Texas Republicans are Racist Genocidal Nazis

Texas GOP legislators: All white, all racists

Texas GOP tried to block Democrats from describing their voting restrictions as racist during debate. Yet, that is exactly what Texas Republicans are: racists,1 hate-filled,2 tyrants whose sole intent is to raise up the diminishing number of white people to control all power in the state. State Rep. Rafael Anchía says, “We have to call it what it is. Intentional discrimination against people of color is racism”: African-Americans, Latinos, Asian-Americans, and others who do not systemically qualify as members of the white “race.” The white Republicanazis groaned when Democrats called them out on the floor of the legislature. GOPigs demanded to talk about the “purity of the ballot box”: an euphemism for “white”: intentional discrimination of people of color.3

Texas white women allowed to vote in primaries 1918 but not women of color

This has been the sordid reality of Texas favoring whites–even when the legislature gave white women the right to vote in 1918 but only in primary election races. Texas excluded women of color from the franchise. Women of color in Texas had to wait until 1920 when the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed granting all women the right to vote–but in Texas, the legislature started to legislate against women of color directly and indirectly requiring a Poll Tax that only white women could afford.4 Only white men could stand for election, and only white people could legally vote “to protect the purity of the vote.”5

Dentist Lonnie E Smith (1901-1971)

Purity, in Texas, was defined as all-white people. This vile law was not successfully challenged until it went before the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) in 1944, when the case of Dentist Lonnie Smith of Texas was forbidden to vote in Houston in 1940, where the justices (8 to 1) ruled it unconstitutional when the majority  ruled in favor of Smith and his lawyer Thurgood Marshall, stating: “The United States is a constitutional democracy. Its organic law grants to all citizens a right to participate in the choice of elected official without restriction by any state because of race…”6 The case was a landmark decision of the United States Supreme Court with regard to voting rights and, by extension, racial desegregation. It overturned the Texas state law that authorized parties to set their internal rules, including the use of white primaries. In so ruling, Smith overruled a unanimous nine year old decision in Grovey v. Townsend that held that the Texas Democratic Party’s race-based restrictions on voting in primaries was constitutional because it was not state action, and thus it had not been endorsed or authorized by the state. Marshall characterized the ruling of Smith, which he considered his most important case,7 as “so clear and free of ambiguity” that the right of Blacks to participate in primaries was established “once and for all.”8

Prof. Brittney Cooper (Rutgers University)

Brittney Cooper, an Associate Professor at Rutgers University eloquently exposed the racism in the language of the Texas attack on the sophistry of the Republicanazis who control the Texas legislature…and many judicial seats in Texas. The Republicans argue that “racism is not the intent of the law” but actions limiting the vote of people of color shows that racism is the actuality of the law as fewer people of color are able to vote because of the restrictions.9 The surprising reality is that the Texas GOP actually asked Texas Democrats not to say “racism” in the debate of the voting bill that passed without one Democrat voting for it.

Lee Eui-Seok of Korea joined Dallas Fuel and expressed how he felt threatened in Texas why white racists

Lee Eui-Seok admitted the tart truth of rampant racism in Texas,10 where Asians, Blacks, and Latinos are faced with it even when they enter businesses11 with some racists even bragging about killing people of color12 in upscale neighborhoods like Friendswood, Georgetown, and Turtle Creek. Texans do not want to talk about the Texas Sheriff R. Glenn Smith of Hempstead, Texas, where Sandra Bland died, was previously suspended for racism.13 Smith was suspended for two weeks by the Hempstead City Council after they “[viewed] videotapes and [heard] allegations of racism from local residents against him and … four [other] officers. Hempstead was 50% black and 43% white at the time, according to U.S. Census data. Smith was elected as a Republican chief of the Waller County Sheriff’s Office effective Jan. 1, 2009 — less than one year after his firing.14

R. Glenn Smith (police chief of Hempstead, TX) and Sandra Bland (of Naperville, IL) who was found dead on his watch.

Naperville, Illinois, resident Sandra Bland died in a Waller County jail cell on Monday morning, after having been locked up for allegedly “assaulting a public servant” when a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper pulled her over for failing to use her turn signal, as previously reported.15 Bland was known in part for her social and political activism and was vocal about the Black Lives Matter movement.16 Footage of the cop putting his knee on her neck and assaulting Ms. Bland is on YouTube.17 The full arrest was also filmed.18 A voicemail from jail highlights Bland’s frustration.19 Investigators asked Bland repeatedly about marijuana–needing something, anything, to book her on and take her trial.20 The sheriff of Pinella County, Texas, said the arresting officer used excessive force and falsified his report.21

Colt McCoy, UT footballer and racist

Texas can always count on its athletes for unvarnished racism and hatred, as with Former Longhorn quarterback Colt McCoy,22 Dan Orlovskky,23 NFL quarterback with no mental ability to judge anyone objectively while spewing racist bullshit, with the NFL exposed as the most racist organization in the field of sports.24 The problem is that few were willing to call down McCoy and expose his vile racism it they lived in Texas. The few who braved denouncing the racism of of Colt McCoy received death threats and threats of having their homes burned down.

Briscoe Cain: white supremacist and ignorant of Texas history

State Representative Briscoe Cain, a Republicanazi, reiterated the phrase “purity of the ballot box” that took Texas to SCOTUS to be overturned as racist. Yet the Republicanazi Cain admitted he had little if no knowledge of Texas history or its record of discrimination against people of color. The “purity” phrase was subsequently struck from the law late at night, but the bill still was seen as disenfranchising people of color. The tragedy of Republicanazi Cain’s bill is it closely follow’s Georgia’s draconic law.25 Also, to his discredit, the white supremacist and white christian bigot dismissed anti-Trans violence as “Dudes walking around in dresses getting beat up”: showing his ignorance of psychology and medical reality. The comments while in conversation with the Texas Tribune Tuesday when moderator Evan Smith asked him to defend Senate Bill 6,26 one of two new anti-trans bathroom bills currently proposed in the state legislature.27 Texas Monthly has called Briscoe Cain ineffective and chairing the House Elections Committee but Cain keeps his job with the support of white christian evangelicals and white supremacists.28 Cain had earned a reputation among Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike as a provocateur at best and a legislative lightweight at worst. In 2017, the representative attempted to kill funding for a state palliative care program seemingly without knowing the definition of “palliative care,” as questioning subsequently revealed. Two years later, Twitter temporarily banned him for responding to Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s call to confiscate AR-15 rifles with a tweet that read, “My AR is ready for you.” Cain has become one of the loudest Republicans in the Lege hawking unsubstantiated claims of mass voter fraud. In November, he flew to Pennsylvania to help former President Trump’s legal team challenge the integrity of election results there.

Nicole Collier (Texas Representative for House District 45)

Earlier this session, he proposed legislation to make it more difficult to vote by mail or for anyone to help the elderly or infirm cast ballots. Cain fully showed his racism and incompetence when Fort Worth Democrat Nicole Collier, an African American practicing attorney and Texas State Representative for House District 95,29 showed up at the hearing to ask questions about the bill and he tried to block her from doing so.28 She had the courage to fly to Washington, DC to advocate for the Peoples Act and legislation to protect the votes of minorities against those who would push people of color to the back of the bus before civil rights were signed into law by Texas President Lyndon Baine Johnson.

Daniel Patrick claims that older people would rather die than hurt the economy of Texas (The Guardian March 24, 2020)

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, a pathological liar, said that Senate Bill 6, which would bar transgender women from using public women’s restrooms, is a “top priority.” SB6, which Patrick introduced to Texas lawmakers on January 5, 2017 makes no mention of transgender men, however.31 The Texas Association of Business — a top business lobby group that regularly sides with conservatives — has warned that anti-LGBT legislation, including SB 6, could lead to similar, costly economic fallout in Texas.32 In a report released late last year, the group estimated that such legislation could cost the state between $964 million and $8.5 billion and more than 100,000 jobs. Patrick’s team has dismissed those estimates as “misinformation and fearmongering.”32

Patrick, like Cain, are the dimmest bulbs in the Texas legislature’s chandelier, or eleven eggs short of a dozen. What Cain and Patrick fail to acknowledge is just how harmful bathroom bills like SB6 are for the transgender community. Not only do they affirm an anti-trans narrative, but they normalize it, which leads to rampant abuse and discrimination, often with dire consequences.34  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, like Cain, deliberately lied about the intent of the Texas law that changed the rules of mail-in ballots, hours of election day, and early voting. Patrick and Cain should both be arrested for their crimes against  humanity in Texas, and tried in an open court, and when found guilty be given the strictest punishment by law.35

The only exemption allowed by Cain and Patrick is for people who are physically disabled and cannot cast their vote on election day, disenfranchising the elderly, shut-ins, and people with disabilities. Even mail-in ballots have restrictions on them: they must have a driver’s license number (that most elderly and shut-ins do not have), personal identification; poll watchers have freedom of movement in all polling locations and can watch voters vote thereby destroying the secrecy of the vote.36 Black registrations were rising and white Texas legislatures feared it was their end of political control. Black registration in Texas was directly linked to Smith v. Allwright.37

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2 comments to Texas Republicans are Racist Genocidal Nazis

  • JB  says:

    For those of us whop live in Texas this is not really anything new. Names of personalities are a reminder, but Texas has been a racist society since the San Jacinto, at lease for the Negro, since at that time the “chicano” was a majority and it’s kind of hard to discriminate against a group of people who are pretty much an absolute necessity to a growing economy. That came later, But it has always been true of the black and Native Americans.

    The push today is the fear of being out numbered. The ethnic minority is rapidly advancing to be the majority and scares the shit out of the GOPhers.

    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      That is why the white (Anglo-Saxon) legislators had such a fit over the book that exposed the fraud of the Alamo: Texas has always been racist (I truthfully cannot think of a phobia that is not ingrained in white Texas mind: it was the first state to celebrate Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comment, and Jeffers of First Baptist cult of Dallas was in the gang of evangelicals praising Trump as god’s “Chosen One” (I wondered when Jesus was thrown under his bus…). Jeffers and other Baptist cult leaders now have to wrestle with Black pastors, and women wanting to get in on that gravy train (after all women were priests and bishops in the early Church, as I spelled out in my “Women as Priest, Bishop…” and gave the Greek and Latin documents in the original language…but that might have upset them. Texas white people will soon be in the minority~ I hope I an alive to celebrate that milestone in the evolution of Texas.

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