If men could become pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

Every USA Roman Catholic bishop has condemned universal health care

The ignorance of the Roman Catholic Council of Bishops (and the vast majority of the Roman Catholic episcopacy, with an increasing number of Roman Catholic officials: priests, bishops, and cardinals being accused of or charged with sex crimes: rape, pedophilia, child endangerment, etc. and many being tried, convicted and sent to prison) with that of evangelical extremists who delight in calling themselves Christians, concerning evolution of being (mortals) is not only a mass form of ignorance (citing bad English translations of the bible to defend “the sanctity of life” within the uterus, but totally ignoring the fetus that survives birth through the vagina canal.  This is evident when listening to, or reading, the preachings of Ritch Boerckel, Senior Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church – Peoria, IL using Genesis 1:24-31).

John Piper of Minnesota

Boerckel’s slander of those he disagrees with is intensified by John Piper, Pastor for Preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN (and close friend of Rick Warren who wants to exterminate “those who do not follow [his] light”), among others.  They claim they have “god’s ministry” as their goal, but enrich themselves from the pockets of the gullible–especially young racist conservatives. Their marginal education defies science and medicine. 

Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne

Among the most illiterate in the area of natural and health sciences, who denies basic embryology and fetal development, and is adamantly against any woman exercising her right to determine the destiny of her own body is the predatory primate pastor of denunciation and antipathetic to the needs of the poor masses huddled in make-shift dwellings in the slums of Lima, Perú: Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, cardinal archbishop who has never been elected as the lead of the Bishops of Perú who have repeatedly denied him the presidency of their council, knowing his sinister designs on the Church in Perú in 2012–the fourth time Cipriani Thorne was rejected.  The universal distrust and disgust with Cipriani Thorne’s clawing toward total power spans years of his venomous vomiting out hatred within the Perú Church when being complicit in the murder of “left-leaning” teachers, and sanctioning the attack on over 70,000 civilians.

Timothy Dolan (NY Times/Nathaniel Brooks)

Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (an Opus Dei extremist and self-flagallating archbishop of Lima, Perú (who is kept busy attempting to take over the Pontifical University in Lima while screaming a women demanding a role in the church and the right to determine the destiny of their own bodies), whose only equal is the sycophant bishop of Chiclayo:  Jesús Moliné Labarte, who has more in common with Darth Vadar than Jesus Christ), Timothy Dolan (pedophile protecting archbishop of New York City (who is the subject of numerous popular and widespread articles on his open hatred rumors of his own sexual irregularities, payouts (buying silence and “encouraging” openly gay, or pedophile, priests to leave the church: read here and here) to pedophile priests, and more) who represents the most conservative gaggle in the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the USA), Benedict XVI (Vatican), eighteen-year-old street preachers, Steven Furtick of the USA, Nigerian pastor David Oyedepo, along with countless Pentecostals and televangelists (like Pat Robertson an untrained theologian and fraudster (Ide, Arthur Frederick (1988). Robertson! The Pulpit and the Power; plotting, planning, pretending — Pat’s putsch for the presidency.  Austin, TX: AAP) the original Elmer Gantry: Billy Graham (read: Edwards, Kurt Alexander (2008). Billy Graham, Elmer Gantry and the Performance of a New American Revival. Unpublished dissertation: Bowling Green, Ohio : Bowling Green State University; etc) who milk congregations of money to live in castles normally affordable only to millionaires, and passed his creed of greed to his son and huckster Franklin Graham (who is quoted as saying: “a true Christian has the right to live well, rich” creating the “Samaritan’s Purse”, whose mission is: To help the world’s “poor, sick, and suffering” with food, medicine, and other assistance — all with the ultimate purpose of “sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ”).

Billy (Left) and Franklin (Right) Graham

The “Samaritan’s Purse” has a yearly income of $309 million, and yearly “expenses” of $295 million–with little going to the poor) that the ultra-poor their few dollars into while the fraudster Franklin Graham relieved it of $1.2 million whose handling of “God’s purse” out rival that of the New Testament Judas who would sell Jesus a second time: watch here) after converting from the Presbyterian Church to the Southern Baptist Church that has more millionaires as pastors than any other religion with the possible exception of the Old Testament pseudo-Christian Pentecostals.

Richard Land

The Grahams, Pat Robertson, Richard Land the charlatan, plagiarist (also read here and here), and racist head of the Southern Baptist Convention (that later cancelled his radio broadcast), all praise the sperm as if it were a living person.  Medical science has proven that only under stellar sterile conditions can the sperm last at most five days, and many cases is deprived of energy with in hours if it does not penetrate the ova (egg). While there are numerous evangelical extremists praise the “rod of Jesse” (actually, an erect penis; medieval scribes referred to it as “et egredietur virga de radice Iesse et flos de radice eius ascendet “; cf. Isaiah 11:1 ff.) the only praise for the vagina is if the “young girl” (the ancient word for the young was “virgin”; almah (עלמה, plural: alamot עלמות) is a Hebrew feminine noun, for a girl who has reached puberty but is still under the shielding protection of her family; the confusion over the word comes from Isaiah 7:14; the male/masculine equivalent is  elem (“עלם”) meaning “youth” or “young man of the age of puberty” indicating the appearance of pubic hair and emotional stimulation leading to the erection of the penis) practiced unnatural sex: chastity and celibacy–that, by the twelfth century (Second Lateran Council in 1139 with the appearance of lex continentiae.is a transmogrification of Luke 18:28-30; cf. Matthew 19:27-30.  It was not mentioned before the fourth century and the invention of the Christian church by the Emperor Constantine I at his Council of Nicaea that were added to the Decretals of Bishop Siricius of Rome  who is sometimes referred to as a Pope), was mandated for weak-minded miscreant males who, in ignorance, joined the clergy in hopes of personal enrichment.

Rep. Lisa Brown in Michigan legislative House

The male chauvinism of men came to the foreground in the vagina debates in Michigan when a legislator used the word vagina in a repudiation of male attempts to limit a woman’s right of choice and was barred by the Republican/Tea Party from further discussions for using the word vagina in her retort.  The rank stupidity of the Michigan legislature is highlighted by the Republican Party’s abuse of power.

Rep. Lisa Brown

Rep. Lisa Brown, a suburban Detroit, was silenced after Republicans who control the chamber said she violated decorum, while she was speaking against a bill requiring doctors to ensure women aren’t coerced into ending their pregnancies.  Bravely, Brown told Republicans, “I’m flattered you’re all so concerned about my vagina. But no means no”  (see video here).  Brown noted: “It actually exists in Michigan statutes in three different places. This bill was about abortion. That doesn’t happen without a vagina.”

Wayne Schmidt

The ignorance of the Republican Senators (all are male save for two who claims to be female but has not a hint of feminine psychology) in the Michigan legislature is spell-binding.  Listening to them rant and rave about the rights of men and the “duties” of women to accept men as the head of their lives and homes, they are as daft as the Republicans in the State House, with the chief of gaggle of goons being State Rep. Wayne Schmidt (R-Traverse City), who boasted that the Republican leadership was standing for maturing and common sense, and argued that the House’s decision to silence Brown was no different than [sic: from] putting a child in timeout.  With a twinkle in his darkened eyes, Schmidt smacked like a common bully, crowing:  “It’s like giving a kid [sic] a timeout for a day,” speaking to Lansing radio host Patrick Shiels. “You know, hey, timeout, you wanna [sic] comment too far, you spoke your piece. We’re gonna [sic] let these other people have their dissenting comments, and then we’ll get back to business.”  His lack of education and inability to speak coherently in any recognizable adult English merely varnished his own stifled anger and misogynism. 

Equaling every Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorist, Schmidt’s pathetic comment is tantamount to treating women like children for speaking their minds.  Schmidt’s sentences savage sanity and is the twin to the most widely used tool in the misogynist handbook. Nothing short of physical abuse is more offensive.

Support for Lisa Brown in Michigan rally 2012

Brown was primarily attacked by males, but a few legislators who happen to be women through the accident of birth but lacking in any mentality in common with women in general have little in sympathy for the individual woman’s right of choice, joined the men.  Do the people of Michigan support their Republican legislators? Those who vote do, but the majority (especially those who do not vote) do not support the program–the basic problem with an uneducated electorate.

Opposition to Michigan legislators war on women

Rick Johnson, a Republican who was House Speaker until 2005, said the party in control has broad, unwritten discretion to police lawmakers on the floor.  Johnson enjoined: “That comment would be very inappropriate,” and then questioned the reporter: “You have young children? Is that something you want them to hear from your state rep?”  Johnson inferred that hearing the word vagina would somehow alter or distort or even destroy the mind and psychology of anyone underage (under the age of 18).

Michigan state Republican senators

Michigan state Republican senators

Brown’s magisterial martyrdom became one additional male-led assault on the rights of women, for Brown, and another Democrat, Barb Byrum of Onodaga (see video here), were told they couldn’t speak on the floor when the House spent hours considering legislation before a five-week recess.

Barb Byrum

Rep. Byrum, of Onondaga, was benched after referring to vasectomy–equating the proposed invasive legislation should include laws passed to protect women who might be married to a man seeking a vasectomy so that he could not sire a child.  The allegory was missed by misogynist men in the House and ignored by the addled-minded mistresses of fantasy who sat patiently at the feet of the men bending forward to hear the new gospel of their own inferiority; that the female members of the House joined with male members in demanding the censuring of Byrum demonstrates group psychosis and the elevation of dominance by the numerically superior male (cf. Passini, Stefano (2008).  “Exploring the multidimensional facets of authoritarianism: Authoritarian aggression and social dominance orientation.” Swiss Journal of Psychology/Schweizerische Zeitschrift  für Psychologie/Revue Suisse de Psychologie, Vol 67(1), March, pp. 51-60).

Michael Flory

It is not surprising that those who condemn women for talking about sex in the Michigan Republican party are frequently found guilty of various sex crimes.  A typical case is that of Michael Flory, a 32-year-old attorney from Jackson, Michigan who was the head of the Michigan Federation for Young Republicans who pleaded guilty to sexual battery on the day he was to stand trial for rape (cp. here and here).  Michigan Republicans have a unique credit: they passed legislation not only to limit abortions but to protect bullies and permit bullying by anyone at any age if bullying is a part of the religion of the bully.  As Senator John Gleason (D-Flushing) said: “The bill [SB 137] that was presented to us today offers no protections to our students and perpetuates a hostile environment in our schools.”  The Republican legislation provides an exception which allows bullying based on “moral convictions” and endorsed mental illness as acceptable among the “religious groups” who demanded exemption from any anti-bullying legislation (cf. Rivers, Ian (2004). “Recollections of Bullying at School and Their Long-Term Implications for Lesbians, Gay Men, and Bisexuals.” Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, Vol. 25(4), pp. 69-175. doi: 10.1027/0227-5910.25.4.169).

SB 137 is not only a pier on which one can step off into the swirling waters of insanity, but a millstone that, placed around the necks of victims of religious persecution.  Religion has always played the role of the bully, and permits men to abuse women if their religion preaches that the male is superior, as with Sharia Law (Islam), permits wife and female members to be battered and even beheaded if it is permitted within the man’s religion (“honor restoration” and “honor killings” (especially in Islam and Hinduism), allows homophobes to hit homosexuals with any means and without retribution, and allows employment discrimination on all grounds if the employer claims that his or her religion speaks out against such customs as women wearing pants or trousers (Jehovah’s Witnesses), refusal of blood transfusions and medical attention to save an infant’s life (Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses), force reparative therapy on children (Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans, Evangelicals and fundamentalists who regularly misquote established psychological and psychiatric studies, that is the major work of Marcus and Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota), and so forth (cp. Hall, G. Stanley (1904).  “Juvenile faults, immoralities, and crimes.”  Adolescence: Its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. I., (pp. 325-410). New York, NY, US: D Appleton & Company, xxi, 609 pp. doi: 10.1037/10616-005).  The Michigan legislature is trying to become the new tyrant, a viciously venal Vatican along the Great Lakes.

With Michigan’s successful attacks on the rights of women, it joined the abysmal antediluvian desposy of Republicans in the State of Oklahoma who passed the most stringent laws against abortion.  There was no provision made for women who were raped, victims of incest, or forced to conceive because of violent attacks on their person.  

Oklahoma City protest against legislature

Under one law, any woman seeking an abortion is required to undergo an ultrasound, view the ultrasound images, and listen to a detailed description of the fetus (that is to be couched in anti-choice language). The law does not exempt women who are victims of rape or incest.

Anti-abortion states

Anti-abortion states

The other law prohibits malpractice lawsuits (called “wrongful life” or “wrongful birth” claims) against physicians who choose not to inform parents of an unborn baby that the fetus suffers from birth defects.  This means that a doctor is not required to tell the prospective parent(s) that the fetus may be born without a brain, with a serious ailment, and so forth, and then capitalize on the care of the newborn even though most insurance companies refuse to pay claims in such cases–that ultimately could bankrupt the parents, cost them their house, vehicle, and personal possession. 

Starving children

No church has stepped forward to volunteer to meet the cost–only to offer hymns of thanks that another mouth was born to be feed, or that another soul would enter into heaven after dying from neglect (a form of psychological child abuse), starvation (read here; with 20% of the children starving in the USA–read here with the worst places to live to live as a starving unwanted child being in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,

Hunger in USA statistics

Oklahoma, and Michigan (although statistics show that the rise of hunger and the number of people starving for food because of the closed-door policies of religion, especially the Southern Baptist Convention, Pentecostal and Adventist churches that limit their charity to those who enter their dining rooms, pray, sing hymns and act “as good Christians” is growing.  To be “saved spiritually” is a primary ingredient before there is any opportunity for the poor, homeless, and starving are enabled or invited to sit in the church halls to be fed from the larder of charity with tokens of donated food) where the

Hunger in USA by state

legislatures are controlled by Republican evangelical extremists), or murder of an unwanted child by frantic parents with children under the age of five being more likely to be sexually abused, rented out as prostitutes, or disfigured and even killed by their

Andreas Yates killed her children

parents (usually the mother who is a religious extremist and fundamentalist; the majority are Southern Baptists or Pentecostals, listen to Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson, and identify with the lies of the Tea Party, claiming that they have the right to decide the fate of others as a part of their Constitutional right of freedom of religion) than by any other person.

The Oklahoma Democrat governor (Brad Henry) vetoes the bills, but the Republican-controlled House and Senate overrode his vetoes.  The majority of the Republicans in control of the Oklahoma legislature have severe challenges in understanding reality, deny climate change, are ignorant of environmental catastrophes, and reject science (especially evolution) and work to restore “biblical truth” to schools and erase the conduct of inquiry. 

Women protest Oklahoma legislature on personal choice

In Oklahoma, insurance companies are prohibited from offering coverage for abortions or even physician services after rape, incest, or fetal detachment from the uterus even if the woman’s life is in danger. Insurance companies that do provide coverage for abortions are blacklisted and those who pretend to speak of an understanding god, a loving spiritual father and son, belie the very words that they quote: grotesquely gaggling the book they read from into a Testament of Hate.

Insurance companies are among the biggest contributors to the Republican Party

Most insurance companies are quick to follow the Republican Party’s stand against abortion coverage as it enables the insurers not to pay out extra money even if such coverage would save the woman’s life.

While many quote the newest editions of the Christian bible, none are trained in any biblical language, are not aware of the nuance of words, nor have any appreciation of Matthew 7:1.

Fetus papyraceus

Fetus papyraceus

Those who are most vocal against abortion argue that the fertilized egg is the beginning of life.  It is not.  It has no brain, no heart, nor any semblance to a      human being.  The evolution of the fertilized egg into a zygote and ultimately a fetus has been documented for centuries: from pictures to ultrasound photographs. There are no brain  neurons before the first four weeks of fetal evolution. The cerebral cortex, that portion of the brain needed for thought, feelings, and conscious awareness is the last part of the brain to fully develop. It has never been found to have developed in any fetus of twelve-weeks.  The development of the cortex with sufficient axons, dendrites, and synapses to sustain the thought process, does not exist before the twenty-eighth week.

Fetal Developmental Stages

Fetal Developmental Stages

By the end of the second month (10 weeks LMP), the embryo is about one inch long and is beginning to develop distinct physical characteristics that are external. The brain has not yet reached its evolutionary maturity.

By the third month (14 weeks LMP) the fetus is about three inches long. It is protected by a fluid filled sac (known as the amniotic sac). There is no fetal heartbeat–not until the 20th week, and then heard only with proper instruments. Most abortions take place before this materializes.

Human embryo

Human embryo

Prior to the twentieth week, the fetus is nothing more than a collection of cells that have the potential of becoming a human being. It is not until the twenty-fourth week at the earliest, and closer to the 28th week in reality, that the fetus reaches a point of viability–when it might live for a very brief time outside of the womb–but then only under intensive hospital care.

Michael Bray

While anti-choice males are in the forefront of “the army of God”, led by its “chaplain” Michael Bray who calls for the execution of “abortionists” and lauds those attacking abortion providers (while denying his own sexual irregularities and passion peccadilloes), abortion clinics, and women who seek or obtain an abortion, in reality abortion has numerous benefits for men.  When men are not burdened with the worry about feeding, clothing, or educating a large family, he has more time to spend with the family and not work more than one job or excessive hours.  The man who supports a woman’s right to choose an abortion recognizes the woman as his equal–not his slave. 

Men support women’s right of choice

Supporting choice gives the man stature with the woman as well as enhances his image as one who recognizes and endorses full equality between the sexes and leaves the moral choice of abortion in the hands of the woman who is carrying the fertilized egg.  The man who realizes that the choice is the woman’s will step back and stay out of the political discourse, realizing that not only his opinion or the opinion of other men and women has no value when it comes to the pregnant woman: she alone has the right to make the choice between carrying a fetus to term or aborting evolving fetal cells. 

Many men are pro-choice

The self-actualized man will neither be ashamed of his decision to support the right of choice of the woman, but celebrate her choice as an act of maturity and responsibility.  The thoughtful, thinking man knows that choice is always difficult but is made less painful if the two stand together on the issue of the woman’s right to choose.

Water: a diminishing natural resource

The reasons for choosing an abortion are many: physical and mental health of the woman, political and social responsibility, and an awareness of reality.  Abortion is one option that enables this devastated planet to continue its life and enable those who abuse it to live longer.

In the last thirty years over forty percent of the world’s natural non-renewable resources have been consumed.  These resources will not return as the earth’s physical resources are finite and exhaustible.

Non-renewable energy resources

The planet’s natural resources cannot be replaced once they are consumed. When the non-renewable resources misuse is added with the loss of renewable resources that were over-harvested, mortals have already consumed over two-thirds of what could have been available to the planet.  As Malthus prognosticated in his book On Population, when people outnumber available food, fuel, and clean space, there will be natural remedies: war, famine, plagues, and pestilence (Malthus, Thomas (1798, 1st edition). An Essay On The Principle Of Population, , as it affects the Future Improvement of Society with remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin [Godwin was known for his 1793 publication Enquiry concerning Political Justice ], M. Condorcet [the Marquis had authored Esquisse d’un Tableau Historique des Progres de l’Espirit Humain], and Other Writers (1798 1st edition) with  A Summary View (1830), and Introduction by Professor Antony Flew. Penguin Classics, 1980). 

World overpopulation the greatest enemy of the planet

The top nine nations where population is out of control are the delinquent countries of India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the USA, Congo, Tanzania, China and Bangladesh.  These rogue nations will be majority contributors to the world’s population that will hit seven billion by the early part of 2012 and will top nine billion in 2050, according to a UN estimate–and with their increasingly pseudo-religious conservative governments that disguise theocratic rule by the elite, such as the Neanderthal thinking Koch Brothers (USA) and the Murdoch clan (Australia) the water planet (Earth) faces an early doom of no fresh water, continued and increasing polluted air, infertile fields, a battered workforce (as is the situation in the despicable states flooded with Republican radicals demanding a halt to abortion in Wisconsin, Indiana, New Jersey, Ohio, and Iowa), and population growth that is out of control.  At present the reproductive rate per woman is 2.56 children that will add additional strain to rapidly dwindling natural resources. 

Overpopulation a growing threat to all

World population will top 10.5 billion by the year 2050, with the only spark of sanity coming from Japan (in part because approximately one-third of its young express no interest in sex or reproduction, and others favor abortion as a way to save the planet), Italy, and some of nations that had composed the defunct Soviet Union.  As food sources disappear, fresh water is contaminated, and air is polluted, the USA can expect an influx of immigrants (legal and illegal) of 1.1 million each year. 

Charles Koch’s house

William Koch’s house

The only ones who will prosper will be the upper 1% of the world’s wealthiest  who will return to depraved feudalism, cutting wages, foreclosing on homes, ending healthcare for the majority of people, and destroying the safety net for older and retired people:  the Koch Brothers, Terry Brandstand (Iowa’s triple-dipping governor) Donald Trump, and the parasitic group of billionaires and businesses such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Iowa Agriprocessors, etc., whose lavish lifestyle is destroying all links with the mass of humanity that the calloused feed into voting booths to elect their candidates who will strip the common individual of all basic rights. 

Billy Graham’s “retreat” in Montreat, NC

These preying parinahs will continue to be supported by the gullible, the poor, the homeless, the uneducated (and the home-schooled and academically actuated into a surreality that is neither supported by science nor by logic): those who are all leagued together in fantasy of a future life where each will walk down streets of gold and never know hunger or thirst.  The wealthy preachers whose message of prosperity and hate-mongering range from Billy and Franklin Graham to Pat Robertson and trickle down to predatory pastors such as Iowa’s twin scourges Bob Vander Plaats and Keith Ratliff, Texas’ Richard Land and the Baptists theocrats who pound pulpits demanding more babies so that the poor become increasingly poorer.

Pat Robertson’s house in Virginia Beach, VA

Since the human being constantly seeks increased satisfaction, and the means of obtaining that satisfaction is eroding rapidly, the single solution is unnatural and abnormal sex acts such as mandated and mandatory celibacy and chastity (cp. Erickson, William D. (1983). “On the late resolution of adolescent tasks. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice, Vol. 20(3), pp. 383-388. doi: 10.1037/h0090202), or more common means such as abortion, family planning (with the encouraging of negative population growth that can be achieved by adding taxes on those who have more than one child for each child at a graduated ratio), and the acceptance of homosexuality (a natural sex act that occurs among all species and in every environment; cp. Weinstein, Netta; Ryan, William S.; DeHaan, Cody R.; Przybylski, Andrew K.; Legate, Nicole; Ryan, Richard M. (2012). “Parental autonomy support and discrepancies between implicit and explicit sexual identities: Dynamics of self-acceptance and defense.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 102(4), April, pp. 815-832. doi: 10.1037/a0026854 and Diamond, Gary M.; Diamond, Guy S.; Levy, Suzanne; Closs, Cynthia; Ladipo, Tonya; Siqueland, Lynne (2012). “Attachment-based family therapy for suicidal lesbian, gay, and bisexual adolescents: A treatment development study and open trial with preliminary findings.” Psychotherapy, Vol. 49(1), March, pp. 62-71. doi: 10.1037/a0026247.  For a study on the confusion and dissonance experienced by many who come from rigid religious backgrounds and have been indoctrinated that same-gender identification or intraexchanges are evil and actively engage in questioning and exploration processes, challenging and redefining the self, in an effort to identifying integration as a goal toward which one is moving as a way to manage and honor one’s identities, cf. Borgman, Amy L. (2009). “LBG allies and Christian identity: A qualitative exploration of resolving conflicts and integrating identities.” Journal of Counseling Psychology, Vol. 56(4), October, pp. 508-520. doi: 10.1037/a0016691), war (conflict is the main ingredient in the evolutionary state and is identical in mortals and animals, where the quest for superiority is primary and any attempt to mitigate the violence is seen as weakness. In legislation, those legislators who pass regulations curtailing freedom of choice and expression or association are acting out their own self-denial and self-humiliation. Anti-choice, like limiting or denying a person basic human/civil rights, is a time-weathered reality that includes the scars of racism, homophobia, and attempt to regulate fecundity and reproduction, family and societal intercourse, and so forth; read: Liddle, James R.; Shackelford, Todd K.; Weekes–Shackelford, Viviana A. (2012). “Why can’t we all just get along? Evolutionary perspectives on violence, homicide, and war.” Review of General Psychology, Vol 16(1), March, pp. 24-36. doi: 10.1037/a0026610.  The continuation of denial of evolution and elevation of mythology as to the origins of the universe and its conflicts (associated with the collision of matter with antimatter), along with the rejection of individual choice on personal and public matters is a definitive mark of psychological maladjustment; cp. Ellis, Bruce J.; Del Giudice, Marco; Dishion, Thomas J.; Figueredo, Aurelio José; Gray, Peter; Griskevicius, Vladas; Hawley, Patricia H.; Jacobs, W. Jake; James, Jenée; Volk, Anthony A.; Wilson, David Sloan (2012). “The evolutionary basis of risky adolescent behavior: Implications for science, policy, and practice.” Developmental Psychology, Vol. 48(3), May, pp. 598-623. doi: 10.1037/a0026220), starvation and disease.

Religion lost its way centuries ago.  Father Brendan Hoban of the Association of Catholic Priests told the Irish Times  that  “the difficult truth is that priests will have effectively disappeared in Ireland in two to three decades”. Priests, Brothers, Sisters, and nuns are leaving in droves; most parishes have at best one priest.  Hoban noted that Irish parishes would drop from 34 priests that were assigned to his church in 2009, to eight within twenty years–and only two of the eight would be under sixty years of age.  Rome’s demand for a celibate clergy, condemnation of the LGBT community, and drain of Irish capital to Rome, while New York bishop Dolan condemns the Irish seminary in Rome, has led the people of Ireland to reject Rome.  This revulsion is not only in Rome, but throughout Europe and the Americas.  Even the fascist fist of Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne (Lic. José Luis Pérez Guadalupe, Por qué se van los Católicos?   Lima, Perú:  Conferencia Episcopal Peruana, 1992) and the Opus Dei order that he is a member of does not discourage the people of Perú from leaving a dying corpse that was its religion that changed from issues of faith and worship to an Inquisition over their sex lives and personal choices as with abortion (Richard Rodríguez, “Continental Shift:  Latin Americans Convert from Catholicism to a More Private Protestant Belief,” in the Los Angeles Times, August 13, 1989; Part V, pages 1, 6).  Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne and his arrogant and egotistic struggle with the conservative bishops of Perú over Liberation Theology (preached by progressive Jesuits) that had been a bridge for the poor in South America, no longer exists (it has been taken over by the Pentecostals) will destroy Roman Catholicism for most of the people of Perú within a few years. Peruanos, like all other Latin Roman Catholics, are discovering that all other avenues of religious ceremonials and faith are equally corrupt–a reality equally acute in Germany.  In Germany, about 180,000 Catholics officially ended their church affiliation in 2010, a rise of 50,000 (or 40 percent) from 2009, according to the weekly Die Zeit newspaper.  Germans are tired of Rome invading their private lives, do not support the Vatican on birth control or homosexuality and same-sex marriages, nor consider the pope to be infallible (a fantasy fashioned from ancient Egyptian tales for the priests of Ra).  Education is rising, not rapidly in Latin America as the Roman Catholic Church still controls most pedagogy and subject matter, as is most graphic at Universidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo (USAT) where faculty plagiarise entire books (they pasted their names over the original authors prior to have the works photocopies or printed), Jesuits in charge of a mandatory of Christology in all subject areas use the extraordinarily unhistorical ramblings of a mentally ill nun, Anne Catherine Emmerich, who wrote the violence riddled Passion of Christ that Mel Gibson made into the terrifying horror movie with the same title even though neither the text nor the cinema has anything in common with the currently accepted Gospels (cp. Ide, Arthur Frederick (2004).  Crucifixion: What the Bible Really Says. Chicago, IL: Sepore).  USAT appoints and retains teachers based on their affinity and affection or intimacy with administration, as seen in the case where one female faculty member in the school of computer science is retained even though entire classes have denounced her as being thoroughly incompetent (she has moved regularly from universities to universities and has not contributed one scholarly paper, book, or article during her career).

While evangelical groups are rising in Latin America, they are disappearing along with Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholicism, and Evangelical (Lutheran, Adventists, etc) church in Europe, with many turning to ancient country (pagan) religions or to humanism, agnosticism, and atheism.  The transition to ancient religions is easy as nearly all of contemporary Christianity is a plagiarism from ancient ontologies, theologies, and so forth.  Christianity today has nothing in common with the Jesus of the New Testament.  It is, instead, a transmogrification that would be best understood as Paulinity–with its prohibits more in keeping with the Old Testament and the laws of Hammurabi and other tyrants, than with anything that was ever recorded centuries after the fact about the Jesus who lived with twelve men, worked on the Sabbath, let a man rest his head on his breast, and never said one word about abortion, homosexuality (the word did not exist then), or any of the other alleged sins that frustrate religious leaders today from the Grahams of legend to the unknown pulpit pounders such as Keith Ratliff in Iowa.  The Jesus of the New Testament allegedly lived in a time of sexual excesses and sexual delights–not the sterility of the Vatican chambers or the mincing of Rick and Karen Santorum, Ann or Mitt Romney, nor even the alleged passion of Michelle and Marcus Bachmann.

Governments are no longer responsive to the governed but are repressive, totalitarian, and absolute.  Elected representatives represent their conscience and interests–but not that of their constituents as seen in the rise of millionaires in Congress that was first a gathering of politicians, military and gentry (judges, etc.); their group was known as the Continental Congress to oppose excessive taxation.  Congressional representatives were paid $6 a day–and that had to cover all expenses–there was no health care nor benefits, and there was never a discussion about personal matters (abortion or sex) but rather trade was the talk everywhere, creating jobs, and letting people live–unlike the goals of the Tea Party and Republican Party that wants to govern everyone’s life.  Abortions were common-place throughout early America and its colonial life as shown by the numerous documents about abortion practices from the 1600s to the 19th century, which were used by every ethnic and racial group. 

Native Americans used Black Root or Cedar Root as an abortifacient agent.  When the aboriginal people were displaced by European settlers who invaded and stole their land, abortions legality depended onthe colony and its government. 

In British colonies abortions were legal if they were performed before the “quickening”.  The only colonies where abortions were illegal were in those areas under the control of Roman Catholic Spaniards and Portuguese. 

There were no strong anti-abortion laws until the 1860s–and that was because of the need to give birth to more male babies in case the Civil War between the states continued (long wars being a tradition in Europe); cf. Acevedo, Z. (1979). “Abortion in Early America” Women Health Summer; 4(2), pp. 159-167; Shain, R.N. (1986). “A cross-cultural history of Abortion,” Clinics in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. March 13(1), pp. 1-17.  Induced abortions, that were accepted, occurred as early as the twelfth century; read:  Obayashi, M (1982). [Historical background of the acceptance of induced abortion {the article is published in Japanese}]. Josanpu Zasshi December 36(12), pp. 1011-1016.

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