Hypocrisy in Low Places; how lying can get you anywhere, from Bush to Obama, from Powell to Kerry

Every politician acts as if he or she is god and ordained to pose limits, restrictions, obstacles and blocks in the way of actually representing voters and those who do not vote out of fear of reprisal, reprimand, denial, denigration, or assassination by the chosen one. Every two years millions go to the pools to push a button, pull a lever, write in, or press some small space to elect those who claim, subtly, supernatural insight into the rights and wrongs of people. No where is this more obvious than the USA where not a single president of the country was always honest with the people of central North America block of land that spans from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, from Canada to the United States of Mexico.

George Washington was first in a long series of liars (from the fabrication of Parson Weems who invented “I cannot tell a lie, pa”) to claims that he prayed to Jesus (the name appears no where in any of his papers, however he does discuss Masons and Freemasonry) to a denial of detailing roads, with Honest Abe Lincoln not at all truthful (Lincoln claimed he was championing the rights of Black people, but his Proclamation of Emancipation freed only men that lived in states in open rebellion against the Union)—but then these mythologies make for heart-warming and emotional renderings of tears lacing down the face and bosoms sighing heavily. What garbage! What an insult to basic intelligence! In a previous blog I discussed the lies of recent presidents from Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, to Barack Obama. There are those who claim that lying is natural in the human animal, but it is no more clear than in the halls of legislatures where a few attempt to control the many as in the corrupt houses of capitals from Austin (Texas) to Des Moines (Iowa), Atlanta (Georgia) to Madison (Wisconsin), each shielding itself from scrutiny although the liars uniformly campaigned on the issue of transparency in government that has never taken place in the USA–or any other nation.

<i>Syria's Sarin gas holocaust</i>

Syria’s Sarin gas holocaust

Barack Obama is the latest presidential pretender prancing painfully about as if he had a clue about how to unlock reality from the prison of politics and point people passionately, patiently towards a utopia (it is defined in the Greek οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) or “nowhere”) that was first described by Plato in 380 BCE in his Republic: Πολιτείa Politeie (the term is falsely attributed to Sir Thomas More). Obama, technically a “well-educated” Ivy graduate (he obtained high scores on examinations) is long on rhetoric but short on substance, eager to sell his soul and the lives of countless citizens of the USA and all nations around Syria in quest of a scrap of evidence that does not exist that Assad deliberately and personally unleashed the weapon of poisonous gas known as Sarin (the chemical formula is (RS)-O-Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate; IMPF; GB; 2-(Fluoro- methylphosphoryl)oxypropane; Phosphonofluoridic acid, P-methyl-, 1- methylethyl ester) as if chemical warfare is new—when ancient Athens poisoned the wells of Sparta to gain the upper hand in Peloponnesian!

Obama, Kerry and Biden did not offer a clue as why Assad would poison his own people including the unborn and newly born. Even the UN does not agree with this scenario–it is only supported by war hawks and those who stand to gain financially with Al-Qaeda taking control of the country.

More than 80% of Iowans polled were against attacking Syria.1 The military of the USA reject John Kerry (Secretary of State) and Obama’s lie, noting that no evidence has yet been presented for scrutiny to see if either fiber has any substance to cast upon their aspersions of Assad.2 Military intelligence experts in the USA scoff at the incredulous innuendos iterated by the gossip gaggle glowing in the light of being special sartorial songstresses serenading the collapse of logical negations near the nadir of Obama’s inglorious career.3 A year earlier the earmarks for war were not ready for funding as Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and their brazen bothers breathed fire in quest of illusionary fame as leaders of hosts of holy murderers welcoming in an Armageddon so powerful that even Hollywood has not yet licked its collective lips over cinema rights to video all the gore and glory the company of Congressional clowns could religiously relish today.

In April 2013, Rubio recklessly reached for a phantasmal period to come to an end—a period of alleged indifference to controlling the world’s destiny as if the USA was preordained to rule with a gentle voice and a big stick all those who were not elect to sit in the paradise prisons of pretensions as its satrap governments would wretch out tomes to scar the rights of women to determine their body’s destiny and not hand it over to cloven-tongued legislators seeking to appease archetypical antediluvian dinosaurs dancing between pulpits and pews in evangelical terrorist encampments. As various reporters noted, Rubio thundered that “the time for passive engagement in this conflict must come to an end. It is in the vital national security interest of our nation to see Assad’s removal.”4 At that time, and even now, our obfuscating president had said nothing about removing Assad. The hypnotic hypocrisy of Rubio became abundantly arguable when he refused to vote for the same action sought by Obama as he had angrily articulated in favor for but by September 2013 was against.

Caught in his own Catch-22, Rubio was but the harkening herald of harder harangues by Texas most junior US Senator: Canadian citizen Ted Cruz who in June of 2013 wanted to go into Syria and “rough ‘em (sic) up”. The staunch sentry standing for constant war fare chortled: “We need to develop a clear, practical plan to go in, locate the weapons, secure or destroy them, and then get out.”5

It is, again, at this time from August through the first weeks of September 2013, Obama’s craven cowardly calloused plan. When Obama approached the spineless Senator, Cruz shot back: “We certainly don’t have a dog in the fight. We should be focused on defending the United States of America. That’s why young men and women sign up to join the military, not to, as you know, serve as al Qaeda’s air force.” Obama claimed as much when he approached Congress in an attempt to round up supporters as a ram would herd sheep.6 This is also precisely what Obama said to the Congress where most members minced their support for Cruz’s blood lust just months earlier.

McCain playing poker on his phone

McCain playing poker on his phone as Obama addresses Congress

At the time of Obama’s speech, however, Cruz was busy watching his monitor much like Senator John McClain (R-AZ) played poker on his computer, either war hawk not listening as is his custom.7 The significant factor is that now even Ted’s Texas constituents are beginning to doubt him and his extremist Tea Party philosophy. The Texas Insider columnist Conn Carroll openly questions Cruz sincerity when he reprinted Cruz’ point that “the reaction isn’t lobbing some in to disagree with Assad’s murderous actions”. As Carroll points out: “not only does Cruz support intervening in Syria, he would go further than Obama, and put U.S. boots on the ground to destroy whatever chemical weapons are in the country, and then get out.”.8 The only people who are attempting to paint Assad as a murderer are Al-Qaeda and their legions—and Cruz and his cronies who state that Assad had murdered over 100,000 Syrians: a statistic that has no foundation in fact.

Kerry wants war; protesters with red hands do not.

Kerry wants war; protesters with red hands do not.

Invidiously the US Secretary of State John Kerry’s hypocrisy is the most venal, odiously opportunistic and vile in the slurry-filled history of the USA. It is unparalleled and fits into the sordid record of lies Presidents of the USA have told Congress and the American people since the inception of this nation.9 Not only does Kerry invent myths but lies about his own sordid past. In 1971, then Senator John Kerry begged for Congress to shut down the Vietnamese War. In 2004 he opposed war. In 2013 he begs Congress to authorize senseless slaying, genocide against a people who have no quarrel with the USA, and seeks the annihilation of freedom in a country that had been a friend of the USA as much as Ronald Reagan ratcheted up the stakes when he allowed US Marines to be murdered in their barracks by insurgent Islamists in Lebanon.

New York City police at Wall Street protest

New York City police at Wall Street protest

The latest “Manchurian Candidate” in the USA, John Kerry is as tired and irrational in thinking as Hillary Clinton who wants nothing less than an international war. Ask 2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy (armor division – Vietnam era) retired w pawlet, VT 802 645 9727 10 As Mike Hastie noted, “America has become a monster, and people like Kerry, Obama, and Wall Street are the very reasons that we as a country have sunk to the very bottom of immorality.”11 There is little surprise for most journalists and those who keep track of annihilation of human civil rights between a New York police officer and his or her counterpart in the Russia of Vladimir Putin and Kirill of Moscow. Free speech and dissent is not allowed, high-armed tactics of repression are common, and the rule of law ignored. It is but a matter of time until the First Amendment to the Constitution of the USA is erased and its memory clouded.

USA veterans against war.

USA veterans against war.

US Secretary of State John Kerry’s grotesquely ill-informed advisers are equal to the sycophants who crowded into torture champers of the unholy Inquisition to splice tongues, gouge out eyes, and burn flesh with tortures, prototypes of the American military at the Iraqi Abu Ghraib (سجن أبو غريب‎) prison leading a prisoner of war to the fate of water-boarding. These fools are a part of the Intelligence Community that is controlled by American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to military contractors.12 It is the largest contributor to political action campaigns–not for USA citizens but for Israel, and it controls the Congress of the USA–openly: In letters, white papers, pamphlets, and a host of multimedia and public relations propaganda.

Vice President Joe Biden vows to use force against Iran to strengthen Israel.

Vice President Joe Biden vows to use force against Iran to strengthen Israel.

AIPAC is more dangerous to the nation and USA citizens than the mainland Chinese government, especially with it in league with AIPAC: the most un-American political lobbying group in the USA. It is AIPAC lobbyists, especially those from New York, New Jersey, and Florida, that sends US military secrets the US Congress sends to Israel, along with foreign aid money to China and Iran to buy armaments, and even more dangerous than Putin’s neo-monarchy with himself and the former KGB agent Kirill currently the Patriarch or the Russian Orthodox Church who keeps a fleet of women at his disposal as personal body guards.13 It is claimed that AIPAC controls more Congressional representatives and senators than do the Koch Brothers and NRA as it is privately funded by Rupert Murdoch and its goon squad plays a distinct hand in determining what “experts” appear on Fox News.] The Obama scenario is refutable. As Chief of Staff Denis McDonough admitted, with a straight face, it boils down to ”a quite strong common sense test, irrespective of the intelligence, that suggests that the regime carried this out”.14

Denis McDonough

Denis McDonough

McDonough’s arrogance, in an attempt to breathe life into the decaying carcass of his pseudo-evidence, has less credibility than the lies of Obama and Biden,15 but it even and have led McDonough16 to boldly state and embellish the goal of neo-cons that an attack would a warning to Iran that has the fire power to retaliate against the corruption in the government in the USA.17 There is no such thing as “a common sense test”—that is a twisted phrase used by dictators and murderers who attempt to justify their criminal killings behind rhetorical phrases and meaningless jargon.18 The claims of war hawk experts that control the Presidency has been made quite clear by former US Intelligence officials and experts.19  The world is not buying this great lie, not even Germany’s Angela Merkel and even France’s attack dog Francois Hollande said the primacy is with the UN.20 It seems as if the USA has forgotten its illegal chemical warfare in Vietnam, when the USA military sprayed 20 million gallons (Agent Orange) of napalm on infants, children, and civilians.21

AIPAC 2013 Conference promotes war.

AIPAC 2013 Conference promotes war.

There is no surprise for Congress or many USA citizens, when John Kerry made the absurd statement that “I just don’t agree that a majority (of Assad’s opposition) are AL-Qaeda and the bad guys.” Kerry has never seen Al-Qaeda lace packets of explosives onto the bodies of small children to detonate when they approach a caravan of troops working for established governments that are not subservient to the jihadists, or into mosques and schools where some are students or worshipers—killing not only themselves but hosts of others who had no knowledge or opportunity to escape the insanity of jihadists theology.22

Senior Research Analyst Elizabeth O'Bagy of the Institute for the Study of War

Senior Research Analyst Elizabeth O’Bagy of the Institute for the Study of War

For thousands of years it has been written that the Devil, the instigator of war, vice, violence, and vitriol came in the form of an allegedly educated woman who spoke of the glories of gore and cruelty. It is but a story? Chief among the sycophants is Elizabeth O’Bagy, a hawk who works as a Senior Research Analyst, for the Institute for the Study of War,23 who explained on Fox News Center’s Special report, that contrary to fears that Syrian rebels are predominantly extremist, many of the groups composing rebel forces have formed alliances and incorporated goals conducive to U.S. interests.24 O’Bagy works for the Syrian Emergency Task Force where O’Bagy is Political Director and Humanitarian Aid Coordinator. The Syrian Emergency Task Force is funded through the United States Department of State and the British Foreign Office, and is a registered 501(c) 4 that does political advocacy for the insurgents and Al-Qaeda before Congress.25 O’Bagy is supplying erroneous information to both Obama and Kerry, distorting facts in favor of the rebels and Al-Qaeda.26

O'Bagy Fired by the right-wing Institute for the Study of War a pro-war think tank

O’Bagy Fired by the right-wing Institute for the Study of War a pro-war think tank

It was not a surprise to many that O’Bagy was fired by the Institute for the Study of War after her rants in favor of Al-Qaeda and the rebels went viral. The Institute for the Study of War learned she had no earned doctorate from Georgetown University. The Institute for the Study of War is to the far-right and sees war as inevitable and necessary. Many members are evangelical Christians and believe in the Final Days of Armageddon27.

O’Bagy’s claims of being an expert on Syria and the Middle East were self-anointed without chrism or substance28.  She had written: ““contrary to many media accounts, the war in Syria is not being waged entirely, or even predominantly, by dangerous Islamists and Al-Qaeda die-hards.”29 It was published in the least respectable rags that have little veracity and nearly no credibility: the Rupert Murdoch owned and controlled Wall Street Journal.

Free Syrian Army mutilates captives (The Guardian of UK)

Free Syrian Army mutilates captives (The Guardian of UK)

O’Bagy had claimed she had traveled with the Free Syrian Army that defended Christian villages.30 She said nothing of their late night attacks on women and children in the same villages that these supporters of Al-Qaeda made into a party. To claim that the Free Syrian Army is trying to liberate the people of Syria is tantamount to tattling that Tea Party aficionados are struggling to bring quality health service to every American. Worse yet, the Free Syrian Army has posted a graphic video of beheading one who would not follow them into war–as they did with at least one Christian and fed the head to the dogs, whiles scores of women and children had their throats slit and heads bashed in according to the UK Daily Mail.31

Elizabeth O'Bagy supports Free Syrian Army

Elizabeth O’Bagy supports Free Syrian Army

Like John Kerry, O’Bagy will descend into the wastebasket of history as one of the greatest liars in the USA, and as conflicting in thought and terminology as Rand Paul and other neo-cons and pre-liberals.32 O’Bagy has styled the Free Syrian Army as “peace keepers” and “those who love freedom”, yet there is little evidence of this, as, like other Islamist rebels, they move into Christin towns, destroy homes and businesses, kill dissenters, and mutilate and rape like any motley crew of cutthroats and brittle brigands of ancient lore.

Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson: One sane voice in Congress

The view opposing Elizabeth O’Bagy is by pushed proudly by Florida progressive Democrat Alan Grayson.33 He reads. He studies. He thinks carefully. Only after deliberation does he speak—and in this case, although a Democrat, he is progressive and believes in the truth. He has consistently voted against Obama’s saber rattling. Grayson led a national tally to determine where citizens of the USA stood on an invasion of Syria. 82% rejected such a foolish and foul idea. The USA had enough of war. It nation had no real peace on the planet for generations–the country had been fighting in two world wars, in Korea and Vietnam, in Kuwait and Iraq. Enough was enough. The call for impeaching Obama, Biden and Kerry grew louder daily–only to be ignored in media dependent on AIPAC advertising and control

Navy veteran opposed to war in the Middle East with Syria

Navy veteran opposed to war in the Middle East with Syria

The military (except for evangelical pastors and chaplains at military camps, bases, schools who saw the battle as a way to bring about the End Times, awaken a sleeping Christ who would ride out of the sky on a white horse swinging an unsheathed sword in keeping with Matthew 10:34) was not in favor of such a rush to judgment or to entomb is defenders in nameless graves or those with markers. Many saw the war as a war for Al-Qaeda and swore they had never signed up for such undemocratic activity–there mission was to protect and defend the USA–not Israel or Russia or other diabolic denizen of dangerously deranged demagogues. This was heralded by Prince Bandar bin Sultan of the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, who served for 22 years (1983 – 2005) as the Chief Spy of Saudi Intelligence, and was a close and personal friend of George W. Bush who he persuaded to intervene and attack Saddam Hussein, launching the war against the nation that did not accept the Saudis.

Prince Bandar-bin-Saud with George W. Bush

Prince Bandar bin Sultan with George W. Bush

What the Obama Administration, like the two Bush Administrations ignore is that the Saudi government has always been behind attacks on the USA: from the Saudi attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) authored by Saudi national Osama bin Laden whose family were close friends of the Bush family, and whose parents entertained George H. W. and Barbara bush on September 11, 2001, to Prince Bandar, who is leading the assault and financing terrorism in Syria34 there is little else but to conclude that oil is still the cause and justification for war, regardless of the cost in human lives by the employment of Sarin gas.35

Thirty-six times the Obama Administration has refused to give any information, provide any researchable and scientifically tested information on its claims that the people of Syria were gassed by their own government, or give probable cause. Each time Congress asked for classified documents, even in closed sessions, the Administration adamantly refused, and the few who did get a marginal glance at them said there was nothing in any document that verified Obama’s claims nor gave reason for armed intervention in a civil war.36

Llena Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) strong advocate of war, but not led by Obama

Llena Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) strong advocate of war, but not led by Obama

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (who has been in Congress since 1989 and never seen a war she opposed nor calculated the loss of human life of suffering), a hawkish Miami Republican who is in the pay of the Cuban-Florida mafia), thumped that “The Administration has got to make more evidence public.” Claiming to have listened to Obama’s presentation before the House Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen told The (Miami, FL) Herald37 reporters she will “most likely vote for” the rape of Syria:38 She announced that she had little intelligence information—on part with the Obama Administration’s lack of fact—but she was resolute in ignoring any facts that parted with what her Cuban-American constituency wanted: war-time jobs and an end to Obamacare and the Obama Administration, so that Obama would have no legacy.

UN recognized the duplicity of the Free Syria Army and the rebels in producing the deadly Sarin gas

UN recognized the duplicity of the Free Syria Army and the rebels in producing the deadly Sarin gas

Congressional Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen has never been a congressional representative who has been known to scrutinize documents, facts, not even newspapers. Ms. Ros-Lehtinen is a party hack who heartily endorses the most odiously opportunist orations obfuscating any credible information that dares even to slither on to her coffee stained desk. Ileana irritates incoming inquiries ignoring anything that might prove her previous assumptions again, and is a strong supporter of AIPAC and is enriched for her pomposity and verbosity. This bountiful bovine breathlessly belches out the party line in total ignorant bliss, leaving the thinking to younger and less experienced colleagues.

Syrian rebels use Sarin gas

Syrian rebels use Sarin gas

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtienen’s escalating ignorance is invigorating the rabid radical right. The Florida “representative” garnered the verbal support of the United States ambassador to Syria who equally and vehemently rejected the Obama claim that there was Sarin gas used by the Assad regime against his own people.39 The sole difference was that Ros-Lehtienen operated on undisguised hatred and a willingness to twist anything to suit her purpose and goal, while the ambassador to Syria was reflecting on the lack of information and reports that were personally received in Damascus from rebels and other people.

Rupert Murdoch a strong supporter of Israel and the USA funding Israel.

Rupert Murdoch media mogul and spy for Israel: a strong supporter of Israel and USA funding of Israel.

That the USA was going to war was, according to the Wall Street Journal, a foregone conclusion, with the Murdoch (an Australian who had spied on members of his own paper in the UK, The World, and wiretapped Members of Parliament and others almost to the extent of the nefarious National Security Agency, owns not only newspapers but also Fox News and controls most media reporting in the USA), published a report that the Pentagon’s plan to attack Syria included using $1.8 billion dollar destroyers.40

US warships off coast of Syria,

US warships off coast of Syria.

Each of the destroyers sent to Syria are armed with dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles.41 Each of the destroyers are stationed in the eastern Mediterranean, protected by Israel and Saudi Arabia, and was ordered to be armed so that each would have their fire power aimed at alleged chemical weapons supplies that would give the potential for widespread collateral damage (murder of civilians) in Syria–with the prime target being Damascus. Many military evangelical chaplains cried with joy when told of their mission as it promised to fulfill the polished plagiarized prophecy of Isaiah 17.42

US backed plan to blame Syria

US backed plan to blame Syria.

These USA created and stored WMDs were not on the “official list” along with US Air Force Bombers to “deter and degrade” President Bashar al-Assad’s security forces. Four destroyers are already in position to attack Syria and its citizens, while two naval aircraft carriers, the USS Truman and the USS Nimitz, are in the nearby north Arabian Sea, putting their jets within striking distance of Syria, to be supported by US Naval submarines loaded with cruise missiles that could contribute “to the effort”.43 The lack of scruples of any ethics was applauded by the UK, USA and their allies. Their civil and religious ministers invoked their gods claiming that the gods had determined that this was now the right time and day to restore theocracy on the planet and create a thousand-year reign of a king who had laid asleep in death for two-thousand years.

Jesus the Merciless Warrior of Matthew 10:34: μη νομισητε οτι ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην επι την γην ουκ ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην αλλα μαχαιραν.

Jesus the Merciless Warrior of Matthew 10:34: μη νομισητε οτι ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην επι την γην ουκ ηλθον βαλειν ειρηνην αλλα μαχαιραν.

UK, USA assets in Mediterranean.

UK, USA assets in Mediterranean.

The political nature of the inevitable battle, according to the Pentagon as reported by Don Nisssenbaum of the Wall Street Journal was that the Pentagon would target military airstrips, airplanes and helicopter used to attack rebel forces” assuring that the jihadists could take control of Syria and create another Iran-styled theocracy of jihadists crying out in a salvo of hatred their incantation Allāhu Akbar (الله أكبر) that literally means “God is greater than man”. Those thirsting for a Final Battle follow not only the solitary and single line describing such a holocaust in Matthew 10:34 (it appears in no other Emperor Constantine I approved bible that was first issued in385 CE, as no Bible of canon yet existed), but matches the rants of the certified insane John of Patmos who crafted his own Apocalypse that was plagiarized from Egyptian and Syrian horror stories created to scare small children into submission to an angry and judgmental demon void of any compassion or mercy.

These punitive strikes followed the macabre plans of Bill Clinton in 1998 against Al-Qaeda and Operation Desert Fox, a four-day military campaign that was launched by USA and UK forces against December 1998—a military exercise that was a total failure, leading to George W. Bush ultimate invasion of Iraq and the loss of over one million lives and the slaughter of thousands of USA military personnel, the CIA torture prisons—especially at Abu Ghraib (سجن أبو غريب, literally “Father of Raven”).

Abu Ghriab prisoner abuse by USA and UK forces

Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse by USA and UK forces

Like all other CIA and UK prisons, they were dens of torture that included water boarding that the Bush II Administration claimed was not torture, electric shocks, mad dogs attacking prisoners. Male and female members of the military forcing Iraqis to watch, simulate or engage in various forms of sexual behaviors that Iraqis considered sinful and deviant for the body is considered equal to rotting and decaying meat and is not intended to be looked upon because of the mythical fall of the mortal race leading “Adam” to fashion a frontal apron (while leaving the anus and back exposed).

Lynndie England had sex with a companion in front of Muslim Iraqis, then killed them.

Lynnde England had sex with a companion in front of Muslim Iraqis, then killed them.

Lynnde England had little modesty and no hint of humanity and rigorously pushed unspeakable atrocities against non-military civilians including the rape of many children, urination on corpses and the Koran, and the rise in suicide bombers against the vicious violence of allied forces. She showed no compassion and no remorse, and was startled when American patriots denounced her nefarious necromancy. England had a strange taste in torture, almost as if she was dominatrix, requiring prisoners to be naked and frequently ordering them to masturbate themselves or others. While military personnel are trained to be understanding of other cultures and concepts, England went to extremes with her American military counterparts to demean and insult the Iraqis and their family–to the point of urinating on naked men and women.

Lynndie England, Specialist in the US military delighted in humiliating prisoners.

Lynnde England, Specialist in the US military delighted in humiliating prisoners.

Sex was important to England who took exceptional pleasure in performing, participating and watching Iraqi humiliation and subjection to acts more pornographic than what is given to USA troops.. Before England left Iraq, she was pregnant with another soldier’s sperm.

While Obama claims that he does not seek the removal of Assad, his spokesman differs in the name of Obama. Jay (James B.) Carney, the official White House spokesperson, stated in a conference, “It is our firm belief that … Syria’s future must be one that is without Assad in power”.44 One cannot be quiet about what is wrong; that is not patriotism but the dark heart of iniquity and evil.

Fortunately there was a little sanity, as the senior Syrian rebel commanders warned after Carney’s cavalier pronouncement that collateral damages were inconsequential to removing Assad from power, that military strikes would not only have a negligible effect, but possibly would be counterproductive and could lead to missile attacks not only on US military in the region and their transportation system.45 Syria had friends that were wise enough and willing to attack the USA itself as well as USA allies—most notably Turkey and EU nations, and it was possible that Israel would be “set on fire”.46

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour

Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour

The Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour stating in a radio interview that Lebanon would retaliate if Israel “exploits a strike against Syria to attach Hezbollah”. 47 The consensus in the Middle East is that Obama appears to be unable to limit the counterproductive effects of a strike against Syria.48

Ray McGovern 22 year CIA analyst

Ray McGovern 22 year CIA analyst.

A retired CIA analyst, Ray McGovern, stated that the “evidence” of the Obama administration is all fabricated, and agrees with opponents to the strike that it is not only grandstanding but foolish.49 The audacity of Obama demonstrated clearly to the rest of the world that he was following down the dark path of the Bush dynasty. The only difference was that Bush had Colin Powell as his Secretary of State to warn the UN to follow the USA into blindness, while Obama has been cursed with the existence of the famed fabricator John Kerry as his Secretary of State. Colin Powell used the lie of CIA operative Curveball, and Kerry followed suit using the lies of the jihadist rebels in falsely, and knowing that it is a lie, by throwing the issue of Sarin gas at the feet of Bashar Assad.

Kerry, like Powell, demands that the world buy the Big Lie of the USA

Kerry, like Powell, demands that the world buy the Big Lie of the USA.

McGovern remarks were made in an interview with Russia Today.50 Syria claims that the USA had planned a “Syrian catastrophe” and the death of Syrians since 2007 under the George W. Bush administration51

Sarin gas

Sarin gas

It became a legacy that Obama had been urged to fulfill to create a USA empire in the Middle East so that it could ultimately target Russia.52 Once the USA conquers Syria, the Saudis will be placed over Syria and other conquered states in the Middle East, such as Iraq, so that the USA can attack Iran and create a satrap for its own greed.53

<i>Armageddon and Christ</i>

Armageddon and Christ

If the chaplains who are pushing for nuclear war to awaken the slumbering Christ had read the ancient scrolls, they would have learned that the Christ that was to return to earth did so in an explosion of gases: a true Ἁρμαγεδών. In the ancient Egyptian accounts, from which later Christians and Muslims stole the records, we read that Megiddo was an major site of great importance as it guarded the western branch of a narrow pass and an ancient trade route which connected the lands of Egypt and Assyria. Because of this strategic crossroads location that intersected several major routes, Megiddo–fifteen miles east of the Mediterranean into Palestinian land54 and its environs bore the pain of numerous great battles for gold throughout history 7000 BCE to 500 BCE, including the Battle of Megiddo (15th century BCE): fought between the armies of the Egyptian pharaoh, of the XVIII dynasty, Thutmose III and a large Canaanite coalition led by the rulers of Megiddo and Kadesh who defeated stragglers and mercenaries in a battle known as the Twelve Tears of the goddess Isis. This lay the foundation for numerous myths involving Twelve as a sacred number of special beings: constellations, apostles, kings, and so forth. The victorious army, in 1457 BCE, took home 340 prisoners, 2,041 mares, 191 foals, 6 stallions, 924 chariots, 200 suits of armor, 502 bows, 1,929 cattle, 22,500 sheep, and the royal armor, chariot and tent-poles of the King of Megiddo.55 A second major battle: the Battle of Megiddo (609 BC).

Thutmoss III (name as written in hieroglyps in 1457 BCE)

Thutmose III (name as written in hieroglyphs in 1457 BCE)

The battle was fought between Egypt and the Kingdom of Judah, in which King Josiah was supposed to have fallen. Judah vowed revenge and its tribal god promised a final battle where the people of Judah would be victorious if they destroyed the great cities of the north and east: Damascus and Beijing. Those who would be left would become the Christ’s dinner in an orgy of cannibalism until the Rogue Angels (devils).56 Blue angels are a spin off on medieval myths elaborating on ancient Syrian stories of a great war in the valley of Megiddo; the full account in in cuneiform dating to approximately 3000 BCE.

Blue Angels would be lead by the Blue Demon.57 Ancient civilizations, some dating back to 15000 BCE or earlier, believed that these angels allegedly came from the sky to earth to settle and spawn and settled in the Basque region of Spain, in the Baian-Kra-Ula mountains in China, and in northern Africa, especially in what is today Tunisia.58 Such extraterrestrial people are even represented in the mountain stones in the desert of Libya and Tunisia.

<i>Tassili stone art, Sahara Desert</i>

Tassili stone art, Sahara Desert

Legend has these blue angels and other rogue angels enlisted in the ranks of the Avatars were, among the ancient Apiru (Hebrews) considered to be giants,59 who allegedly settled in Canaan and became the Philistines.60 Symmachus translates the word as a verb: “the violent ones”. The Greek text reads ‘οι βιαιοι; the singular root βιαιος means “violence” or “forcible”.61 This fantasy, that was later “revised” or “corrected” became a focal point for the fiction of the Book of Mormon that was reprinted as Nephi62 who had sex with the “daughters of man” a reference to the fantasy figure Adam. Adam (אָדָם‎a word that means “red earth”), prior to the legend being plagiarized from Sumerian accounts and pushed into the Genesis account, was in pre-Biblical days merely a servant subordinate to the more intelligent creatrix known as Eve (חַוָּה referring to a life-force).63 Both were incorporated into the Torah, with Eve being the second wife. The first wife of Adam was known as Lilith: the mother of demons. She and her blue angels, who fell out of the sky: an avatar (the incarnation of a Hindu deity (Vishnu) that in Sanskrit: अवतार: a supreme deity who came to earth to cleanse it, would tear down every religious structure and personally devour all religious leaders before excreting each in turn by violent revolution:

ਹੁਕਮਿ ਉਪਾਏ ਦਸ ਅਉਤਾਰਾ ॥
हुकमि उपाए दस अउतारा ॥

The Hindu god(s) turned to World War when mortals turn selfish.64 For example:

ਦਸ ਅਉਤਾਰ ਰਾਜੇ ਹੋਇ ਵਰਤੇ ਮਹਾਦੇਵ ਅਉਧੂਤਾ ॥
दस अउतार राजे होइ वरते महादेव अउधूता ॥
ਅਵਤਰਿ ਆਇ ਕਹਾ ਤੁਮ ਕੀਨਾ ॥
अवतरि आइ कहा तुम कीना ॥

It is the source for Hieronymous Bosch ghastly religious art–when Christ is sent to Limbo, and became the foundation for John of Patmos’ Apocalypse.

Hieronymous Bosch (1575) "Christ in Limbo"

Hieronymous Bosch (1575) “Christ in Limbo”

The terrible Trinity refashioned from the original Egyptian Trinity into a war machine of hatred and violence are AIPAC, Israel and evangelical Christianity transmogrified by the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). It supporters and those who look forward to the end of the world are Governor Rick Perry of Texas, the God Squad in Oklahoma,65 and the Dominionist ministry and predatory politicians, such as Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and Jim Inhofe.66

It is imperative to include in this list of those who seek an immediate Armageddon a growing number a majority of Black pastors such as “bishop” Harry Jackson.67 Jackson is a loose-wired firebrand ever eager to take the stage and grab a microphone as if he were wrestling fate and strangling a snake that heralded better days as when Moses raised the snake above the heads of the Israelites who allegedly flooded out of Egypt. Harry Jackson, who created his own church and grew wealthy on tithes as he defined them, is hate-filled anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-human rights sycophant whose ethics and sanity has been questioned for many years.

Many of the Dominionists have taken over the Republican Party. This is poignantly pin-pointed in Texas,68 Colorado Springs,69 and West Point70 where brainwashing military recruits and youth at military colleges and universities71 has dove to a low caliber of instruction buttressed by an ebullient anticipation of a blood-drenched apocalypse more venomous than anything Nostradamus dementia could have conjured.72 These hallucinations hell-held heralding perdition for all mortals are graphically detailed by Carl von Clausewitz and others.73 Among the elect, the saved, the warriors of Christ, there is more interest is in stealing oil than there is protecting poor, powerless people living in or fleeing from Syria and rebel launched Sarin gas.74

<i>Dominionist US Military Superiors and Evangelical Pastors find common ground with Islamic extremists in quest of Armageddon</i>

Dominionist US Military Superiors and Evangelical Pastors find common ground with Islamic extremists in quest of Armageddon

Dominionists and are given guns and other war weapons with Bible verses inscribed upon them, before rushing into the arms of Islamist extremists in quest of the mythological fantasy of End Times and religion’s final solution: Armageddon.75 The world, especially the USA with its illiterate military chaplaincy, has the least learned, least trained, and most ignorant chaplains, pastors, priests, imams, and other religious leaders clamoring for war. Religion has made people expendable: human sacrifices to a distant and cruel god that feeds off lies and deceits of leaders who gorge on the suffering of their people, led by AIPA.

As Philip Zelikow, a former adviser to W. Bush and the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, said, “Why would Iraq attack America or use nuclear weapons against us? I’ll tell you what I think the real threat (is) and actually has been since 1990 – it’s the threat against Israel. And this is the threat that dare not speak its name, because the Europeans don’t care deeply about that threat, I will tell you frankly. And the American government doesn’t want to lean too hard on it rhetorically, because it is not a popular sell.”76

The Bible is neither a history book nor a blueprint for today or tomorrow. It is a combination of plagiarisms and grandstanding by a small and violent people who waged holocaust against their neighbors.77 As the Deist Albert Einstein said, “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”78 Religion has been the cause of more wars, suffering, rape, violence and theft on the water planet Earth, than any other force or man.79


End Notes


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