No Honor, No Glory: Matthew Bissonnette: American traitor

Matthew Bissonnette Navy SEAL 2012

Matt Bissonnette, 36, of Wrangell, Alaska, is the USA Navy SEAL who compromised the security of the nation by publishing his tell-all history on the assassination of Usama bin Laden.  It is not only I who call Matthew Bissonnette of Alaska a traitor to the USA and the Constitution of the USA, as most Navy SEALs call it treason.  Those who find the word traitor to painful to use against one of their own, soften it with the word treason and argue that Bissonnette compromised all future efforts of the SEALs program. 

Group Leader Matt Bissonnette (Ekstrabladet.dk)

Bissonnette, the mephestophilean miscreant SEAL who put the USA in the spot light by acting nefariously put his comrades in immediate danger.  Bissonnette was not only irrational but cavalier with his own life, having little concern, as well, whether or not his colleagues were sacrificed on the blood-stained altar of war to his god of vengeance who took orders from no one superior to himself.  Bissonnette was the military’s Abraham and his fellow SEALs the Jacob and Ishmael of legend and Genesis.  Bissonnette’s prime problem is himself: he never grew up emotionally nor mentally, but consulted on violent video games, and became a devotee to action games and targets.

Part of a damaged helicopter near the bin Laden compound (photo: Reuters)

Col. Tim Nye, a Special Operations Command spokesman, who has spoken out officially against other former SEAL members books as factually incorrect, said the Matthew Bissonnette “put himself in danger” by writing the book (as the official author, even though the other secondary author is the well-known, more literate and literary gifted Kevin Maurer).

Usama bin Laden murdered

How Bissonnette put himself as the author is noteworthy, for while he boasts and brags of the carnage he wrecks, he does not use his own real–a sign of insecurity, dysfunctionality  and embarrassment.  Bissonnette was no John Hancock who wrote his name so large that, as the Continental delegate allegedly stated, “King George would not have to take out his spectacles to read it.”  It is a lovely story and without any truth, much like Bissonnette’s self-patronizing lie.

Bissonnete’s pseudo-autobiography under fake-name of Mark Owens (September 04, 2012)

 According to the publisher, Penguin Group, Bissonnette (Bissonnette) “was one of the first men through the door on the third floor of the terrorist leader’s hideout and was present at his death.” Far from being a hero, that is the image which Bissonnette wants to portray himself, the Los Angeles Times gave details to show that Bissonnette was at the least a coward, as he wrote: [Bin Laden] had no intention of fighting.  

Usama bin Laden, it is true, sent many men to their deaths in keeping with the letter of the law of the Koran, but the truth is not within the Koran on this assassination that is more in keeping with the policies of Henry Kissinger under Nixon when he ordered the assassination of the legally elected and popular Salvador Allende of Chile (video).

US military murdered Iraqis at Abu Gharib prison Iraq

The pattern of politics of assassination for oil profits was especially high under George W. Bush. Pushed by Don Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and Dick Cheney under the “legal paper” by UC Berkeley professor of law John Yoo, Bush authorized the cold-blooded murder of Iraqis in Abu Gharib prison (read here and here).  Yoo argued that water boarding and all other forms of torture, including plucking out human eyes from the heads of prisoners were justified–a remembrance of medieval Roman Catholic Inquisition codes.

Lynnde England was convicted on six of the seven criminal counts in the Abu Ghraib prison abuse

The females in the US military at Abu Gharib were especially vicious, as with Lynnde Rana England (b. 1982), all acting in full contempt of the Geneva Convention.  The brummagem book shows that Bissonnette was more likely a man seeking, stalking and slithering toward a blood vengeance than a man with any honorable or patriotic intentions–not against the Saudis who commandeered their planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but against other SEALs working with him, with none privy to his intentions.

Matt Bissonnette, Navy SEAL

Bissonnette’s racism and egocentricism are far more a factor.  In his torrid specious tome, Bissonnette ridicules and insults Vice President Joe Biden whom the author claims is like “someone’s drunken uncle at Christmas dinner.” Bissonnette admits he met Biden after the raid at the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment headquarters. According to news reports, Bissonnette purports that Obama and Biden were there to thank the SEALs for their service.

Obama watching attack on bin Laden (Romania News)

Bissonnette says little about the Commander-in-Chief, whom he claims his fellow SEALs hated, yet Obama, as President had the ultimately responsiblity for the actions of all the US military.  Bissonnette’s action constituted an illegal military coup against the USA in his desire to punish other SEALs and work outside of the official military channels. 

Bissonnette stretched the truth so far it was more like a Black-widow spider’s web.  Bissonnette claimed that Obama had nothing to do with the raid or the assault.  The premeditated lie was quickly exposed by Pentagon papers prove that avowed racist acted solely with revenge in mind, and hated Obama as he could not accept a Black man as president, following racist rants of Tea Party / Republican (the Party that threw peanuts at a Black

Tea Party racism

CNN camera-woman) that over the past three years printed Obama as a monkey, ape, tribal African, and had endorsed the insanity of Obama not being born in the USA that was used not only by Donald Trump but also by Mitt Romney, on broadsides used by Bissonnette to express his hatred for the President. 

Bissonnette exposed in Iran. Muslim world calls for his execution.

Bissonnette made himself the sole grody god over USA policy.  He considered himself wiser than the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Commander-in-Chief. He was a self-appointed self-righteous judge, jury and executioner, more in keeping with Machiavelli’s Il Principe that with the Constitution of the USA.  Bissonnette’s goal was to get a feature-length film made by Hollywood, giving preference to director Steven Spielberg.  Conservative Muslims worldwide called for his death in the same manner that Christian terrorists such as Anders Behring Breivik (Norway) who savagely murdered 76 Norwegian–the majority of whom were teenagers, Scott Lively (California) “Abiding Truth Ministries” that has no Biblical basis and calls for mass genocide who bought an on-line JD (Doctor of Law) and studied theology on the internet, racist Congressional Representatives Steven King (R-Iowa, watch video), Peter King (R-New York), Todd Akin (R-Missouri), Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) and others (such as the perpetually inaccurate and heated fabrications of the internet newsletter Act! For America by self-styled “martyr”  Brigitte Gabriel who is the USA version of Adolf Hitler and has made a personal fortune spewing hatred and teamed up with Bill O’Reilly to demand no rights for Muslims) call for the “removal” of Muslims and end to multiculturalism.

Bissonnette (L) and Maurer (R), co-authors

More important than the murder of bin Laden, Bissonnette exposes himself as a traitor to all people–not only citizens of the USA. What he did not only defies the Geneva Convention but all laws on the treatment of capture people. The law notes that any service member who discloses classified or sensitive information can be prosecuted in a court of law, even if he is retired from the military (read here and here).

Bissonnette in Alaska

Facts uncovered in the plethora of papers show that it was Obama who initiated and commandeered the maneuvering to kill bin Laden.  Furthermore, documents and eye-witness testimony illustrates that most of the former Navy Chief Bissonnette’s book is fabricated lies, still it has become the best seller on Amazon—but so, too, did other works such as Blood Sport, appealing to the racist mentality among the Sovereign Citizen anarchist group and those associated with the far right and are certified hate-groups: from Americans for Prosperity to the American Family Association and Lamb and Lion Ministries that make Scott Lively and his call for massive genocide in Uganda, and multi-millionaire televangelist G. Pat Robertson who bilks the gullible with his 700 Club, look almost angelic.  What has been revealed is that Obama was not indecisive about the raid. 

Marine General James “Hoss” Cartwright and Obama

Records show that it was Obama who ordered the operation against the advice of his defense secretary, who had started working for Nixon’s National Security Council when Obama was only 13, and against the advice of Vice President Joe Biden, who was elected to the Senate when Obama was 11.  Obama was following the course advocated by General James “Hoss” Cartwright, Obama’s then-No. 2 military adviser. 

Marine General James “Hoss” Cartwright “

Marine General James “Hoss” Cartwright has long been a trusted adviser to Barrack Obama, and according to insider Pentagon information is one of Obama’s favorite advisers, whose judgment he trusts when making important decisions on national defense.

Rather than scaling back the scope of the bin Laden raid, in fact, it was Obama who ordered more choppers to go on the operation, according to Admiral Mike Mullen, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Staff. In one interview, Mullen stated “Obama is the one that put in the Chinook-47s. He is the one that said, ‘There is not enough backup.’ ”  Obama has had a long and solid record worrying about the safety of US citizens and military abroad, ordering special provisions for emergencies and working closely with USGOVDODAAFES to make certain that there were enough supplies on hand at all times, unlike GW Bush who left provisioning to minions.

Reagan’s covert deal to win the White House

Instead of dithering, Obama was deeply involved in a decision that, after all, had the potential to destroy his presidency if the operation turned into a fiasco similar to the Iran hostage rescue debacle of 1980 when Ronald Reagan became president. Reagan had worked with the Iran Ayatollahs to prevent the release of Americans until he had won the Presidency of the USA. Moments after Reagan took the oath of office, Iran freed the prisoners, and Reagan sent the Ayatollah a Bible as a thank you gift. The possibility of a similar debacle was a serious concern of Gates.

Obama and Cabinet watching attack on bin Laden compound

Obama was solely responsible for the decision to give the “go” for the operation despite the fact that there was no proof that Usama bin Laden was living in Abbottabad, only a circumstantial case that he was.  What Obama did was listen to more seasoned veterans who claimed that bin Laden was in the compound, and ordered a direct replica of the compound to be built for SEAL assault practices.  Those who advised Obama were National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, White House chief of staff William Daley, White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan and deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough.  It was a difficult decision, but one that CIA Chief Panetta approved.

The tragedy is that Bissonnette uses the book to justify himself and his personal vendetta.  Bissonnette, under the nom de plume says that one of his SEAL teammates shot bin Laden as soon as he poked his head out the door of his bedroom, not, as was previously reported, after the SEALs had entered the bedroom. This version of events indicates that there was little real effort made to capture bin Laden, the capture being what Obama and civilized societies wanted so that bin Laden would be tried at the Hague.  Bissonnette action declared that Bissonnette was above the laws of the USA and the world.

Wrangell, AK (Bissonnette’s home town)

A Tea Party registered Republican who calls Wrangell, Alaska home, Bissonnette claims he wrote the book seeking revenge for being kicked out of Team 6 of the SEAL program. A rival book, No Easy Op (an e-book available from www,Amazon.com), claims that there was bad blood between Bissonnette and other SEALs (read here and here).  His recurring illusions of grandeur and quest for personal power and fame has cost numerous lives and the mental anguish of many.

Wrangell, Alaska

Ubiquitous sundry sources (SEALs and even people in Wrangell, Alaska) claim that Bissonnette wanted to leave the SEAL force to start his own business (its exact location is unknown at this time) as well as to write a Hollywood script for his personal heroic deeds in “taking out [sic] Usama bin Laden”.  He gives most of the credit to himself for the military action, as his fondness for his teammates had melted with his rejection by Team 6. Most of all, Bissonnette wanted primarily to extract revenge on his own comrades and no life was too valuable to save or to be concerned with in Bissonnette’s quest for his holy grail. 

Plame was a spy for the CIA of the USA

Bissonnette’s lawyer (Robert D. Luskin) worked for Karl Rove when Rove was under investigation for leaking the name of Valerie Plame Wilson, a former undercover operative for the C.I.A. and had the criminal charges dropped against Rove under highly questionable circumstances, acknowledging that Rove’s “outing” was a high security risk for the C.I.A.  Rove’s plan was to transform the USA into a one-party nation on the order of a capitalist union (where corporationswould become people in the eyes of the law) where the middle class would be swallowed up and only the upper 1% would rule and own everything.

George W. Bush, Laura Bush, and handler Karl Rove

The American people knew that justice was always for sale to the highest bidder.

Jeh C. Johnson, the Pentagon’s general counsel, told Bissonnette that he was in “material breach” of two nondisclosure agreements he signed in 2007.  Johnson notified Bissonnette

Karl Rove at Congressional investigation on CIA leak

that the Pentagon “is considering pursuing against you, and all those acting in concert with you, all remedies legally available to us.”  The Pentagon had an early unpublished copy and marked the numerous security leaks within it, as numerous unpublished copies had been released to the news media and security networks (read here and here).

In the past the US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Pentagon when an unauthorized book by a military member was published even without exposing confidential or classified information as was the case with retired CIA agent Frank Snepp published a book (Decent

Frank Snepp leaving court

interval: an insider’s account of Saigon’s indecent end told by the CIA’s chief strategy analyst in Vietnam, New York, NY: Random House, ©1977; it is also published in Chinese [Taiwan] T’ai-pei : Lien ha pao she 1978 [The Chinese/Taiwanese characters do not display here) about his CIA activities in South Vietnam without submitting it to the agency for prepublication review.  The Supreme Court case was Frank W. Snepp, III v. United States. United States v. Frank W. Snepp, III. 444 US 507 (100 S.Ct. 763, 62 L.Ed.2d 704) decided February 19, 1980.

The poignantly pregnant problem in Bissonnette’s fable is that there are more lies in his book than were in the speech given by Paul Ryan at the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida. That was difficult for Bissonnette to do—but he did it before the Wisconsin Representative-tapped Tea Party/Republican Party Vice Presidential candidate stood under artificial sunlight. 

Mitt Romney declares “Corporations are people” (August 11, 2011)

What was in common with the GW Bush past is Karl Rove.  Rove taught Mitt Romney at corporations are people–and his friends, as he told his supporters on August 11, 2011 at the Iowa State Fair (read here and here and here, and video here).  The problem here is if corporations are people, why do corporations not pay taxes, such as Exxon,

Romney (C) and Bain Capital (photo: Boston Globe)

GE, and other conglomerates? Bain Capital, the foundation of Mitt Romney’s multi-million dollar stash in the Cayman Island (Romney is founder and CEO of Bain Capital), has allowed Mitt to avoid taxes on more than $20 million, and what taxes he pays, he pays at the rate of 13% or less–far under that of poor people.  He is supported by Bissonnette and other retired military who want Obamacare ended, a promise Romney and Ryan make repeatedly (read here and here).  The question is: will he?

6 comments to No Honor, No Glory: Matthew Bissonnette: American traitor

  • Bobbie Lay  says:

    I will not buy or read this book. Maybe I’m off-base, but it seems to me he has betrayed his fellow warriors just to make money.

    • arthuride  says:

      The idea of his wanting money is seen in his leaving the SEAL team that has uniformly noted that there was “bad blood” between them and Bissonnette who sought an exodus to start his own paramilitary business on the order of America’s paid assassins known as Blackwater, and then his conversations with Steven Speilberg and other Hollywood producers to turn his book into a movie. It is ripe for that, as Bissonnette’s book does not even approach a shred of history but glorifies himself while putting others at risk. Thank you for your comments.

  • Truth Seeker  says:

    I started reading your article because I wanted to know more about Matt Bissionnette. Because you used so many negative and hateful words about Matt and others, that is a sure sign that Matt’s book is the truth! You have unwittingly inspired me to buy Matt’s book through your bias.

    • arthuride  says:

      Research into various articles, communications with the Pentagon and other sources shows Bissonnette to be “hot headed” and “bad blood” with a vengenace against all. If you click on the links you can go to the most easily found sources (LA Times, NY Times, Military Times, etc). A researcher does not give praise where it is not due, and to risk the lives of compatriots in an assault is foolish and forbidden by military code (law). It every book sung praises of every thing printed there would be no objectivity, and if you read other books (such as the Kindle book “No Easy Op” you will see that Bissonnette failed to heed the military code, that Usama bin Laden–for whom I had no time and who should have been tried at the World Court for crimes against humanity and executed) you will see that the responsibility of factual reporting and actual history does not worship at the altar of mythology as one person or group would want history and reality grotestquely changed. I buy many books I do not agree with (I have the complete publications of the LDS Mormons and Pat Robertson) and write about their fraudulency citing contrary sources (as with “Saint” Justin Martyr who was no saint and deliberately changed the Greek text of “pole” for his Latin devotion to the instrument of torture “cross”–this disgraces and tarnishes the entire crucifixion legend). I will continue to buy (and receive complimentary review copies) of books and review them objectively–as I am doing with Cardinal Martini of Milan’s last interview before his death on August 31, 2012, where he states that the “Roman Catholic Church is at least two hundred years backwards”. I do this when I write (negatively) about Islam, Hitler, Martin Luther (and I own Mein Kampf in German, English, etc, as I own the nearly 100 volume work of Luther) and will continue to do so.

      Bissonnette’s goal was self-glorification and makes no pretense that he went into Pakistan to assassinate, in cold-blood (similar to the Saudis cold-blooded destruction of the World Trade Center and wrongful loss of life where I lost family and friends) bin Laden the author of numerous atrocities. As bad as bin Laden was, it must be remembered he was following what he believed was in the Qu’ran (a case for which I made in another article), as no religion has tolerated the existence of others who do not believe the same (the excuse that the mythological Abraham used to invade and steal Canaan [Palestine] and forcibly take over, what became in time, Israel. The modern Jews have no legal right to Israel as it was an artifical state created by stealing Palestinian land after World War II had ended and the Allies realized that they waited too long to act against Hitler.

      Even those who were sent against Hitler to assassinate the evil monster realized Hitler and his body guards were armed and shot (but were killed first)–unlike Bissonnette who entered and found an unarmed man with one of his wives and shot him in cold blood. I find nothing saintly, patriotic or good in Bissonnette but see him more on the order of the mass-murderer Anders Brevik of Norway or the Old Testament Joshua who claimed they were doing just deeds while in fact giving vent to their personal rage and feeling of superiority. I hope you will have time to read (and most likely hate) my forthcoming book on the mental psychosis of Bissonnette. Enjoy the book by Bissonnette and then read other accounts including those released by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others.

  • mrjimthompson  says:

    I have read postings from friends on facebook of the Army’s laxity in discerning racists in the ranks. Bissonette’s recounting of his ‘valiant adventures’ fit in with the grandiose egos I have only read about in other articles. I am certainly sharing this essay out to my friends and groups on facebook.

    • arthuride  says:

      Racism is rampant throughout the military. It must be remembered that the military (universally) has always looked upon minorities disfavorably under the augmentation of religions that have considered marginalized people to be less than human: we find this in the “curse of Cain” used by the Jews, Christians, Mormons, etc. The “curse of Noah” (against his grandson Canaan) was used by the Hittites, Slavs, and other people. Racisim is a conditioned response by a group that sees itself as superior even though, in most cases, it is actually a minority and in many ways equal to or inferior to those it persecutes as in Tsarist and now Putinian Russia when it is disparagingly anti-Moscovites and treats those from Siberia and the steepes as lower beings. The problem in the USA is the idea that all Muslims (the largest percentage and number being in Indonesia) are “African” (there are in increasing cases native-born Swedes and Finns who are Muslim, and they are the typical blonde-hair, blue-eyed, hairless-bodies “Aryans” [the word actually details northern tribes of India that have none of those attributes], or Jews (a religion, not a race as Sammy Davis Jr. was Black, Mae Britt is caucasian, etc, and are found from China to South America).

      Racism as found in Bissonnette is a psychopatholical rejection of himself and his identity in quest of appearing superior. For that reason, Bissonnette shot an unarmed man so that he would not be answerable to others. Bissonnette is a fraud, phoney, and threat to society as being mentally unbalanced. His sole goal is greed: from leaving the SEAL program to start his own business to trying to sell his fantasy (“No Special Day”) to Hollywood (the reason he talked with Steven Speilberg).

      Thank you for your comments.

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