Iowa’s Republicanazis crater to the bottom of Trump’s swamp

Rita Hart lost her seat in Congress by 6 votes

A majority of Iowans delight in white nationalism euphemistically styled “America First,” and white supremacy. A major Klavern of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is headquartered in Boone, Iowa. A primary cell of the American Nazi Party is found in Charles City, Iowa. The KKK has openly worn their robes and called on ICE to remove Latino workers (basically, Mexican) from the Postville meat packing plant, and the American Nazis have marched through Waterloo, Eldora, Iowa Falls, and other communities in Iowa where die-hard Trumpians unfurl and fly Trump flags and vow the whites will rule until their god returns drenched in blood. This promise was confirmed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Republicanazis Ashley Hinso and Mairannette Miller-Meeks who won a seat in Congress by six votes1 October 9, 2021, where the Donald Trump spoke extolling himself and his administration in front of people who saw him as their god’s Chosen One.

Thousands of supporters gather for former president Trump’s rally in Des Moines, IA Oct 9, 2021

Iowa is the fifth most racist state in the union until October 10, 2021, but now it is at the bottom of the Trumpian swamp with Republicanazi Governor Kim Reynolds, Republicanazi Charles (Chuck) Grassley, and Republicanazi Representative to Congress Ashley Hinson and Mariannette Miller-Meeks attending the “America First” event in Des Moines. They said nothing at first2but applauded the twice-impeached, two-time loser of the popular vote, serial rapist, three-times divorced, lying Trump’s racism claiming it “is not evil” to the hate-fate of Haitian migrants that have been rounded up like cattle to be deported back to a broken-government filled with corruption so similar to Trump’s failed administration.

Iowa pro-Choice voters support abortion rights

Republicanazi Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was at her worse. Following Grassley, the Iowa governor who has done everything possible to increase COVID cases in pursuit of campaign donations as she prematurely opened Iowa bars and businesses, belched that Joe Biden’s administration could be “summed up in three words: inaction, chaos, and crisis” ignoring her own administration’s inaction, chaos, and crisis in every school and divided community in Iowa. Trump’s usual lies about abortion were on full display as he falsely claimed doctors are “ripping babies from their mother’s womb” and adding another falsehood: “And, in fact, killing babies after the birth.”3 Yet, the majority of Iowans believe abortion should be legal in most or all cases.4 Even though the Republicanazis in the state legislature of Iowa was a constitutional amendment banning all abortions, only 31% of Iowans support such a constitutional amendment, with 58% opposed.5

Kim Reynolds (R-IA)

While the genocidal measures Reynolds took to lowering Iowa’s population with her erstwhile COVID responses, and there is growing favor of returning to a mask mandate with half of Iowans object to state law banning mask mandates–an increase since spring,6 Donald trumped Reynolds with the specific false claim that Democrats “used COVID in order to cheat and rig the election of 2020. Among Trump’s other easily disproven lies were that he was “the greatest jobs presiden[t] in the history of the [divided] country even though there was net job loss during his four years in office.7

Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA 2d Congressional district)

Iowa’s worst Representative, Republicanazi Mariannette Miller-Meeks claimed “Apparently Friday’s job numbers are the fault of those who are unvaccinated, not the president,” Miller-Meeks said, drawing jeers from the crowd. “And we have a border crisis. It’s a travesty what’s happening at the border now and we need to build our wall and we need to test everybody for COVID-19 who comes across that border.” Squeaking into a Congressional seat by the slimmest majority, the Republicanazi Miller-Meeksa, a licensed ophthalmologist and member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs continued her lies tweeting a fake story, found at the satirical website Delaware-Ohio News8 that lost its credibility with “reporting” news such as “Archaeologists Discover Little Boy Semen in Michael Jackson’s Tomb” and other fable, about Biden withholding benefits to unvaccinated veterans.[1, https://www.thegazette.com/government-politics/rep-mariannette-miller-meeks-retweets-fake-story-about-biden-withholding-benefits-to-unvaccinated-v/.] Miller-Meeks bases all her judgments on lies, mistruths, and misconceptions. Miller-Meeks is an embarrassment to the state.

Charles Grassley (US Sen. R-IA)

Republicanazi US Senator “Chuck” Grassley furthered the Trumpian lies, braying “President Biden has no border because he stopped building the fence and he invited people into this country in violation of our law.” Grassley, who can no longer  remember why he got into politics and favors term-limits but not for himself9 , and seeking his eighth term in the Senate where terms are for six years,10 neglected to admit that the majority of real Americans are against the wall that Trump was building using funds from the military budget that the DOD did not approve. Later he said nothing about Trump’s endless 43-minute rambling and self-glorification11 while, like robots, his adoring crowd chanted “Trump won!” oblivious to the fact that Trump lost. And, in fact, Trump did concede that he lost.12

Grassley dead pigeon post on Twitter

Grassley is known for posting series of odd tweets about pigeons! bordering on senility tweeted: “If u lost ur pet pidgin /it’s dead in front yard my Iowa farm,” Grassley, an inventive speller at age 87, chirped on Twitter. “JUST DISCOVERED.”13 It was on the day his colleagues were charting the course on replacing Justice Ruth Baer Ginsberg on the Supreme Court.

Ross Wilburn

Ross Wilburn, chair of the Iowa Democratic Party,14 and state representative, said in a statement: “Iowa Republicans have tied themselves to a man who attacked the foundations of our democracy throughout his time in office. Just nine months ago, he incited a violent mob to attack his own Vice President and threaten the lives of lawmakers who were simply fulfilling their constitutional duty to certify our election.” Wilburn is pushing for a bipartisan infrastructure bill to help Iowa and not just vested interests. “The need is evident in Iowa’s crumbling roads and bridges,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Ross Wilburn, a state representative from Ames. He has stood for, and continues to stand for diversity, inclusion, and working with all people regardless of color, race, sex, age, sexual preference, and all other standards of the contemporary Democratic Party.

Ammar Moussa

Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee said in a statement: “The Republican Party remains beholden to a president who oversaw millions of lost jobs, hundreds of thousands of lives lost, and a violent assault on the Capitol and police officers.” Trump supporters at the Iowa rally see “civil war coming” and that Trump “will save the world.”15 No one admitted the pandemic has had increasing deaths because of Trump’s unwillingness to admit its existence in favor of “ratings.” Ammar Moussa, who is from Colorado, and is a millennial campaign staffer that is heling shape the future of Democratic politics. and has no time for the rush of lies and deceits of Republicanazis or those who would overthrow democracy in the USA.16 and earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Colorado–as well as excelling in running cross-country races.


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