Fourth Reich: USA Tea Party, Anders Behring Breivik, Evangelical Christian extremism and the death of Democracy

Some of Breivik's victims on his 2011 Crusade

Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto, “2083: A European Declaration of Independence” (cf. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/23/norway-terrorist-attack-christian-perpetrator-defied-stereotypes.html) reads as taken (most of

Theodore John "Ted" Kaczynski

it is) from University of Michigan graduate and University of California at Berkeley Professor of Mathematics Theodore John “Ted” [Unabomber] Kaczynski’s  (1996) Unabomber’s Manifesto (the full text is at http://cyber.eserver.org/unabom.txt)

For instance, Kaczynski wrote: “One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is leftism, so a discussion of the psychology of leftism can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of modern society in general.”

Breivik’s manifesto reads: “One of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world is multiculturalism, so a discussion of the psychology of multiculturalists can serve as an introduction to the discussion of the problems of Western Europe in general.”

(Italicized words for emphasis are mine.)

Anders Behring Breivik

In addition to condemning misogynism, socialism, homosexuality, feminism, and everything that Breivik considered not to be evangelical fundamental Roman Catholicism. Rarely has the connection between sexual anxiety and right-wing nationalism been made quite so clear as it has been in reading Breivik’s manifesto, and listening to his cries for a public forum to express his deep-seated hatred of Muslims, foreigners, miscegenation   or “race mixing” (which gave birth to eugenics as preached by Martin Luther, Margaret Sanger, and Adolf Hitler, and an act expressly and loudly condemned by evangelical fundamentalists; see: “Pastor” Mark Downing, “Why We [Christian fundamentalists] Hate Jews,” at http://www.kinsmanredeemer.com/WhyWeHateJews5.htm misquoting Genesis 25:30; “race mixing” is the subject of www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdKhU9vqSNE which opposes it). 

Tea Party racism in the USA

Nearly all of the Tea Party use race in attacking Obama since the President is Black.  Racism is not just in the Deep South, but has crawled out from under the rocks of Montana to the manure fields in Iowa and dustbowls in Oklahoma.

Unabashed racism in the Tea Party from Alaska to Florida

To the marginally educated and hate-filled members of the Tea Party from the suburbs of Chicago to the urban areas of New York, the rural farm land of Iowa to the scattered ranches of Wyoming, to the mountains of Idaho and the seashore of New Jersey, and from home and office to hair salon to barbecue restaurant and beyond  to the state legislatures, Tea Party aficionados claim that Barrack Obama is unqualified to be President of the USA as he is Black.  The most hate-filled group in the USA since Black lynchings were common from Nebraska to Georgia, Alaska to Florida, Maine to Massachusetts for racial hatred is barely covered and is extremely transparent among evangelical Christians.  The claim that Obama was  born in Kenya, while all public records show that he was born in Hawaii, remains the pathetic miscreant message of birthers in Congress and the popular media such as Fox News that has no credibility and demonstrates no veracity on the air or in open discussions (http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=137 ; with an objective survey conducted at UCLA and reported at http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/Media-Bias-Is-Real-Finds-UCLA-6664.aspx).

Anders Behring Breivik before his killing spree

Breivik’s hatred of women rivals his hatred of Islam.  He admits he had little to do with women until he hired two prostitutes.  This fear of women multiplies his mental insanity that has its roots in xenophobia and is intimately linked to his mass murders. Some reports have suggested that during his rampage on Utoya, he targeted the most beautiful girl first, which gives credence to their arguments that his killing spree was more about sex even more than religion (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/24/norway-massacre-anders-breivik-s-deadly-attack-fueled-by-hatred-of-women.html).  The

Anders Behring Breivik

Norwegian murderer wrote: “The female manipulation of males has been institutionalised during the last decades and is a partial cause of the feminisation of men in Europe,” he writes, arguing elsewhere that he felt he was, himself, “feminised” and hinting at being homosexual. He blames empowered women for his own isolation, saying that he recoils from the “destructive and suicidal Sex and the City lifestyle (modern feminism, sexual revolution) … In that setting, men are not men anymore, but metro sexual and emotional beings that are there to serve the purpose as a never-criticising soul mate to the new age feminist woman goddess.” 

Breivik’s theology is nearly nontransparent and on-existent, more on keeping with that of Martin Luther who believed the sole reason for women was giving birth to future generations of men, to be subordinate to men, and being a pawn in the game of life that only men were to enjoy and rule over (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/26/world/europe/26oslo.html?_r=1)  That Breivik’s attitude toward women is transparent on a quick reading of Martin Luther’s writings on women:

Der Tod im Kindbett ist nichts weiter als ein Sterben im edlen Werk und Gehorsam Gottes. Ob die Frauen sich aber auch müde und zuletzt tot tragen, das schadet nichts. Lass sie nur tot tragen, sie sind darum da.” (“Death in childbirth is no more than a dying in noble work and obedience to God. And whether the women carry until they are exhausted and dead in the end, no harm is done. Let them carry until they die, that is what they are there for.”)

Die größte Ehre, die das Weib hat, ist allzumal, dass die Männer durch sie geboren werden.” (“The greatest honour a woman has is that she gives birth to men.”)

Luther encouraged burning women as witches

Die Zauberinnen sollst du nicht leben lassen… Es ist ein gerechtes Gesetz, dass sie getötet werden, sie richten viel Schaden an.” (“You must not let the witches live….It is a just law that they be killed, they do much damage.”) From a sermon in 1526, Weimarer Ausgabe 16, p. 551.

Analysis of the manifesto left by Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted to the mass killings in Norway, suggests that literature professors were among the groups he hated, Galley Cat (http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/anders-behring-breivik-targeted-journalists-writers-literature-professors-in-2083-manifesto_b34956) reported, noting that Breivik specifically wanted to target sites where academics and book publishers meet: about targeting journalists in his manifesto: “in Norway, there is an annual gathering for critical and investigative press where the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations  media/news companies attend … The conference lasts for 2 days and is usually organized at a larger hotel/conference center. Security is light or non-existent making the conference a perfect target.”  (Breivik’s full text is here: http://www.kevinislaughter.com/2011/anders-behring-breivik-2083-a-european-declaration-of-independence-manifesto/ for full lengths, comments, etc.)  His objections to publishers and books ranged to rants against female authors, to heroines outwitting men, and women demonstrating superiority over men.  To Breivik, god created the planet Earth for men, and women were to work for men subservient.

Antonio Gramsci

In his manifesto, Anders Breivik has a section called “Political Correctness: Deconstruction and Literature”.   In this section Breivik attacked intellectuals such as Antonio Gramsci (Italian author, founding member and one time leader of the Italian Communist Party, who, in April 1919, set up the weekly newspaper L’Ordine Nuovo [The New Order].  The Italian intellectual wrote vividly in each of his books focused on people wh were members of the working class–and disenfranchised.  Gramsci argued that the working-class identified their own good with the good of the bourgeoisie, and helped to maintain the status quo rather than revolting as seen in today’s poor and diminishing middle class supporting the Tea Party and far-right and anti-union governments funded by the nefarious rich, as with Governor Scott Walker funded by the Koch Brothers).  A second reader that Breivik objected to was Erich Fromm

Erick Fromm (March 23, 1900 - March 18, 1980)

Fromm was an German-American Jewish social psychologist, psychoanalyst, humanistic philosopher, and democratic socialist and is associated with what is known as critical theory.  Departing from traditional religious orthodoxy, Fromm extolled the virtues of humans taking independent action and using reason to establish moral values rather than adhering to authoritarian moral values.  In 1946, along with his friend, Fromm co-founded the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Psychology.  Why Breivik attacked Fromm is beyond comprehension, for Fromm spelled out what Breivik became in Fromm’s discussion of destructiveness.  Fromm saw destructiveness as any process that attempts to eliminate others or the world as a whole in a misguided but self-internalized action to escape freedom and personal responsibility and accountability. Fromm said that “the destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it” see: Fromm, Erick (1941).  Escape from Freedom New York: Henry Holt and Company, p. 177).

Herbert Marcuse (July 19, 1898 - July 29, 1979) in Newton MA (1955)

A third thinker Breivik attacked was Herbert Marcuse.  Like the others, Marcuse was a German Jewish philosopher, sociologist, and political theorist.  Marcuse was known as “Father of the New Left”.  He advocated a form of tolerance that is intolerant of right-wing political movements–such as the political movements Breivik associated with or attempted to create. Marcuse argued that capitalism and industrialization pushed laborers so hard that they began to see themselves as extensions of the objects they were producing in his One-Dimensional Man: “The people recognize themselves in their commodities; they find their soul in their automobile, hi-fi set, split-level home, kitchen equipment,” read at http://www.marcuse.org/herbert/quotes/QuotRedThread.html#Capitalism).

Max Horkheimer (front left) and Theodor Adorno (front right)

A fourth thinker, who was also German born, whom Breivik was opposed to was Theodor Adorno.  Adorno was an international sociologist, philosopher, and musicologist.

Adorno argued that capitalism had become more entrenched through its attack on the objective basis of revolutionary consciousness and through liquidation of the individualism that had been the basis of critical consciousness.  He argued that culture industry, which produced and circulated cultural commodities through the mass media, manipulated the population). 

Breivik was seldom consistent.  He attacked college reading requirements. He wrote: “Unfortunately, that has not stopped the cultural critics from indoctrinating this new generation in feminist interpretation, Marxist philosophy and so-called ‘queer theory.’ Requirements for reading Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer, and other dead white males are disappearing, to be replaced by options to take studies in ‘The Roles of Women in the Renaissance’ (an excuse to lament the sexism of the past) or ‘The Bible as Literature’ (a course designed to denigrate the Bible as cleverly crafted fiction instead of God’s truth). The reliable savior of the intelligentsia is the common man and his common sense.”  (http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2011/07/26/qt#266131)

Breivik was saturated with accounts of attacks on ethnic Norwegian men and rapes of ethnic Norwegian women, seeing, as did Adolf Hitler, the marginalization of his own race to enhance that of perceived enemies: Arabs, Muslims, and other non-Scandinavian people whom he associated with immigrant gangs (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/25/world/europe/25breivik.html?src=recg). While Breivik worked for Neo-Nazi groups in the 1990s, after the bombing of Serbia he turned against the Nazi movement and became an evangelical Christian with the intent to restore the Roman Catholic Church to primacy and launch a crusade against the Muslim world in the manner of Pope Urban II—with all the gore of rapes, murders, burnings, and wanton destruction that the Roman Catholic Church wracked not only on non-Christians but also Eastern Christians and those of minor sects.

”]The Tea Party in the USA was Breivik’s favorite group, and he hungered to be like them: hate-filled, determined to destroy democracy, and to establish the rule of an elite force that would be in total control. He once approached Hans Rustad, the editor of a popular conservative Website called Document.no, with a proposal to create a pan-European movement modeled on Tea Party groups in the United States (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/25/world/europe/25breivik.html?pagewanted=2&src=recg). 

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post

In the immediate aftermath of Friday’s terrorist attack in Norway, conservative Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin did us the favor of simply assuming that he was a Muslim.  Earlier, Jennifer Rubin had written that she wanted the United States to make human rights a central theme in its Iran policy — and then to indiscriminately assassinate civilian Iranian scientists; http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=439×27222).  She then used the attack to denounce lawmakers who in the name of deficit reduction favor “huge cuts in defense” and to lambast President Obama for suggesting “that we can wrap up things in Afghanistan.”

Peter Beinart

As Peter Beinart questioned: Could an anti-Muslim bigot commit a large-scale terrorist attack in the U.S.? The answer is, Absolutely, because the same anti-Muslim bigotry that influenced Breivik in Europe is widespread here. There’s actually been a lot of right-wing, extremist Christian terrorism in the U.S. in recent years. The biggest terrorist attack in U.S. history prior to 9/11—the 1996 Oklahoma City bombing—was carried out by Timothy McVeigh, a white ex-Army officer with ties to the militia movement. That same year, Eric Rudolph bombed the Atlanta Olympics to protest abortion and international socialism. The only major WMD attack of the “war on terror” era were Bush-spin lies pushed by Cheney and Halliburton (the alleged WMDs held by Saddam Hussein and being created by his underlings were fabricated lies by

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al Jana ("Curveball") who created the lie of WMDs

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi a defector from Iraq who was having family problems and thought that by inventing the story that he would find favor once again with his family, even though his lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, led to CIA and FBI abuses, secret prisons, and more than one trillion dollars in expenses to fight a totally unnecessary war, he has never yet stood trial for his role in crimes against humanity {http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/feb/15/defector-admits-wmd-lies-iraq-war, his lies are detailed at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/41609536/ns/world_news-mideastn_africa/}—and the 2001 anthrax mailings—apparently was the handiwork of Richard O. Spertzel and Dr. Bruce E. Ivins at the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) a microbiologist angry that prominent Catholic politicians were pro-choice (http://articles.cnn.com/2010-02-19/justice/fbi.anthrax.report_1_dr-bruce-e-ivins-ivins-lawyer-anthrax-attacks?_s=PM:CRIME).

Scott Roeder (photo: Wichita KS Police Department)

In 2009, anti-abortion militant Scott Roeder murdered Wichita doctor George Tiller. Tiller already had been shot once, and his clinic had been bombed. That same year octogenarian neo-Nazi, James Wenneker von Brunn, shot a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. Last February, Andrew Joseph Stack, angry at the federal government, flew a small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas. (http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/24/norway-massacre-why-an-anti-muslim-bigot-could-commit-similar-attack-in-us.html)

Herman Cain in Des Moines IA

This May, the words “Osama today, Islam tomorrow” were spray-painted on a mosque in Maine. Islamophobia is at least as prevalent on the political right today as militia-style, anti-government conspiracy-theorizing was in the 1990s. Herman Cain, who according to a June Des Moines Register survey is running third in Iowa and who in February won the Tea Party convention’s straw poll, said he would not appoint a Muslim to his cabinet or as a federal judge. He’s opposed the building of the Tennessee mosque whose construction site was the subject of last year’s arson attack. He admitted he became “uncomfortable” when he learned that the surgeon who operated on his liver was Muslim. More than a dozen states, mostly in the reddest parts of the south and mountain west, are considering banning Sharia.

Tim Pawlenty with Petters who helped Frank Vennes launder narcotic money and contribute to Pawlenty's campaign chest

Frank Vennes secret memo on money

Tim Pawlenty who has, as has his wife and family  been  too often  associated frequently with money laundering and has been regularly featured on The Minnesota Independent and other media concerning numerous irregularities during his time as governor of Minnesota, has unleashed new investigations with his presidential bid, especially with the Petters Ponzi scheme and Frank Vennes money laundering and questions about relationships with narcotraffickers. He gained further unwanted attention when he attempted to shut down various charitable programs that helped observant Muslims buy homes without violating Islam’s prohibition on collecting or paying interest on loans. 

Newt Gingrich first wife Jackie Battley

Newt Gingrich second wife Marianne

There remains the question about the suitability of Newt Gingrich as president.  He has never hidden the fact that he took his mistress to his wife’s hospital bed where she lay dying, nor that he married Marriane after the death of Jackie.  Later the GOP power horse in the US House of Representatives took a new mistress to meet the

Newt Gingrich third wife Callista

previous mistress, and by the time he had gone through Mistress Number Four and was

Gingrich newest mistress

already seeing and being seen with a very young fifth mistress, Newt was warned that by the time his grandchildren grow up, America may be “dominated by radical Islamists.”  Once more, Gingrich attempted to become the spokesman for Family Values, seeking help from Iowa’s notorious Bob Vander Plaats who is the self-proclaimed Leader of his FAMiLY organization that is working hard to undermined the families he does not personally approve of and speaks out against (primarily LGBT, but also second and third marriages).  All of the Tea Party candidates that adorn the GOP roster for president are identical in their ontology and theological perspectives that have been held by Norwegian mass murderer and evangelical Christian Anders Behring Breivik.

Proudly, Anders Behring Breivik testifies that he is a Bible believing and Bible practicing Christian evangelical fundamentalist. While his faith was weak in his early years, at the age of 15 he was baptized into the Protestant (Lutheran) church of Norway (the established church), and proudly claimed that he was a Christian Fundamentalist (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8657066/Norway-killings-the-quiet-and-modest-man-who-became-peacetime-Europes-worst-mass-killer.html). In his rambling “essay” the mass murderer wrote: “I am a supporter of an indirect collective conversion of the Protestant church back to the Catholic.”  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jul/23/anders-behring-breivik-norway-attacks; cp. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8657066/Norway-killings-the-quiet-and-modest-man-who-became-peacetime-Europes-worst-mass-killer.html, with the notice that the Breivik laughed, cheered and shouted, “you all must die!”) 

Breivik sprayed the youngsters with dum-dum bullets, killing each victim in cold blood in the manner of the medieval Christian crusaders when they attacked fort or town on their way to Jerusalem.  Only in Jerusalem did the Christian crusaders let their rawest animal cravings loose, butchering women, children, babies, and elderly–not just soldiers who were Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Roman Catholics or Muslims.  It is in the same manner that another born-again Christian hungers for: Protestant pastor Scott Lively  who wants gays in Nigeria executed: one at a time {read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8657475/Norway-killings-The-laughing-gunman-who-shot-85-young-victims-one-by-one.html}. 

What Breivik had in common with other far-right extremist groups was hatred for minorities and closely identified with Dick Armey (R-TX)’s Tea Party {http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8656966/Norway-attacks-Anders-Behring-Breivik-was-active-member-of-far-right-party.html} supporting the Norwegian “Progress Party” {Fremskrittspartiet, of which Breivik wrote that he held several political posts in the party’s youth league, including being chair of his local party; his association with the Party ended in 2007} which is now the second largest party in the Norwegian Parliament, and similar to the Dutch Pim Fortuyn.  The largest number of violent crimes occurs in Sweden by its neo-Nazis who are nearly identical with the Tea Party in the USA; cf. Laqueur, Walter (1996). Fascism: Past, Present, Future.  New York: Oxford University Press, writing that the neo-Nazis in Sweden is limited to disorganized groups of skinheads. 

Bill O'Reilly objecting to Breivik calling himself a Christian

Breivik’s outspoken hatred matches that of two USA organizations both listed as organized hate groups: American Family Association, Family Research Council, Bob Vander Plaats’ Iowa hate group known as FAMiLY, and Focus on the Family).  Bill O’Reilly was upset that the New York Times referred to Breivik as a “Christian” (even though Breivik claimed that distinction himself).  O’Reilly opined that it was “impossible” for Breivik to be a Christian, claiming that “the left wants you to believe that fundamentalists Christians are a threat just like crazy jihadists are” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/26/bill-oreilly-media-breivik-christian_n_909498.html with video).

A strong supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA) of the USA, Breivik is a member of a Oslo gun club, holding licenses for a rifle, shot-gun and a Glock semi-automatic pistol, having mastered firearms in his obligatory military training in Norway. Firearms in Norway are regulated by the Firearms Weapons Act and all gun owners must have the appropriate licenses which are issued by the local police authority but only to applicants with no criminal record.  Although Norway has a large number of hunters, automatic weapons are banned as are powerful handguns.  There are also restrictions on how many guns and owner can possess. For recreational shooters, such as Breivik, only one gun is allowed in each calibre.

Pamela Geller

In rhetoric and irresponsible/illogical passion Breivik is uniquely similar to Pamela Geller (http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/profiles/pamela-geller), self-anointed prophet Bradlee Dean (http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2010/fall/pols-nativists-make-common-cause-with-g) and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann both of whom have openly called for a revolution in the USA (Palin: http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2010/spring/they-say-they-want-a-revolution; Bachmann: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/03/23/michele-bachmann-i-want-p_n_178156.html with video; suicides have jumped dramatically among teenagers since Michele entered politics, especially in the last year: http://motherjones.com/politics/2011/07/michele-bachmann-teen-suicide and http://www.alternet.org/newsandviews/article/640053/in_michele_bachmann%27s_district%2C_a_spate_of_gay_teen_suicides/#paragraph4  and http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/anti-gay-bullying-related-teen-suicides-spike-in-bachmanns-district/politics/2011/07/26/24357).  Breivik’s antimulticulturalism follows that of pseudo-intellectual, pseudo-environmentalist and strong supporter of David Duke’s Khristian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (for whom he writes) Frosty Wooldridge (b. 1947) is neither a highly educated man nor a gifted writer.  

Grand Dragon David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan website

Wooldridge graduated with a BA in Journalism from Michigan State University in 1970, moving on to Grand Valley State University from which he graduated in English with a teaching certificate in 1973.  Wooldridge is a transparent racist and Islamophobe.  

Frosty Wooldridge

Wooldridge has rifled in on the poverty of Detroit, blaming the loss of jobs in what once was the car manufacturing capital of the world, on Muslims, Blacks and other minorities, claiming that the plight of poverty is the result of overpopulation rather than a hostile work environment and a diminishing education system underfunded b y the government that favors private schools. Concerning Detroit, Wooldridge, with neither historical knowledge nor any reliable research skills blithely in ignorance and invidiousness rancorously writes: “Illiteracy plus Islam equals walking human bombs”, “minority women birthed eight to 10 and in one case, one birthed 24 kids [sic] by the Detroit Free Press—all on American taxpayer dollars”. “A new child meant a new car payment, new TV and what ever mom wanted” at http://wesurroundthemcentrecounty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/detroit-michigan, and against Aid to Dependent Children.  In searching through Detroit Free Press archives 1831-2010, there has never been one article of any mother giving birth to 24 children.  Frosty is given to excessive exaggerations, idiosyncratic and illusory illustrations, yet his articles are published by hundreds of far-right-wing organizations on the internet such as that of Peter Trippett of Lemont Pennsylvania’s 9-12 Project of Central Pennsylvania http://wesurroundthemcentrecounty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/detroit-michigan where the claim is that the site represents American before September 11, 2001 but prohibits racism (but includes it with Frosty’s frothings), and http://stupidfrogs.org/articles/detroit_and_multiculturalism.htm including the fake snopes.com at http://message.snopes.com/showthread.pho?t=71041. No private site or blog deified Wooldridge more than that of David Duke.  Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Duke provides the most virulent propaganda mill for Wooldridge and other hate-mongers.  Duke is unique, claiming to have a PhD, but it is a certificate received September 2005 (a Kandidat Nauk) in History from the Міжрегіональна Академія управління персоналом (МАУП) [Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (MAUP)].  The “institution” is a private school founded in 1989.  MAUP is openly a racist and an anti-Semitic organization.  In 2008, the U.S. State Department published its “Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism: A Report Provided to the United States Congress” and singled out MAUP when it stated the Ukrainian-based organization “is one of the most persistent anti-Semitic institutions in Eastern Europe”.  None of its faculty reads, speaks or writes English (a private school is rare in the Ukraine and most are owned by USA firms for profit and are known as degree mills). 

During October 6, 2004 hearing of the Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2004 and Designations of Countries of Particular Concern before the Committee on International Relations of the United States Congress, the MAUP was called “[t]he most troubling development” in Ukraine and it was asserted that it receives “significant funding from Arab and Muslim states” {2005 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom 2004 and Designations of Countries of Particular Concern.  Hearing before the Committee on International Relations House of Representatives, One Hundred Eighth Congress, Second Session, October 6, 2004. Serial No. 108–154}[On June 3, the MAUP sponsored a one-day conference entitled “Zionism As the Biggest Threat to Modern Civilization” attended by the former Ku Klux Klan leader and former Republican Louisiana State Representative David Duke of the United States. In August 2005, the MAUP awarded Duke with a Kandidat Nauk degree in History {http://www.adl.org/learn/extremism_in_america_updates/individuals/david_duke/david_duke_20051103.htm}, and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko Condemns Anti-Semitic Academy “MAUP” (NCSJ at http://www.ncsj.org/AuxPages/120105MAUP.shtml#NCSJ) December 06, 2005; cf. http://www.adl.org/main_Anti_Semitism_International/maup_ukraine.htm whose degrees are spurious and openly admits MAUP’s strong ties with Iran; cf. the Duke degree justified by Duke at: http://www.davidduke.com/general/david-duke-achieves-doctorate-in-ukraine_394.html).  

Duke’s doctoral thesis (a lecture paper), written in English (Duke does not know Ukrainian nor Russian), was entitled “Zionism as a Form of Ethnic Supremacism.” on the Ku Klux Klan’s website http://www.davidduke.com/index.php?s=By+Frosty+Wooldridge&submit. With KKK David Duke highlighting an article by Wooldridge claiming that “The Next 20 Years in America: We Are SO Underprepared for Our Future” claiming that 72 million immigrants [it does not say “illegal” immigrants] will enter the USA within 25 years [2036] that it will be impossible to provide food, housing, healthcare and jobs “when we cannot provide jobs for 15 million of our own citizens today”. 

Wooldridge would welcome a return to the days of Joe McCarthy and Richard M. Nixon’s Age of Fear where a communist was expected to be found under every bed and in every bed, and the entire nation under investigation by the cross-dressing/transgender first head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Herbert Hoover who controlled every president of the USA when he was in power: the tortured trademark of the libertarian in the USA (http://wesurroundthemcentrecounty.ning.com/profiles/blogs/detroit-michigan).  It is difficult to ascertain, initially, if Wooldridge is just deluded or a deliberate copyist, plagiarizing and distorting reality, as with his alleged quote that he claims comes from Benjamin Franklin, when in fact it is from fellow-libertarian author and frequent contributor to Playboy, American Spectator, and Investor’s Business Daily, and occasionally the Sacramento Bee (1994), taking it from his own book Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty (1994, p. 333) while claiming (without definition or citations) criticisms of his work at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:James_Bovard.

Far from being a reputable scholar, Wooldridge preaches, as does Breivik, that multiculturalism has led “Europeans’ [to be] Guillotined from Their Cultures” (article David Duke put up on September 10, 2009, while blasting those who criticize his “research” as “crazy humans”: http://newswithviews.com/Wooldridge/frosty683.htm, where it is but a click to David Duke’s articles “Is Russia the Key to White Survival” (http://www.davidduke.com/general/is-russia-the-key-to-white-survival_18.html) and “The Lies of Globalism” and “Hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism”(http://www.davidduke.com/general/the-hypocrisy-of-jewish-supremacism_12.html), while arguing “Should Christians Support Israel?” (http://www.davidduke.com/general/evangelicals-who-serve-the-anti-christ-2_6.html): Duke’s response is that Israelis are not Christians and thus do not deserve support or protection (with more hate at http://newswithviews.com/ whose self-proclaimed “pastors” agree with Breivik and his massacre of innocent children in the name of Christ; the site argues against paper currency in favor of gold, is virulently anti-Obama, suggests that iodine is the ultimate cure, and, according to “Attorney Jonathan Emord, JD” “Founding Fathers wisely chose to disarm the federal government: http://newswithviews.com/Emord/jonathan202.htm; he took his JD in 1985 from DePaul University (a Roman Catholic university in Chicago known for its opposition to free speech: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/greg-lukianoff/the-12-worst-colleges-for_b_814706.html#s230523&title=SUNY_BinghamtonBinghamton_New), and in the citation given at Wikipedia, the citations do not refer to fact; he is a member of the far-right Koch Brothers purchased and supported Cato Institute). 

The biggest problem that faces immigrants is their inability to speak their host nation’s language.  Nor knowing the host nation’s language causes not only separation between people but raises the level of intolerance especially when words are mistranslated or interpreted and given wrongful meanings and judgments.  Such weak knowledge leads of confusion, violence and wars and most commonly to new distortion as seen daily in the Rupert Murdoch publishing and broadcast empire: from Fox News to the Wall Street Journal and Washington Times (a problem uncovered when telephone conversations were hijacked at News International and News of the World where eavesdropping (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jul/28/phone-hacking-sarah-payne) was commonplace (see: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2011/07/28/news-of-the-world-phone-hacking-sara-payne-believed-to-be-targeted.html?om_rid=NsflBB&om_mid=_BOMb6VB8chCvws  and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/07/13/phone-hacking-rupert-murdoch-news-international-b-sky-b-inquiry_n_896777.html; http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/26/world/europe/26murdoch.html, and http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2011/07/16/157874.html; on Rebekah Brooks of News of the World read:

Sarah Payne (left) and Rebekah Brooks (right; for Rupert Murdoch)

http://www.newsweek.com/2011/07/17/the-rise-and-fall-of-news-of-the-world-executive-rebekah-brooks.html; for Ms. Brooks’ web of high-influential people see: http://www.newsweek.com/2011/07/17/rebekah-s-web.html).

Fox News used the domestic terror attack in Oslo, Norway to say the words “Muslim,” “Islamic,” and “Al Qaeda” a total of 15 times in this five-​minute news segment, which was loaded with falsehoods, including that Norway was unprepared (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/fox-news-uses-norway-attack-to-say-islamic-muslim-al-qaeda-15-times/politics/2011/07/24/24231which contains a video of the “report”) — a rather hypocritical comment coming from the speaker, former Bush administration State Department official Christian Whiton. The Bush administration up until 9/​11 had no interest in terrorism.

Breivik walking toward island camp ground

For the record, the Oslo, Norway attack was allegedly by Norwegian right-​wing “Christian fundamentalist” Anders Breivik, whose actions even prior to the bombing and shooting that left over 90 people dead, could be described as similar to America’s Tea Party, even calling for the formation of a “cultural Euro-​Tea Party.”  Breivik, repeatedly, called himself a Christian crusader, affirmed his belief in Jesus (as a warrior messiah) and God.  What many have forgotten, or chose to ignore is Jesus’ message that he came to this planet “to bring a sword” and not peace (Matthew 10:34-36: μη νομισητε οτι ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην επι την γην ουκ ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην αλλα μαχαιραν ηλθον γαρ διχασαι ανθρωπον κατα του πατρος αυτου και θυγατερα κατα της μητρος αυτης και νυμφην κατα της πενθερας αυτης και εχθροι του ανθρωπου οι οικειακοι αυτου) a passage both Martin Luther and Adolf Hitler recited before going to war.

Brigitte Gabriel speaking to Tea Party Sept 2010 (photo by Matt Nager for NYT)

The USA is ripe for a similar attack as in Norway, especially with the ranting of Brigitte Gabriel (Author of Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America (2006) and They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It (2008). Co-producer and co-host of weekly ACT! for America television show; she sends out regular internet blogs, distorting the essays by those who are opposed to her rigid anti-Islam, and is constantly asking for donations) she is Founder and head of ACT! for America and American Council for Truth, exaggerating and outright lying about the “Islamic threat” and, alone, has focused on building a grassroots organization, claiming 155,000 members [without verification or willingness to release the names of its members] and 500 chapters around the country.

Questions persist about the accuracy of Gabriel’s autobiographical account of being a victim of Muslim militancy in Lebanon.  Gabriel claims that: “America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America. They have infiltrated us at the C.I.A., at the F.B.I., at the Pentagon, at the State Department.” — quoted in The New York Times, March 7, 2011 (online at http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/08/us/08gabriel.html).

Gabriel speaks regularly to the Tea Party, and advocates the silencing of Muslims and those who dissent from her flagrant crusade of hate.  Her website is among the most diabolic internet propaganda mills, publishing material from known Islamaphobes and those who espouse a “Christian America.”

Peter T. King (R-NY)

Representative Peter T. King (R-NY) is as avid an anti-Muslim as Gabriel.  King has turned the USA Congress into a circus of veiled threats, insults, and outright lies, following the duplicity of former US Senator Joe McCarthy (R-WI).  King hosts Congressional hearings on “covert” Muslim activities in the USA, and when Muslims who were born in the USA respond that there is none, he boils over to the point of raving lunacy.

King has appeared with Gabriel and co-host Guy Rodgers (executive director of ACT! He was a Republican consultant who helped to build the Christian Coalition for the far right.  Rodgers previously served as campaign manager for Patrick J. Buchanan’s presidential run in 1996 and as a consultant for John McCain in 2008). 

Gabriel and Rodgers hate speech is echoed by Pamela Geller (founder, editor and publisher of Atlas Shrugs.com and executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). Both groups are recognized hate organizations (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cair-asks-alaska-lawmaker-to-drop-hate-group-leader-as-witness-118851719.html and http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/07/sioa-is-an-anti-muslim-hate-group/ which advocates the murder of Muslims in the USA and abroad and that Palestine is the property of the Jews “because the Bible tells us so”; ref. http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-files/profiles/pamela-geller).  The Bible actually states that the Habiru (Hebrews) stole the land from the Palestinians during the invasion of Joshua and his army (Joshua 2:1-24).

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, a Roman Catholic and director of Jihad Watch, a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (one of the major hate centers in the USA; on Spencer and Horowitz, see: http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2011/summer/the-anti-muslim-inner-circle) who claims that Christianity is a religion of peace but Islam is not, ignoring the Christian crusades from 1095-1492, The Thirty Years War (1618-1648; for a brief history review http://www.indepthinfo.com/history/30-years-war.htm), and the http://www.indepthinfo.com/history/30-years-war.htm), the Huguenot wars in France (1562-1598), as well as the Peasants

Luther Bundschuh (16th century woodcut); greasing the Peasants' boot during the Peasants' War - the 'buntschuch' was the symbol of their rebellion. In fact, Luther was to use his status as a theologian to condone the slaughter of the 'marauding' peasants by their princes' armies.

War in Germany in May 1525, Martin Luther called on German nobility to “stab, kill, slay … all peasants … in secret or … in public”; ref. Luther, Martin (1525). Wider die räuberischen und mörderischen Rotten der Bauern, in which Luther wrote: “anyone who is killed fighting on the side of the rulers may be a true martyr in the eyes of God” and “Steche, schlage, würge hie, wer da kann. Bleibst du darüber tot, wohl dir, einen seligeren Tod kannst du nimmer mehr erlangen.” (“Stab, beat, throttle whoever can. Stay you dead for this, you can not achieve a more blessed death.”) From Luther über die aufständischen Bauern, Weimarer Ausgabe 18, p. 357 f.), and Walid Shoebat, who claims to have been “a radicalized jihadist.”   

Ralph Reed (who seeks the overthrow of the Constitution of the USA) and televangelist Pat Robertson (whom Gabriel served as an anchor on his Christian network in the Middle East) have cited Islam as determined to bring down the USA and the need to further a Christian jihad:  the Dallas, TX based Campus Crusade for Christ (popularly known on campuses as Cru) that has the identical purpose and philosophy as Islamic conversion groups), where radicals (primarily evangelical fundamentalists, especially among Pentecostals, Adventists, Southern Baptists, Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church Synod (WELS) and other radical sects who are seeking what Michele Bachmann describes as “Christian Reconstruction”, see: http://www.alternet.org/story/151751/christian_jihad_why_we_should_worry_about_right-wing_terror_attacks_like_norway%27s_in_the_us_?akid=7309.92205.Oqn3FT&rd=1&t=22.

Pentecostal pastor Ruben Diaz

In the USA, the pledge of a blood-soaked pogrom promises to break out at any time, with NY State Senator and Pentecostal preacher Rubén Díaz openly and publicly threatening judges who performed same-​sex marriages on Sunday in New York.  Along with other Pentecostal, Diaz has literally declared war on same-​sex married couples in New York, and threatened to have their marriages annulled, but neither the people of New York nor the New York legislature agreed with Diaz. Hundreds of same-​sex marriages were performed in New York State Sunday, the first day the new marriage equality law went into effect.  Diaz proclaimed, speaking Spanish, “We’re going to show them next week that everything they did today was illegal,” according to ABC News, and again, while at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) anti-​gay hate rally in front of the Governor’s NYC office Sunday: “Today we start the battle! Today we start the war!”

Phyllis Siegel, 76 (right) and spouse Connie Kopelov 84 (left) first gay couple married in NY (Photo: Joao Costa/Yahoo! News)

Diaz’ declaration of war is neither singular nor the only one on the internet or in the press.  It is quite common in sparsely populated states where education is weak, and politics are for profit, with the Tea Party in charge (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/meet-the-man-who-wants-to-lynch-same-sex-couples/bigotry-watch/2010/07/27/11984). 

Larry Adams Ministry to Gays sign

Larry Adams “reads” the Bible he claims, and he says that he reads the bible religiously and regularly.  Larry Adams, however, concentrates on the Old Testament’s message of hate, and seldom finds time to read the New Testament and has no idea of what Jesus ever said about people who are born gay.  Larry Adams admits that he has never read Matthew 7:1 nor Acts 10:24—and has as much understanding of what the Bible says as a fetus, but founded the Cross Bearer Ministry (http://www.bilerico.com/2010/07/nom_bus_rolls_into_indianapolis.php complete with videos).  So in love with the Bible’s message of killing those who “change the order” (misreading Romans 1:26) of sex, Adams put up a billboard identical to those in Iran: hang homosexuals.

Ariel Torres Ortega preaching a gospel of hate, claiming that god wants all gays killed.

On Sunday, May 15, 2011, At Sunday’s anti-​gay marriage rally in New York City, sponsored by the National Organization For Marriage, one pastor, Rev. Ariel Torres Ortega of Radio Visión Cristiana, told the several thousand people in attendance that gays not only should but must die or that his god would visit plagues and pestilences upon the earth that shielded them (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/kill-the-gays-nyc-gays-should-die-says-pastor-at-nom-marriage-rally/politics/2011/05/16/20285) . Torres Ortega, like other evangelical, can quickly cite every line in his Bible that shows that his god is merciless, full of wrath and hatred, and dictatorially demands that those who would be saved into a sterile paradise where the only activity was prayer and praise, bow before his laws.  The fanatical fundamentalist’s rally was headlined by New York State Senator and Reverend Rubén Díaz, who spoke just minutes after Rev. Ariel Torres Ortega, with many smoldering signers passed out  hand-written “kill the gays” letters to the pandering pastor Diaz, noting that he has the ability to introduce a bill supporting Rev. Ortega’s beliefs.

While Torres Ortega claims to be a Christian, he does not cite any Christian scripture for his verbal attacks on Christians.  Instead Torres Ortega heralds hell-fires bursting as he barks biased and badly translated passages from the non-Christian Old Testament, with the Book of Leviticus being a Bible of its own and worth more to him than the Psalms or Proverbs: “Committing sexual acts between man and man. And [sic {a conjunction cannot be used to begin a sentence}] receiving the retribution of the things that they have done from straying away. And [sic] because they did not take God in count. God gave them over to reprimand their mind to do things that are not right, being against all justice, fornication, perversity, aberrations, malignity…those who practice such things are worthy to death, not only do they do it, but those who also practice it. God bless this earth. That is the word of God.”  Not once has Torres Ortega admitted to having read Ezekiel 16:49. His bible demands death.  Torres Ortega’s Bible is not the word of God; at best it is poorly translated plagiarism from ancient Habiru hate after the theft of the lands of previously possessed by Palestinians and Phoenicians.

Jadon Higganbothan

In the first week of July 2011, self-styled Pentecostal preacher Peter Lucas Moses, 27, who is among many Blacks who believe they are a part of a lost tribe of ancient Israel, shot to death his four-year old step son Jadon Higganbothan, thinking that the child might be gay. The Pentecostal pastor also shot to death a 28-​year old woman, Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy, after beating and strangling her with an extension cord before Peter Lucas Moses murdered her, quoting scripture and blasting the sins of mortals—fearing she might be a lesbian and wanted to leave his cult of Black Hebrews of Israel (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/religious-leader-shoots-4-year-old-boy-to-death-because-he-might-be-gay/news/2011/07/08/23361, cf. http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/79e78ef3c143466a891de3f8f69e9bb1/NC–Polygamist-Sect-Missing-Members/) .

Kevin Backus

On July 26, 2011, Pastor Kevin Backus at the Buffalo, New York National Organization For Marriage (NOM) anti-​gay hate rally, made the historically inaccurate claim that establishing same-​sex marriage “is just like the Soviet Union’s efforts to abolish marriage” (which the Soviet Union neither did nor introduced for legislative discussion).  Backus (he earned his degree in “Biblical counseling” (closely representing the online-purchased degree from Union college of Cincinnati, OH, by Marcus Bachmann who preachificates that he is a therapist who will “pray away gay”) at Whitefield Theological Seminary “an unaccredited conservative Reformed seminary located in Lakeland, Florida …  Whitefield Theological Seminary has no permanent faculty and degrees offered entirely through distance-​learning,” http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Backus/100000880679199).  Like Diaz who calls the separation of church and state a lie (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/diaz-aide-senator-says-on-gay-marriage-no-separation-of-church-and-state/politics/2011/05/16/20268) and other would-be USA dictators, does not believe in the separation of state and church (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/nom-pastor-at-ny-rally-gay-marriage-is-just-like-the-soviet-union/politics/2011/07/26/24398), Backus repeats the line by Michele Bachmann, declaring that the USA was originally established as a theocracy after that presumed to be the government of ancient Israel, as taught by self-ordained Heavy Metal Rocker and drummer Bradlee Dean. Whether of not the Soviet Union attempted to do so (scholars are at odds on this,) the idea comes straight from none other than Rush Limbaugh himself who made the same analogy when Iowa embraced same-​sex marriage, banning discrimination from its constitution (Story #6 at http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_040309/content/01125104.guest.html).

Diaz, like the Norwegian mass murderer, feels that any “disrespect” shown to the Roman Catholic church is an attack upon religion, and to call for marriage equality that the Roman Catholic churches denounces is an attack not only on that church but its god (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/ny-senator-governor-insulted-catholics-with-gay-marriage-bill-calls-for-resignation/asides/2009/04/17/1796) and called for then-governor David Paterson to resign (http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/ny-senator-governor-insulted-catholics-with-gay-marriage-bill-calls-for-resignation/asides/2009/04/17/1796).  Diaz should resign, as he was elected to serve all of his constituents, including Jews, agnostics, and others, but only represents evangelical Christians; but, he will not, for identical to Adolf Hitler who religiously followed the writings of Martin Luther, he will stay for the ultimate kill.  As Luther wrote six hundred years ago:

Wie es unmöglich ist, daß die Aglaster ihr Hüpfen und Getzen läßt, die Schlange ihr Stechen: so wenig läßt der Jude von seinem Sinn, Christen umzubringen, wo er nur kann.”  (Tischreden. Erlanger Ausgabe der Werke Luthers, Bd. 62, S. 375)

Darumb wisse Du, lieber Christ, und Zweifel nichts dran, daß Du, nähest nach dem Teufel, keinen bittern, giftigern, heftigern Feind habest, denn einen rechten Jüden, der mit Ernst ein Jüde sein will.” (Luther: Handbuch der Judenfrage, S. 182)

Luther’s anti-Semitic stereotypes gave rise to his fantasies of massive exterminations and annihilation so equal to that of Diaz, Torres, Limbaugh and those on the far right of evangelical fundamentalism, especially the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Churches in the USA (WELS).  Here is the beginning of Luther’s seven-point plan:

Ich will meinen treuen Rat geben.  Erstlich, daß man ihre Synagoge oder Schule mit Feuer anstecke, und was nicht verbrennen will, mit Erde überhäufe und beschütte, daß kein Mensch einen Stein oder Schlacke davon sehe ewiglich.. Zum andern, daß man auch ihre Häuser desgleichen zerbreche und zerstöre. Denn sie treiben eben dasselbige darin, was sie in ihren Schulen treiben …”  (Luther: Von den Jüden und ihren Lügen. Erlanger Ausg. Bd. 32 S. 233-238)

GOP debate June 14, 2011: From left, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and businessman Herman Cain stand on stage before first New Hampshire Republican presidential debate at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Monday, June 13, 2011. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

All that is necessary now is to substitute “Moslem” or “homosexual” or any other word that represents a threat to evangelical fundamentalists extremists like Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, Tim Pawlenty, Herman Cain, or the other would-be world dictators.  They stand behind their Bibles and their religions as do demigoguering Ruben Diaz, Keith Ratliff Sr or Bob Vander Plaats of Iowa, and their ilk.  All have been silent on Anders Behring Breivik and his confession of doing the work of god.

What is obvious about the new Fourth Reich is that it is more gruesome and cruel than the Third Reich.  Both are the results of racism and sexism that became disguises for hatred of religion or lack of religion, and political and sexual xenophobia (cp. http://www.thenation.com/article/162270/europes-homegrown-terrorists?rel=emailNation).  In short, it is the result of a narrow focus more fitting with the legend of the Tower of Babel (Hebrew: מגדל בבל‎ Migdal Bavel Arabic: برج بابل‎ Burj Babil) in Genesis 11, where an evil and spitefully segregationist deity filled with hatred of people working together, living together, and being a part of a world community, damned them by emphasizing separate tongues, cultures, customs, and codices.  It was in the myth and today a story of the rejection of the community of mortals as a single and singular people.

4 comments to Fourth Reich: USA Tea Party, Anders Behring Breivik, Evangelical Christian extremism and the death of Democracy

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  • Jim C.  says:

    RE the author’s dig at Frosty Wooldridge: Anyone who claims to be an environmentalist, yet downplays overpopulation as a root cause of environmental ruin, is not facing the evidence. Claiming that Wooldridge is mainly motivated by racial prejudice is a shallow analysis of the overpopulation crisis.

    There are 80 MILLION more people on the Earth each year and it’s a finite planet, with ecological limits that we’ve already breached (see “ecological footprint” studies). Also, jobs ARE being lost in many cases because there are more people than available work. Too much of the economy is based on unsustainable, mindless growth. Peak Oil has derailed expectations of endless growth and shattered the plan. If people keep breeding as before, the mess will only get deeper, with no cheap energy source to sustain expected lifestyles.

    • arthuride  says:

      No where do I claim that people are not the greatest enemy of the environment. To the contrary, I have written that mortal beings will destroy this planet out of and because of their own greed, as seen in their outward actions of deforestation, water pollution, overpopulation (Thomas Malthus wrote best about this curse, noting that the only “corrective forces” are war, pestilence, and starvation–but he could have been more optomistic and cited the need to make available birth control (Sanger), abortion, approval of homosexuality (nature’s most perfect form of birth control), etc.

      You are correct it is because of the ever burgeoning population that the earth is a time bomb soon to explode, but that is because religions such as evangelical Christianity (e.g. Rick Santorum), and Roman Catholicism argue that “god will provide” (e.g. John Paul II and Benedict XVI) for the needs of mortals while millions starve and every day thousands die from lack of food and other basic necessities.

      Do read my articles on the disappearing forests (especially in Peru and Brasil), water pollution, over population, and so forth. I support educating all people in the need for zero population growth, and shortly will release my article on “One child per family” as is officially practiced in Mainland China.

      There is no such thing as cheap energy–as energy, by its own nature–is costly and can pollute. The best thing to happen is increased windmills (they are condemned by Donald Trump as eyesoars), solar panels, etc. Thank you for your comments.

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