Providence Road Baptist Church Maiden, NC and Nazi Germany

Stacey Pritchard

Stacey Pritchard is typical of the congregation located at 3283 Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, Catawba County (where 50% of the graduating class noted a growing problem of bullying, with much of it stemming from churches), North Carolina 28650: full of hate, a Biblical illiterate who reads neither Greek nor Hebrew, and has no training in exegetical Biblical studies or the Bible, and as undereducated as Pastor Charles Worley. Worley has a great challenge and unusual difficulty: he cannot use the English language with any finesse, not realizing that “queers” and “homosexuals” and “lesbians” are not three separate groups.

Stacey Pritchard, however, is identical to the women supporters of Adolf Hitler two generations earlier.  She wants those who disagree with her selective and false reading of her Bible to be put in Concentration Camps  and exterminated.

Prisoners wearing Pink Triangles at Sachsenhausen, 19 December 1938

This fulfills Adolf Hitler’s original schema, and was joyfully carried out by Stacey Pritchard’s alter ego Jeffrey Shook  whose hatred is greater than that of Josef Goebbels who established Sachsenhausen Death Camp.  With a religious fervor, Goebbels used religion to placate the condemned. 

Arbeit Macht Frei gate

As he stated, in a spirit of Christian charity, he had the slogan over its front gates bearing the infamous slogan Arbeit Macht Frei [Work makes you free].  There Goebbels had  large groups  of homosexuals, wearing pink triangles, shot to death in trenches that they created  moments before their execution(Bill Niven (2002).  Facing the Nazi Past, London, UK: Routledge, 1st ed., p. 11). 

Sachsenhausen security perimeter fence

Pastor Charles Worley’s first goal was identical to the Nazis: to build a “big electric fence…100 to 150 miles long” (that is applauded by numerous Bible-thumping bigots) that would exceed anything that Hitler had dreamed of, and behind this electronic fence he would put all “lesbians…queers and homosexuals.”  Worley’s withering wintered goal was to see if any would breed and if not let them “die off within a few years.”

Worley’s continuing homophobia and calls for genocide demonstrates clearly that the pastor has mental problems and is bordering on insanity (Hollows, Kerrilee and Fritzon, Katarina (2012). “Ordinary Men” or “Evil Monsters”?: An Action System Model of Genocidal Actions and Characteristics of Perpetrtors.” Law and Human Behavior, February 20; doi: 10.1037/h0093987; cp. Wohl, Michael J. A. and Branscombe, Nyla R. (2008). “Remembering historical victimization: Collective guilt for current ingroup transgressions.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Vol. 94(6), June, pp. 988-1006.  di0.1037/0022-3514.94.6.988).  Like those blindly loyal to Hitler, Worley is a threat to himself, his community, state, nation and the world.

Irma Grese

Stacey Pritchard spits sentences in the same manner as Irma Ida Ilsa Grese, and like Irma Grese, Elisabeth Volkenrath, and Juana Bormann, would be among the first to volunteer to kill lesbians as an aufseherinnen. Volkenrath, after the war ended and Hitler lay dead (a suicide), was convicted of numerous murders and made selections for the gas chamber; she was described as the most hated woman in the camp.  Juana Borman was known as “the woman with the dogs” and took sadistic pleasure in setting her wolfhounds on prisoners to tear them to pieces and has had numerous counterparts among female USA and UK military at Abu Gharib prison in Iraq.  Grese, known as “the beautiful beast” and as Die Hyäne von Auschwitz (the Hyaena of Auschwitz) was the most merciless (at age 19, she found herself a supervisor at Ravensbrück which was used as a training camp for many female SS guards, just at the time the Nazi anti-Jewish programmes were at their height in July 1942; she was executed at the age of 23), and in many ways was identical to Maiden, North Carolinan Stacey Pritchard in her lust for shedding the blood of lesbians.

Nazi guard executing Jewish woman

Aufseherinnen were female guards in Nazi concentration camps during The Holocaust. Of the 55,000 guards who served in Nazi concentration camps, about 3,700 were women, and all were confirmed Bible-believing Christians who recited verses justifying their atrocities, stripping Jewish women naked before shooting the victims in the head, with Irma (who had been the subject of repeated bullying as a youth and had lost all interest in fitting in but sought revenge) being the most heartless and violent of all.  While Irma’s religion cannot be determined with precision, as she was a member of the Protestant (Evangelical) Church of Nazi Germany that included Adventists, Baptists, and Lutherans, her actions reflect most of the bile of Martin Luther who wrote Von den Juden und Ihren Lügen *(On the Jews and their Lies) who was influenced by the antisemitism of  Anton Margaritha’s book Der gantze Jüdisch Glaub (The Whole Jewish Belief), for which she won the title of queen of sadism

Open letter to Irma Grese (Palestine Post)

Surprisingly, none of her victims who lived wanted her executed; instead, they wrote that they wanted her to live to see the ovens where she burned their relatives, the whips she used to kill the elderly, infirmed and young, and to drag huge rocks for the rest of her life.

Pastor Charles Worley

The greatest tragedy for Maiden, North Carolina is that Charles Worley still lives. Today, however, many are praying for his death, as few see him as anything but the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.  They are correct.  Charles Worley and Adolf Hitler are identical.  Worley and Hitler each enjoyed one common: to rid the water planet Earth, of those whom they considered inferior or “filled with sin.” Both prayed for the death of the nameless neither knew or cared to know.

Hitler in prayer

Both Worley and Hitler hate(d) marginalized groups. Both Worley and Hitler determined on a “final solution”.  Worley wants concentration camps with high-voltage high electric fences.  Hitler built concentration camps with high-voltage high electric fences.  Both Worley and Hitler dreamed of damning homosexuals to their concentration camps.  Worley’s dreams remain unrealized, but Hitler carried his out giving Worley great spiritual satisfaction.

Worley demanded that those who did not breed should die.  Hitler saw that his imaginary foes, the Jews, died painful deaths that Worley rejoiced in his pulpit awaited for “lesbians … queers and homosexuals”. 

Both Charles Worley of Maiden, North Carolina, and the Austrian-born Adolf Hitler of Berlin, Germany, had women who stood behind.  Their women who lacked even modest intelligence concurred to the misery that each miscreant belched in speech and prayer:  the bountiful brainless bouvine Stacey Pritchard of Maiden, North Carolina stood squarely behind Charles Worley and his parched preachifications of doom and the rabid radicalism of the Southern Baptist Convention that has nothing in common with the teaching of Jesus of the New Testament but focuses on the corruption in the Old Testament and the self-proclaimed apostle Saul of Tarsus and his coterie who crafted hate-filled gospels that Constantine I allowed to survive his holocaust of books and dissenters in 330 CE.  The “Beautiful Beast”, Irma Grese defended Adolf Hitler and the SS (Waffen Schutzstaffel: Heinrich Himmler’s “Protective Squadron”) in the same manner as Stacey Pritchard on par with Worley’s congregation.   For “the cause” and her god, Grese killed with whip and chain, gun and poison those who did not measure up to her rigorous religious ideals.

Worley declared he would not vote for a socialist or liberal.  Worley refused to vote for a Black in 2008, as he found that an offense against his god who allegedly marked Black people with the Curse of Cain/Ham/Canaan his grandson; Hitler executed socialists, communists, and liberals.  Adolf Hitler, like Charles Worley, hated Black people passionately, but allowed Black people (who he considered “half-apes” according to his autobiography Mein Kampf) to live and work for the “Fatherland”.  Both defended their racism and hatred based on the Pauline messages in Romans and Corinthians, and neither had studied ancient Greek nor read the original scrolls.

One comment to Providence Road Baptist Church Maiden, NC and Nazi Germany

  • Joe Besse  says:

    Interesting that this commentary should come this morning. This weekend Arlington (Tex) is the gathering point of thousands of Bible Thumpers crowding Cowboy Stadium to listen to Glenn Beck do one of his rah, rah speeches. Interesting that the Westboro Church did a web site posting claiming Beck despised God. T.V preacher Robison had words to say, as did Kenneth Copland and, of course, John Hagee. And a fun time was had by all, I guess. Point is, these people are still among us hiding behind the pages of their faith. Unfortunatly, nothing has changed.

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