ISIS and Taliban Prove Allah Is Not Great, Good, or Loving, But A Monster

Bidal Philips, born in Jamaica in 1947, and raised in Canada, who considers himself a British Imam (holy leader of a congregation of Muslims after being expelled from the Philippines, and previously from several other nations),1 and a controversial Canadian Muslim preacher at the Abu Huraira mosque in Toronto, has argued hysterically, forcefully, and regularly, that since the “Prophet” (who placed himself as an equal to Jesus and called Jesus only a prophet) Mohammed “practiced it [marriage to a pre-pubescant girl], it was not abuse of exploitation, it was marriage] and assured faithful Muslim men would find a virgin only if she was younger than 9.

Afghan imam flanked by gunmen who vowed to kill all dissenters and those attempting to flee Allah

On August 26, 2021, ISIS psychopaths led suicide bombers to kill 13 people including children outside the Kabul Airport.2 This came after the US and allies were warned of a terror attack targeting people trying to flee the country of Afghanistan.3 The Taliban imam (religious leader), flanked by gunmen who were used to murdering, raping, and burning alive dissenters in the name of their evil god Allah, appealed to Afghans to stay in the country, on August 20, 2021, to build a theocratic state so Allah could rule the world, but many fled with American and allies help while others were still trying to flee the carnage of the Taliban and ISIS and their warrior god.4 The problem was that the Taliban were seen by the majority of Afghans as “just as bad and corrupt” as the existing government.5

Taliban breaks promise to let Afghans leave the country when it realizes so many want to flee.

Trump chats with Taliban before he was told that it hurt his ratings.

The Taliban made an agreement with Donald J. Trump, wanting an alliance and a meeting with the impeached President. Like most of Trump’s negotiations, including a telephone call to the leader  of the Taliban, it unraveled quickly, even after the Taliban chief wished him a victory in the Fall election. The Afghan government’s chief negotiator, Abdullah Abdullah, has warned that a recent tweet on October 7, 2020, by Trump, in which he declared that the remaining US forces in Afghanistan “should” be home for Christmas, may further beleaguer the country’s already difficult peace and reconciliation process.6 Abdullah told the Financial Times7 that the Taliban “might see it in their advantage” and come back by force if the US withdrew. “This would be a big disaster,” a Pakistan Foreign Ministry official told the Financial Times. “The Taliban who welcomed Trump’s remarks will then consider Afghanistan to be free to conquer and install an Islamist government,” they said. While Trump was congratulating himself for the role he played in the newest debacle in Afghanistan and declaring he should receive the Nobel Peace Prize, his own security adviser saw through the charade and blames Trump for the much of the chaos now occurring in Afghanistan.8 To counter the mess created by Trump’s engorged ego in Afghanistan, CIA Director William J. Burns held a secret meeting with the Taliban de facto leader Abdul Ghani Baradar in Kabul for the Biden Administration, but the Taliban would not fully accept Biden’s request for a peaceful withdrawal as it would deprive Afghanistan of virgins needed to repopulate the country.9

Taliban warns US it will fight for a hundred years after Trump cancels peace talks Daily Express

The reason for the cancellation, Trump explained, was because the Taliban had claimed responsibility for a car bombing in Kabul on Thursday that killed two people – including one US soldier. Another Taliban attack by two suicide bombers on the Kabul airport killed 12 soldiers.10 The Taliban viewed Trump “axing” the key talks because of his bruised ego and fear of losing the election to Biden. The Times reports that the Taliban had already rejected Trump’s invitation, dismissing US demands for a nationwide ceasefire in order to allow the talks to go ahead.11 The insurgents vowed to fight on in the face of the months of peace talks coming to a swift end, vowing that their god (Allah originally a desert god of war) wants it.

The Three Gharanig of proro-Islamic culture and more important than their father.

Originally, Allah was a god with many wives (both earthly and celestial) and an unchained overactive libido, who had at least three daughters: أَفَرَأَيتُمُ اللّاتَ وَالعُزّىٰ (Qur’an 53:19: Have you considered [al-]Lat (al-Lat or اللات‎: a pre-Islamic Arabian goddess worshipped under various associations throughout the entire peninsula, including Mecca where she was worshipped alongside Manat and al-‘Uzza as one of the daughters of Allah) and ‘Uzza?) وَمَناةَ الثّالِثَةَ الأُخرىٰ (Qur’an 53:20: and Manat, the third one [daughter]. Allah (al-Lah, originally a moon god12?) تِلكَ إِذًا قِسمَةٌ ضيزىٰ (Qur’an 53:22: That, then, will be an unfair division!) and elevates, wrongly, men above women إِنَّ الَّذينَ لا يُؤمِنونَ بِالآخِرَةِ لَيُسَمّونَ المَلائِكَةَ تَسمِيَةَ الأُنثىٰ (Qu’ran 53:27: indeed those who do not believe in the Hereafter give female names to the angels). Allah is humanlike: وَأَنَّهُ خَلَقَ الزَّوجَينِ الذَّكَرَ وَالأُنثىٰ (Qur’an 53:45: that it is He who created the mates [sexes or two primary genders] the male and the female) مِن نُطفَةٍ إِذا تُمنىٰ (Qur’an 53:46: from a drop of [seminal] fluid [sperm] when emitted [ejaculated]).

Muhammad raped in Qu’ran and Hadith yet required all brides to be virgins

Islam grew on the battlefield with the pedophile Mohammed, marrying Aisha (عائشة بنت أبي بكر) who was six or seven years old and he was 53.13 Aisha was the only virgin Mohammed married out of his harem of wives even though all brides were required to be virgins.14 That is the reason for the Taliban and ISIS to demand young girls remain behind so they would have enough virgins.] His first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid (خَدِيجَة بِنْت خُوَيْلِد‎), was not–and much older than Mohammed and it is written that he remained in a monogamous marriage for twenty-five years. Khadija had been Mohammed’s employer and was wealthy.15  Mohammed needed money more than holiness.16 Young Afghan females reject the Taliban and the sexist that exists both in the fundamentalists in Afghanistan, and ISIS aligned to the tail of the Taliban leaders who speak for no one and do not represent that Afghans.17 The Taliban and ISIS care nothing about the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. There only goal is power and allegiance to an ancient vicious and evil god.

Afghanistan destroyed by fundamentalists and outdated religion.

From 1996 to 2001, strict gender segregation was enforced by the Taliban, a predominantly Pashtun Islamic fundamentalist group that had filled the power vacuum in Afghanistan following a protracted civil war. Once it had implemented its interpretation of Shariah, women were not allowed to leave their homes without a male relative, while girls over the age of seven were denied an education and often ended up being married off to much older men. The system of gender apartheid instituted by the Taliban meant that women were required to wear the burqa every time they went out of the house. The garment, which fit tightly over the head and extended all the way to the ankles, made the

Afghan women march with banners to protest the recent public execution of a young woman for alleged adultery, in Kabul. (AFP/File Photo)

Afghan woman are almost formless and unidentifiable in public. Dissent was prohibited and questioning those who claimed that they spoke for the god of the Taliban butchers were summarily dispatched and disposed of without ceremony. The Taliban are the fruition and dream of American white christian evangelicals who want women silent, men to rule, children to be subjected, if they could take over the government mandate stoning of adulterers, hanging of LGBTQ people, ending the right to vote by women, and more. Almost two decades later, Taliban officials such Mujahid and Delawar, and spokesman Suhail Shaheen, are signaling that the group has softened its rough edges. However, few Afghans are convinced, if the rush for seats on Western evacuation flights from Kabul airport is any indication.

The best, and quickest way, to bring down the rogue Taliban government is to stop giving any humanitarian and international financial aid to the murderers. The problem with this is that China and other non-Western powers are likely to benefit from the US exit, exploiting its rich mineral resources. In the two decades of Western occupation, the Afghan economy at first grew at a rapid pace, bolstered mainly by US spending on military and, to some extent, civilian infrastructure. Until about 2015, economic activity and living standards improved rapidly. The US marked its military withdrawal by suspending access to $9 billion of foreign reserves held in America on behalf of the Afghan Central Bank. As the US has been the major provider of financial support to the country throughout its 20-year stay, and having spent $3 trillion funding the occupation, that will be a big immediate hit to the new regime. The US Congress, in a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, made clear its opposition to financial support for a “regime with a history of supporting terrorist actions against the US and her allies.” No aid of any nature must be sent to the terrorists destroying the nation and people of Afghanistan.18


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4 comments to ISIS and Taliban Prove Allah Is Not Great, Good, or Loving, But A Monster

  • Sami Swan Thompson  says:

    I’m glad you pointed out the similarities between the Taliban’s view of women & that of white Christian extremists. (Any woman who thinks her husband, brother, etc. will protect her from the brutality of either extremist group is dreaming.)

    Our government is an experiment that has lasted 200+ years so far, and most of us aren’t about to shrug & surrender our Constitution or civil rights quietly. The one thing that makes our country unique is personal freedom, enabled by separation of church and state. We will never sit quietly and let that be erased.

    Thank you for keeping up your web page and insightful opinions.

    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      I cannot accept the attitude of some that Islam (or any religion) is peace-loving and nondiscriminatory. There are way too many glaring examples of where Islam (and other religions, especially Judaism and Christianity from which Islam in its modern Muslim format) are misogynistic, gyneophobic, homophobic, racist and preying upon the defenseless, young and women. I detail a part of this Janus absurdity in my published book Islam and Woman…but it needs to be updated (a project I am working on). The Taliban and ISIS (both male dominated right-wing psychopathic and genocidal monsters are identical to the christian evangelical extremists (especially in the Southern Baptist cult), Mormon fundamentalists, and Orthodox Jews. Women are kept separated from men, men rule and make all decisions, etc. They are the very antithesis of democracy and freedom and their children are enslaved under a cruel yoke of fanatical religion based on ancient texts that are interpreted as a source of marital rape, child abuse, and worse.

      • Sami Swan Thompson  says:

        I agree. I try to be understanding of highly religious people, but it’s difficult because it’s so completely foreign.

        I firmly believe that if an ordained preacher or minister cannot read/translate scripture in the original languages in which it was written, then he/she cannot possibly be qualified to speak with authority to others. {Currently, you and Prof. James Tabor are the only two people I know of who have those qualifications.} Fend off the naysayers & stand your intellectual ground!

        • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

          IMHO I am convinced that white evangelical christians are as much a threat to this planet and its people as al-Qaida, Taliban, and ISIS: they are against the rights of women and children, misogynistic, gyneophobic, homophobic, genocidal maniacs: very much like all televangelists and Republicanazis in state legislatures and governorships. The brutal attack on women by Abbott (TX), DeSantis (FL), Reynolds (IA), Noem (SD), etc. underscores my belief for they do not believe that all women must have the absolute right over their own bodies…but bray that women are not sufficiently capable of making rational choices over their own health concerns and reproductive ability. I will release, shortly, a new essay on the toadiest of women-haters Texan Elizabeth Graham who is attempting to set women back at least 200 years when everything about women was controlled by men. SCOTUS justice Amy Barrett is a disgrace to women who think for themselves while Barrett belches baneful bales of hate from the Pius X society that was even banned by the current Roman Catholic Church and by Pope Francis. The saddest part about this is white evangelical christians are turning to the tepid tome of King James and his early seventeenth century bible that is so filled with outlandish errors that most christians turn to RSV or more modern translations. The greatest sorrow is even these translations are peppered with linguistic errors: what was “created” for the first man Adam (it translates as the earth–a name common for boys in Asia, especially Thailand and Vietnam) was a helpmate (not a woman); there was no “universal flood” only a small territorial flood and no drowning of society (Noah is another take incorporated from ancient Babylon, The tale of the rich man resting on the chest of a god comes from ancient Egypt, etc. Basically, the entire bible comes from other stories around the world, including Jesus as “the good shepherd” that was taken from the theology of the god Mithra who has numerous Roman statues with him carrying a lamb on his shoulders). I sent my early years writing numerous books on these myth, with “Moses: the Making of Myth and Law” I consider to be my most important work (I never sold well as the citations of in Greek, Latin, Arabic, Coptic, Sumerian, and Egyptian hieroglyphs).

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