “final warning” against the Jews.  Like Yosef, Martin Luther told the German  authorities that they could expel the Jews from their lands should do so if they would not convert to Christianity.  Those who refused to convert to Christianity, and by nature work for Christians, Luther warned that authorities who tolerated Jews made themselves “partners in another’s sins” (Weimar Ausgabe 51:194-196; J.G. Walch, Dr. Martin Luthers Sämmtliche Schriften, 23 vols. (St. Louis, MO, USA: Concordia, 1883), 3:350 and 371, 12:1264-1267).  As Luther roared from the pulpit:

They are our public enemies. They do not stop blaspheming our Lord Christ, calling the Virgin Mary a whore, Christ, a bastard, and us changelings or “meal calves” (Mahlkälber). If they could kill us all, they would gladly do it. They do it often, especially those who pose as physcians—though sometimes they help—for the devil helps to finish it in the end. They can also practice medicine as in French Switzerland. They administer poison to someone from which he could die in an hour, a month, a year, ten or twenty years. They are able to practice this art.

The Saxon Luther’s words inspired the German nobles to act, swiftly.  In 1543 Luther’s champion and Prince, John Frederick I, Elector of Saxony, revoked some of the concessions he gave to Josel of Rosheim in 1539.  Johann of Küstrin, Margrave of Neumark, repealed the safe-conduct of Jews in his territories. Philip of Hesse added restrictions to his Order Concerning the Jews, while the public began to shun the Jews and curse them when near them.  By 1580, German cities and states began to expel the Jews, or arrest and have

Expulsion of the Jews from Frankfurt on 23 August 1614: "1380 persons old and young were counted at the exit of the gate"

them publicly executed before jubilant crowds.  In 1614 Vincent Fettmilch, who called himself the “new Haman of the Jews”, leads a raid on Frankfurt synagogue that turned into an attack which destroyed the whole community. In 1619, riots in Frankfurt saw the deaths of 3,000 Jews and the expulsion of the rest, as princes and margraves and other rulers declared that the sole reason for the existence of the Jews was to work for Gentiles (Lutherans and Calvinists).  The intolerance of Martin Luther and his Germans match identically the intolerance of Israel’s chief terrorist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Luther’s intolerance of the Jews budded a second time in the twentieth century when Germans from 1930 to 1945 began to reissue Luther’s hate propaganda, and write new tracts against the Jews, using the same words, the same phrases as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.  In nearly ever case, the new anti-Semitic pamphlets justified their publication and distribution by referring to Martin Luther–a stranglehold on religion that bore bitter fruit in the USA with the establishment of the hate-filled Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) that believes creation is a historical event as detailed in the Bible, that women have no power or authority in the church, and that the Bible is the only source of knowing god, and included Martin Luther’s attack on the papacy as “the great whore”.  In 1914, the leaders of the German (Lutheran) clergy wrote a bloodthirsty pamphlet which they entitled: “To the evangelical Christians abroad” urging everyone to work to eradicate the “Jewish problem”.  While most Protestants rejected the letter, WELS did not.

Martin Luther was extremely disgusted with and vilified the Jews, as he wrote in his tract Von den Jüden und jren Lügen:

He did not call them Abraham’s children, but a “brood of vipers” [Matthew 3:7]. Oh, that was too insulting for the noble blood and race of Israel, and they declared, “He has a demon’ [Matthew 11:18]. Our Lord also calls them a “brood of vipers”; furthermore in John 8 [:39,44] he states: “If you were Abraham’s children ye would do what Abraham did…. You are of your father the devil. It was intolerable to them to hear that they were not Abraham’s but the devil’s children, nor can they bear to hear this today.

The idea that Jesus of the New Testament was a man of peace is as untrue (cf. Matthew 10:34) as the claim that he loved all people.  Luther matched this schizophrenia in his writings, equaling the vitriol of Yosef when he commented on the Jews:

“Learn from this, dear Christian, what you are doing if you permit the blind Jews to mislead you. Then the saying will truly apply, “When a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into the pit” [cf. Luke 6:39]. You cannot learn anything from them except how to misunderstand the divine commandments…” 

A further demonstration that Luther had no love for Jews can be found in his commentaries.  He wrote, giving Christians advice contemporary with the time: “The Jews deserve to be hanged on gallows seven times higher than ordinary thieves” (W53, 502).

Luther’s 1543 pamphlet On the Jews and Their Lies was a “blueprint” for the Kristallnacht (MacCulloch, Diarmaid (2004). Reformation: Europe’s House Divided, 1490-1700. New York, NY, USA: Penguin Books Ltd, pp. 666-667), as Yosef’s sermons are the plan to enslave Gentiles as the Orthodox rabbis of New York City have denied women equal rights on bus B110.  Bishop Martin Sasse, a leading Protestant churchman, published a compendium of Martin Luther’s writings, and urged the German people to salute Hitler and vow allegiance, while warning the German people that they ought to heed these words “of the greatest anti-Semite of his time, the warner of his people against the Jews”: Martin Luther (Bernd Nellessen, “Die schweigende Kirche: Katholiken und  Judenverfolgung,” in Büttner, Ursula (ed), Die Deutschen und die Judenverfolgung im Dritten Reich, Hamburg : Christians, c1992, p. 265). Much of the problem is centered on Luther’s obsessive reliance on the writings of “St. Paul” (whom I will discuss later).

Martin Luther with an inset of Adolf Hitler. Hitler frequently praised Luther.

Adolf Hitler followed Martin Luther rigorously, rigidly, and religiously as the source for his pogroms and murder of Jews. Nearly four hundred years after Luther’s Von den Jüden und jren  Lügen was written, the National Socialists (NAZIs, it is an acronym for Nationalsozialist, and found currency in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf vol. 2 as the name for his political party: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) – the National Socialist German Workers’ Party of Adolf Hitler; it is not a word) displayed On the Jews and Their Lies during Nuremberg rallies, and the city of Nuremberg presented a first edition to Julius Streicher, editor of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer.  Streicher, in the newspaper described Von den Jüden und jren Lügen as the most radically antisemitic tract ever published and hailed it as a blueprint for god’s destruction of the Jews by the hand of Hitler (Ellis, Marc H. (2004). “Hitler and the Holocaust, Christian Anti-Semitism”, Baylor University Center for American and Jewish Studies, Spring, slide 14; cp. Nuremberg Trial Proceedings, Vol. 12, p. 318, Avalon Project, Yale Law School, April 19, 1946).  Luther is credited with “Germanizing the Christian critique of Judaism and establishing anti-Semitism as a key element of German culture and national identity” (Berger, Ronald (2002). Fathoming the Holocaust: A Social Problems Approach.  New York, NY, USA: Aldine De Gruyter, p. 28).  American historian Lucy Dawidowicz, in her The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945, writes that both Luther and Hitler were obsessed by the “demonologized universe” inhabited by Jews, with Hitler asserting that the later Luther, the author of On the Jews and Their Lies was the real Luther and most documents justify this conclusion (Dawidowicz, Lucy S. (1986). The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945. First published 1975: New York, NY, USA : Holt, Rinehart and Winston; this Bantam edition 1986: Toronto, ONT, Can. and New York, NY, USA: Bantam Books, p.23).  Adolf Hitler, in his autobiography Mein Kampf (vol. 1, chap 8), Hitler referred to Martin Luther as a great warrior, a true statesmen, and a great reformer, alongside Richard Wagner and Frederick the Great.  Hitler wrote:

Among them must be counted the great warriors in this world who, though not understood by the present, are nevertheless prepared to carry the fight for their ideas and ideals to their end. They are the men who some day will be closest to the heart of the people; it almost seems as though every individual feels the duty of compensating in the past for the sins which the present once committed against the great. Their life and work are followed with admiring gratitude and emotion, and especially in days of gloom they have the power to raise up broken hearts and despairing souls. To them belong, not only the truly great statesmen, but all other great reformers as well. Beside Frederick the Great stands Martin Luther as well as Richard Wagner.

Hitler leaves the Marine Church in Wilhelmshaven

Hitler was convinced that he was a great Christian, doing the work of The Lord.  Hitler was convinced that he would receive the blessings of both god and Luther, and in the end convert all Jews to Jesus.  He followed, religiously, Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy of Law: “The supreme Power in the State has only rights and no duties towards the subject” (p. 175), and that of Hegel who penned: “The State is the march of God in the world” (Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (1821). Grundlinien der philosophie des rechts originally published in Berlin, Germany: In der Nicolaischen Buchhandlung [Philosophy of Right] Englis translation, Oxford, UK: The Clarendon Press, page 247), “The State is the divine will as a present spirit, which unfolds itself in the actual shape of an organised world” (ibid, page 260). The State is the divine idea as it exists on earth” (Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. Vorlesungen über die Philosophie der Geschichte , Philosophy of History, English translation published New York, NY, USA: The Colonial Press [c1899], p. 41).

When the Jews did not convert, but “took advantage” of Gentiles through their commercial dealings, Luther, like Hitler, turned sharply against them (Noble, Graham (2002). “Martin Luther and German anti-Semitism,” History Review No. 42:1-2), as Yosef has against Gentiles in 2011.  Although Luther only wrote a small number of pamphlets and sermons against the Jews, he was consumed with their existence throughout his lifetime, and never spared time to lecture the authorities on sparing Jews: their lives, their properties, their labors–which he firmly believed belonged to Gentiles (Stöhr, Martin. “Die Juden und Martin Luther,” in Kremers, Heinz et al. (eds.) Die Juden und Martin Luther, Martin Luther und die Juden : Geschichte, Wirkungsgeschichte, Herausforderung ; Martin Luther und die Juden. Neukirchen Vluyn, Germany: Neukirchener publishing house, 1985, 1987 (second edition). p. 90; cp. Kaennel, Lucie (1997). Luther était-il antisémite?  Entrée Libre N° 38. Geneva, Switzerland: Labor et Fides), yet another similarity to Israeli terrorist Yosef.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef condemning women for being born a woman

Ovadia Yosef’s numerous sermons saturated with senseless diatribes against Gentiles/Non-Jews, atheists and agnostics are the ramblings of a demented mind that borders on insanity.  Yosef, like the members of Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, has gone so far as to proclaim that “unbelieving soldiers die” (which has been condemned by other Jewish leaders) while implying that faith will protect believers:

Rabbi Yosef preaches "unbelieving soldiers die."

“Is it any wonder if, heaven forbid, soldiers are killed in a war?” he said, “when they don’t observe the Sabbath, they don’t observe the Torah, they don’t pray every day, they don’t put on phylacteries every day. Is it any wonder that they’re killed? It’s no wonder.”

Yosef also called Hurricane Katrina “God’s retribution” against President Bush for supporting Israel’s withdrawal of settlers from Gaza.

He has decried health care in favor of prayer, declared that all Palestinians must die (read also here), and has blasted any tolerance of diversity, with his remarks condemned by numerous governments including the Department of State of the USA.

Yosef has banned the internet from Orthodox Jewish homes, declaring it to be 1000 times more dangerous than television to the faith.  The newspaper Degel  Hatorah, one of the strictest of the religious parties in Israel, said the internet was “the world’s leading cause of temptation, it incites and encourages sin and abomination of the worst kind”.

Bombing Gaza homes and killing children are acceptable to Rabbi Yosef

Yosef finds little to no good in people or life on this planet, but wants to purify it with prayer and prosecution of “sin.”  He told the electorate that they would go to the Garden of Eden (which is in Iraq where he was born) if they vote for his party, or to hell if they do not or if they participate in a Gay Pride Parade.  His garden is a center for war, and he sees no evil in bombing the homes of civilians or the military slaughter of children.

Abraham Yosef

His son, another rabbi, is even further out of touch with reality and contemporary civilization.  Chief Rabbi of Holon and son of Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Abraham Yosef, issued a ruling forbidding women from working as teachers to children over the age of 9.  He claimed that it is “completely forbidden” according to Jewish law.  There is no biblical passage in the Torah or Tankah that forbids it.  It is, however, one of the first laws passed by Nazi Germany when Hitler came to power in 1933.  Female enrollment in secondary schools dropped from 437,000 in 1926 to 205,000 in 1937 (Pauley, Bruce F. (2003). Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini: Totalitarianism in the Twentieth Century. 2nd Edition. Wheeling, IL, USA: Harlan Davidson Inc. p. 119). All subjects from gymnastics to history revolved around, glorified, and were exclusively for men (Gies, Horst (1989). Der Geschichtsunterricht im Dritten Reich als völkische Weihestunde und  historische Nabelschau. In “Schule und Unterricht im Dritten Reich.” Neuwied, Germany: Luchterhand. p. 216).

Book burning by NAZI soldiers and university students (1933)

All “undesireable teachers”, not just females, but also Jewish males, were expelled from their profession under the law Gesetz zur Wiederherstellung des Berufbeamtentums (Hansen, Heinrich and von Leers, Dr. Johannes (1939). Der deutsche Lehrer als Kulturschöpfer. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Verlag Moritz Diesterweg. p 164)Education for women was limited to domestic work: cleaning house, cooking, working in health care, and such, while men were taught gymnastics, history, and allegiance to the state.  All classes started with the NAZI salute and celebration of the ascent of Hitler to power.

German boys giving the Nazi salute. September 1933. Süddeutscher

Women had no more rights during the Third Reich than under the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis, as seen in the plight of the Orthodox Jewish women in New York City where they are forced to ride at the back of the bus.  In this the father and son Yosef are joined by past figures harboring hard hatred towards women and all who disagree with them, such as the mad monk Martin Luther of Wittenberg, and the one-time Augustinian priest’s spiritual son: Adolf Hitler and to the religious theocrats who followed him, leading to a rise in the Ultra-Orthodox movement as well as the New Apostolic Reformation.  Those who had no desire to think for themselves, but blindly followed what a few claimed to be the will and word of god, they accepted, and new totalitarian movements grew and prospered worldwide: from the Orthodox control of women’s movement and relegating them to the back of the B110 bus in New York City, to the Tea Party’s endorsement of NOM and movement to limit freedom throughout the USA, to the radicalization of liberty in Israel where ten percent of its people have been denied basic human rights.

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