Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is Guilty of Complicity in Genocide in Texas

Abbott and Patrick call for party to unify behind Trump

As of August 20, 2021, 100 Texans were needlessly dying of COVID in the Longhorn state  because of direct interference with life-saving measures by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who denied all life-saving activities to Texans, and bold-face lies about the deadly virus. Only 46% of the population in Texas are vaccinated. More than 12,000 hospitalization occur every day in Texas. This gross abuse of authority by Abbott and Patrick now requires more mortuary trailers in anticipation of more COVID deaths. Not only are the elderly filling beds–and coffins–but so are school children1 and babies that Abbott and Patrick show no interest in saving Texas babies, children, or adults unless they are Republicans.

Pediatric ICU care of babies

In North Texas, only 2 pediatric ICU spots remain available in the region.2 Fortunately, those struck down with COVID were in the forefront of anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers who refused to take any positive action to prevent the spread and the pandemic;3 unfortunately, doctors and nurses still volunteered to try and save them–wasting bed space, medicine and the professional help sorely needed to save the vaccinated.

Steven Love CEO

Hospitals are running out of bed and qualified nurses and doctors–with many quitting the profession that is consuming the spirit and lives. About 65% of the new patients are under the age of  40, and the majority have not been vaccinated. The middle age Texans are now seen as those who are most at risk. As Stephen Love, the president and CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council , said hospitals will use makeshift areas and reallocate staff to treat children. “Otherwise, they have to transfer the patient to other facilities. But the problem is in the state of Texas, the Houston area, the El Paso area, we’re all in the same situation. This fourth surge is extremely serious…Otherwise, they have to transfer the patient to other facilities. But the problem is in the state of Texas, the Houston area, the El Paso area, we’re all in the same situation. This fourth surge is extremely serious.” Love added, “Just about all of the patients in our hospitals are unvaccinated.”4 The hospitals that serve North Texas are also treating nearly 2,700 adult COVID patients.

As of Thursday, 19 August 2021, no pediatric intensive care unit beds are available amid another COVID surge in North Texas, officials said Thursday.4 The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council announced there are no more pediatric ICU beds in trauma service area E, which includes hospitals in 19 counties in North Texas, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reported. As of Thursday, there were 73 confirmed pediatric Covid-19 patients hospitalized in the zone, the highest it’s ever seen treated at once.6

Hunt Regional Healthcare closes in TX

In its daily updates, Tuesday afternoon, 10 August 2021, the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council released a statement that Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds in rural counties are at full capacity. “Honestly it’s just staffing, having enough staff to take care of the patients we have has been the issue,” said Lisa Hill, a spokesperson for Hunt Regional Healthcare. Last Friday the Greenville health provider closed its Hunt Regional Emergency Medical Center in Commerce to bring a staff of 12 nurses to the main location.7

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall made a similar move

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall made a similar move last Friday too and temporarily shut down its North ER Department satellite campus for the same reason.8 They’ve also added tents outside the hospital. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall made a similar  more temporarily closing and open tents outside the hospital. Its North ER Department was shut down for the same reason, and hoping to bring nurses from it main location. By August 12, 2021, no staffed pediatric ICU beds left in the North Texas Region.

“We [have] no staffed pediatric ICU beds available in Trauma Service Area E,” said Stephen Love, President/CEO, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council. Officials said there are 73 confirmed COVID-19 pediatric patients hospitalized as of Thursday afternoon. “Which is the highest level ever of pediatric COVID-19 patients we have ever treated,” Love said. “We’ve got very talented and skilled people running these hospitals and I think they’re going to do everything they can to surge and continue to care for the patients. It’s just how big is the surge going to be?” New data from UT Southwestern shows that in DFW’s four main counties, there are more children and 18- to 49-year-olds being admitted to the hospital than ever before in this pandemic. The majority are white, Republican, and unvaccinated.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick falsely blames Black people for Texas climbing COVID-19 numbers

But, Lt. Gov. Patrick lies about this, too, as Dallas County recorded an average of 1,009 new cases each day over the last three days and was even smacked down by the Texas Supreme Court that temporarily allowed school mask mandates to remain.9

The highly contagious delta variant now accounts for 97% of new cases in North Texas. And the number of nurses will to work with COVID is diminishing. Even increased wages cannot attract nurses. A staffing agency reported that the going rate is $226 per hour. Pre-pandemic, the hourly rate for a traveling RN was between $65 and $120.10 Deaths keep rising as Abbott keeps block mask mandates. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who earlier claimed that grandparents are willing to die to save the Texas economy. He went on Fox News to blame the resurgence of COVID on Black Texans.

Texas Politics: The Demographics of Race and Ethnicity in Texas

Black Americans make up around 13% of the Lone Star state’s population. Data shows that the biggest percentage of unvaccinated people in Texas are white Texans by a 3-to-1 margin. Texas has put so many road blocks in the way of Blacks voting, that it is another Patrick lie.11 There are an estimated 5.6 million white people who are eligible and unvaccinated,12 while the same figure is 1.9 million of Black people, who make up a far small part of the overall population.13

US COVID-19 vaccinations by race and ethnicity

Many of the unvaccinated are children who are ineligible to receive the shots: around 5 million Texans are under 12. But still 83% of Texans, or 24 million residents, are eligible for the vaccine. With 15 million Texans who have received at least one shot as of August 1, that leaves nine million eligible Texans who have not gotten their vaccine yet.

The Texas Tribune analyzed the demographic and geographic trends of Texans who have not gotten their shot yet. Here are some of our main findings:

  1. In Texas’ largest counties — Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar and Travis — neighborhoods with the highest proportions of Black and Hispanic populations are some of the least vaccinated areas.
  2. Neighborhoods with median incomes below the county’s median income also hold vaccination rates lower than that of the county’s.
  3. Rural counties have consistently lagged behind the state’s fully vaccinated rate.

Hesitancy for white conservatives, he said, hinges on “distrust of government,” while for Hispanic and Black residents it’s often a “lack of trust in the health care system” because of generations of disparities in the American system.14 The biggest fault is with extremist white christian preachers who tell congregants that the vaccination is of the devil and anyone vaccinated will not go to  heaven or meet god. Most of those televangelists were hospitalized with COVID, and many have died.15

“You’ve got Jesus” Radical preacher Joshua Feuerstein of Texas tells flock need not get vaccinated as Jesus vaccinated them when he “came into” them…

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  • JB  says:

    As you know, I’m living in the middle of this. Nothing new to me.
    BlAbbot, Patterson and Paxton are the Harry, Larry and Moe of Texas politics, none of which give a Royal Rat’s Red Rear about the children of Texas after they are dropped from the womb. Not a single one has said a word about the children except that is a matter of personal freedom….Of The Kids? At that age, there is no such thing as freedom for kids. It’s up to the parents and if they don’t mandate it, as far as I’m concerned, it is child abuse.

    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      You said it distinctly, distinctively, and no sane person will be able to challenge you. The Three Stooges do run Texas–into the pit of despair that even Dante could not concoct in his classic “Inferno.” BlAbbot would be in the center mouth of an ice-encased Lucifer, with Patrick would be in the right mouth and Paxton in the left. I do not believe any blood would be spilled as they are soulless and heartless monsters, but their bones would give a glorious crackling sound. I look forward to more of your poignant prose and withering writing.

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