Worst than Hitler, Stalin, or Un: Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatens all people living in Texas

Greg Abbott issues draconian law to ban face masks

Governor Greg Abbott rifles in on those who do not bow to his authoritarian despotic dictates like any two-bit gangster. His most recent ukase to continue his program of genocide against Texans, babies, children, and adults, is to threaten bars and restaurants with pulling their liquor licenses if they ask  customers to show proof of vaccination1 using the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission as his private storm troopers. Austin-based restaurants Launderette and Fresa’s earlier this week announced plans to ask patrons show they had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine before entering.2 Shortly afterward, however, the Nazi-controlled Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission called them and sent them a separate letter informing them that requiring proof of vaccination would likely violate a law3 passed by the Nazi-controlled Texas legislature earlier this year that barred vaccine passports in the state.2Earlier Fantastic Fest announce it will require vaccines noting the sharp spike in Delta and COVID-19 cases5 that Abbott and the Republicanazi legislators play down and with no scientific proof claim is not dangerous. The restaurants do not require their staff to be fully vaccinated, according to ownership, but do require any staffer not vaccinated to produce weekly proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Employees are required to wear masks.

Fantastic Fest 2021 will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination: “No vaccine, no Fantastic Fest, no exceptions” in Austin, TX

With more sense and understanding of the pandemic than Abbott or the Republicanazis in the Texas Legislature, Austin Public Health on Thursday released its Stage 5 guidelines for residents at highest risk of severe coronavirus symptoms, which includes those with existing medical issues.

Dr. Debra Walkes, Austin-Travis County Health Authority

Abbotts ghoulish goal of eliminating masks put children and babies at high risk. Dr. Desmar Walkes, Austin-Travis County Health Authority, said Thursday that health leaders are seeing an increase in pediatric coronavirus infections throughout the Austin area, especially among children younger than 12 who currently do not qualify for a vaccine. The CDC says children who are 2 years and older should be wearing masks in indoor public spaces. A child who is younger than 2 years old, or cannot wear a mask for another reason, should be limited from visiting with people who are not vaccinated. They should also stay at least 6 feet from others in public. 6 Austin Public Health is giving out $25 H-E-B gift cards to anyone who gets a coronavirus vaccination at the agency’s free clinics. If you get your first and second shots through Austin Public Health, you can earn a total of $50 to shop at H-E-B. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has come under fire in recent days for refusing to back down from his stance against mask and vaccination mandates even as he asked overrun Texas hospitals to stop performing elective surgeries until the current wave of COVID-19 hospitalizations ends. Fortunately, a Texas judge (Clay Jenkins) found the guts to issue a temporary restraining order against Gov. Abbott’s ban on mask mandates, allowing schools to    require same mask mandates as children7 return to school and coronavirus infections continue to rise8 Abbott is now begging for out-of-state medical  help as dozen of hospitals9 are out of ICU beds as doctors and nurses are quitting10 realizing that Abbott is doing nothing to help them in Abbott’s battered state and other states where Republicanazis control the state legislature.11 It is tragic that Abbott received both vaccinations, so he will not have to pay the price for his stupidity. As COVID continues to spike, the Republicanazi governor as asking the federal government to  help whereas previously the scorned any federal aid.12 Florida and Texas account for 40% of all new hospitalizations.13

A breath of hope for Texas

On Thursday, The Dallas Morning News reported that Dallas County had reported 1,009 new COVID-19 cases while Tarrant County reported 815 new cases.14  Even more distressing in that report was that, according to the Morning News, there were zero ICU beds for children available. One of the issues is that there are currently “343 COVID-19 patients on ventilators.” The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council told the Morning News that the majority of the patients they are seeing have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Dallas Judge Clay Jenkins

It was with this reality in mind that Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced15 on Wednesday that Dallas County schools would defy Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s anti-mask attacks, and that masks would once again be mandatory in schools, government buildings, and businesses. Judge Jenkins did this by issuing an emergency executive order, explaining, “Your personal freedom is important to me and to you, but your personal freedom doesn’t come to harming your neighbors.” All anti-maskers and all antivaxxer and their children must be denied entrance into all hospitals and medical clinics if they are stricken with COVID-19 or its variants, refused attention by all doctors, nurses, and other health practioneers, and be rejected by all pharmacies to buy any medicine. Anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers chose to play “Russian roulette” and deserve to die alone.

Dallas county commissioners vote to limit Judge Jenkins emergency powers authority over rising figures of COVID among students.

Nazi Dallas County Commissioners voted unanimously to limit Judge Jenkins authority and in favor of more Dallas citizens dying of the virus Trump ignored for a year. 16 The Nazi Dallas County Commissioners would not extend the “safer at home” order beyond April 30, 2021.17 A small radicalized group of parents went to court in Fort Worth, Texas, blocking a mask mandate in schools, realizing that the masks could save lives but arguing that their children did not need to be saved by big government. On August 13, 2021, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals said Governor Greg Abbott cannot take away the power of local government leaders to manage local disasters, ruling in favor of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, and thumbing it judicial nose at the stupidity of the Dallas County Commissioners.18 Jenkins quickly issued a mask mandate after Tuesday’s court victory, which Gov. Abbott and the attorney general then appealed. That appeal by Abbott and Paxton was denied by the court Friday.19

Trump supporter and anti-masker Jennifer Treger, age 38, is among four parents in Fort Worth ISD who sought to stop the school district from requiring masks. She said it should be up to parents. “And they should get to decide what is best for their own child. It doesn’t need to be a school or a district or a government. I am such a firm believer that parents get to have say over what they think is best for their own child.” She implied that her judgment should be applied to all children and parents.20 Jennifer Treger can now rejoice as COVID is rising in the schools, students are getting sick, and a few are dying to celebrate Treger’s win. When children die of COVID in Fort Worth, Treger must be charged with their premeditated murder, tried, and when convicted given the maximum penalty by law.

Judge Antonia Artega ruled against Abbott and Paxton and for schools

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, a valiant Bexar County judge, Judge Antonia Arteaga, issued a temporary restraining order against the state, allowing public official in the San Antonio area to issue mask-wearing mandates.21 A morning tweet from Mayor Ron Nirenberg said the lawsuit against the governor is to restore local control to address COVID-19. “Unvaccinated kids shouldn’t be forced to gamble with their lives while the deck is stacked against them,” his tweet read.[1, https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/san-antonio-bexar-county-sue-gov-abbott-to-restore-local-control-to-address-covid-19/273-a627887e-1085-4756-b4bb-f646c5546768.]

Indicted,22 lawless23 and criminal24 Attorney General Ken Paxton was booked on three felony securities fraud charges in Texas Monday morning. Facing securities fraud charges, Texas Attorney Ken Paxton turned himself in at a jail in Collin County, Texas, Monday morning, August 3, 2015. A grand jury recently indicted Paxton on three felony charges that accuse him of misleading investors into a technology company. “Two of the charges — first-degree felony securities fraud — carry the possibility of hefty jail sentences,” reported NPR’s member station KUT in Austin.25 KUT adds, “Paxton can legally remain in office while under indictment, as the case could take years to run through trials and appeals.” As the Two-Way reported, the charges also accuse Paxton of failing to register as an investment adviser or representative.26

Twice-impeached, two-time-loser of the popular vote ex-President Trump endorses indicted TX Attorney General Ken Paxton

Attorney General Ken Paxton promised to fight the injunction,27 preferring to see more Texans die. Paxton and Abbott must be tried for genocide, and when convicted, Paxton and Abbott must be executed for mass murder and genocide.28 It is more crucial now as the Lambda Variant now is sending Texans to the hospital.29 Thursday, August 12, 2021, COVID jumped to a new high: 283 new cases, and four deaths in Southeast Texas, with 211 new hospitalizations in Jefferson County.30 As of August 14, 2021, Texas recorded and announced 3,310,0000 million cases (it is thought to be under-cutted) and 54,353 deaths: Harris (Houston) county reported 6,829 deaths and 450,000 cases, Dallas (Dallas) county reported 329,000 cases (a rise of 1009 cases), and 4,232 deaths, Tarrant (Fort Worth) county reported 284,000 cases and 3,696 deaths,, Bexar (San Antonio) County reported 260,000 cases and 3,754 deaths, and El Paso (El Paso City) county reported 140,000 cases and 2,765 deaths.31

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4 comments to Worst than Hitler, Stalin, or Un: Texas Governor Greg Abbott threatens all people living in Texas

  • joe  says:

    All Abbot is trying to do is set himself up as a major contender for the RNC choice as a presidential candidate in ’24. That is if trump doesn’t stick his ass into the race. He and DeSantis are both vying for the position and are tar8ing to out best each other to be trump’s biggest ass kisser That’s all tbis is.

    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      Abbott and DeSantis are both finding communities, counties, and citizens fighting back against their wish to be seen as a younger Trump and their supporters are being openly mocked. There is a new feeling for them and their COVID denial with many people reeling in reality and writing messages similar to this: ALL anti-maskers and ALL anti-vaccine idiots must never be admitted to any hospital or clinic and all doctors and nurses and other health professionals must never help them–except to shove them into rooms where COVID people are dying. All anti-maskers must be arrested and tried for attempted murder and when found guilty all anti-maskers must be imprisoned in a room with dying COVID patients, and if they have children, the children must be taken away and made wards of the state. (as seen online) Tempers are boiling and the anti-maskers and anti-vaxxer are claiming that they have a right to hospitals and doctors since they pay taxes (that does not count with private hospitals who receive no tax support) and go online, Facebook, Twitter, etc. complaining they were “disillusion” and cry out for help–and GoFundMe to pay their funeral expenses. I have to sympathy for them.

  • Sami Swan Thompson  says:

    I will never understand the Republican Party’s fondness for Trump. We knew the truth about him decades ago, so he held zero appeal for us. Contrary to his claims to the contrary, Trump never built a single successful business; however, he did succeed in ruining previously profitable businesses, which were subsequently bailed out by his father. Trump ran confidence games (“cons”), in which he lied to gullible people about his personal assets, his company’s success, the fabulous profits to be made. Trump had burnt so many bridges in his business by not paying his debts – a lot of small businesses were screwed by him – that word got out; soon, people of quality refused to work for him, and banks stopped lending him money because he didn’t pay his loans back. That’s why he started borrowing money from Russian banks – no American banks would deal with him.

    I couldn’t decide whether his most bizarre behavior stemmed from his overuse of Adderall in combination with other medications, or if he was having a psychotic break. His election to office (and continued, rabid support) confirms the enduring hypocrisy of the RNC. All that fuss over Bill Clinton’s alleged misdeeds, yet they ignore Trump’s history of sexual assaults on young women? Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

    Please keep writing, Art. We can’t let these fanatics rewrite history to suit themselves.


    • Arthur Frederick Ide  says:

      Abbott and his Republicanazis is what is stopping us from moving to Texas. Those who love liberty and equality should ban together and sue Abbott for genocide. Abbott, DeathSantis, and all the others that act as divine right kings and ban masks and support anti-vaxxers should be removed from office; unfortunately, because they identify with white christian evangelicals who are in the minority, will never be held accountable for their dastardly death-seeking crimes against humanity.

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